In addition to the dedicated side-panel headphone volume control, the level of the line output can be adjusted via the menu, allowing you to optimize the signal level being sent to your camera without the need for an attenuator cable. The H5 records 24-bit / 96kHz audio and has an SPL shock-mounted X/Y capsule delivered with it. By keeping the previous two seconds of audio whenever you press the record button, the pre-record option ensures that you'll never cut off the beginning of a great take. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. Recalculated daily. When using the H5 in the stereo USB audio interface mode, USB bus powering is possible. The rubberized, ergonomic body lends itself naturally to handheld use. The H5 has a soft rubber outside which feels very solid. Reviews from real customers who bought the product on Amazon, Uses a system of interchangeable input capsules that can be swapped out as easily as the lens of a camera, Includes detachable x/Y capsule (xyh-5) with extended signal capacity and shock mounted mics for reduced handling noise, Four-track simultaneous recording; Built-in speaker: 400mw 8 Ω mono, Two mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors each with selectable Phantom power and -20dB pad, Runs on 2 AA batteries and records directly to SD/ SDHC cards up to 32GB, Two mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors. It can also place an SD card up to 32GB. All rights reserved. • SDHC cards (up … Alkaline batteries can keep the H5 running for up to 15 hours of continuous 16-bit / 44.1 kHz recording using the built-in X/Y mic. There are a lot of newer audio recorders on the market. Zoom H5 is $120.99 more expensive than an average audio recorder ($129). All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Zoom H5 is a very popular and one of the most expensive options. It’s a very solid device and the case will allow you to avoid damaging it in your bag. Inputs and Outputs. Serv. With mid-side, X/Y, and shotgun mic capsules to choose from, you can be ready to record music, dialog, or sound effects without carting an external microphone setup. This website displays data from third party public sources. The input volume buttons are protected by a metal bar to avoid changing it accidentally when recording. You can control the inputs individually and easily switch them on and off as well. Taking off the microphone capsule is a very smooth process. The H5's front panel is ergonomically arranged with its most essential and commonly used controls—transport buttons for record, play/pause, stop, back, and forward operations, individual record-arm buttons that double as mute switches during playback, and large gain knobs. H5 Handy Recorder. We from Inside Audio try to help! Gen. #0907906. For added safety, a hold switch disables all front-panel buttons to prevent accidental operation during recording. ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Opt for the EXH-6 combo input capsule to accept two additional mic/line signals via XLR-1/4" jacks. Please note that the extension to record 4 XLR/TSR at the same time must be purchased individually for around €60. Turn on 12, 24, or 48 VDC phantom power to the XLR jacks, or 2.5V plug-in power to the mini jack. The H5 has a build in compressor, limiter, and low-cut filter. It  is also enough display to see what is happening but compared to the H6 it’s harder to see everything since it is not a colored display and a bit smaller.