For anyone getting into voice recording, this might seem expensive; however, the better quality your equipment is, the less editing you’ll need to do on the audio. It was as clear as day and picked up details well from a distance. Designed for creators of all kinds, the H1n boasts built-in 90-degree X/Y stereo mics, advanced one-touch button controls, and distortion-free … 仕様:サンプリングレート 44.1 kHz/16-bit、48 kHz/16-bit 2in 2out(クラスコンプライアント) While stationary activity wouldn’t call for too much concern, I would keep a spare if I were doing filmmaking or interviews and moving around a lot with it. This recorder is useful even after recording. I can see this becoming stripped after some time. Due to my current location and the import taxes that come with being here, I paid quite a markup (a few hundred dollars-kind of markup); I promised myself that with the price I paid, I will never lose this recorder. And batteries. Call this an impulse buy because I did not do my research before the purchase. This option works fine for me and then I just store the files on my laptop. Overall, I like the H1N and I would make this purchase again. As someone who is often changing locations, it is essential to have equipment that travels well. Most of the buttons are on the front and there is a large(ish) LCD screen to easily see what functions you are setting. I do not have a steady hand, so a stand is essential. In fact, you could probably learn it without the manual. The microphone is always my primary concern when buying recording equipment. USB2.0 Micro-Bケーブル The Zoom H1N is roughly the length of an iPhone X, slightly less weight and about half of the width. 規格:USB1.1 Full Speed I did a test recording and was frankly surprised at how good the audio sounded. Designed for creators of all kinds, the H1n boasts built-in 90-degree X/Y stereo mics, advanced one-touch button controls, and … The entire pack is about USD 25, and the accessories look the price. Also the audio will just sound better. My post-purchase research revealed that this recorder and its predecessor (Zoom H1 model) are commonly used musicians, content creators and filmmakers. I also bought the accessory kit that accompanied this recorder primarily for the stand and the case. And unless you find yourself in a place with high import taxes, the price is reasonable for a recording device. I vaguely recognized the brand from my hasty Internet, handed over way too much money, and left with a gem. 転送方式:アシンクロナス転送(※ PC にはドライバ必要。MAC はドライバなしで 利用可能), <対応ケーブル> I did a quick Internet search for what options I might find, and I hoped to find the Blue Snowball, but I wasn’t really sure what was available and I was facing a deadline. Ame Proietti is a scriptwriter, copywriter and freelance Vyond video maker who helps businesses drive conversion. Read my disclosure statement here). Whether you are just getting into voice recordings or have been doing them for a while, the Zoom H1N can be a smart investment if you are mobile in your voice work. Free Recording Software The Zoom H1n comes with free download licenses for Steinberg’s Cubase LE music production software and WaveLab LE audio editing software. The H1N has two stereo XY microphones at the top of the device, and for a recorder of its size, it has impressive sound quality. This post is an overview of my first impressions of using the Zoom H1N for voice over recordings. The casing is plastic and I imagine it would break easily if dropped. The durability does call for some concern, so don’t go throwing your recorder anytime soon. We auto-detected you might have a different region/language, 本格的XYステレオマイクを搭載するハンディレコーダーのベストセラーモデルがリニューアル。設定メニューの日本語表示が可能になり、オーバーダビング(重ね録り)にも対応。入力レベルは、アナログ感覚のボリューム操作で素早く直感的に設定可能。, 手のひらサイズのコンパクトボディに本格的XYステレオマイクを搭載。最高24bit/96kHzのWAVまたはMP3形式で、臨場感に優れた立体的なステレオ音像を収録できます。, 入力レベルは専用ノブで素早く直感的に調節できるほか、オートレベル機能による自動調節も可能。誰でも手軽に扱えるシンプルな操作で、音楽の演奏はもちろん、自然音や鉄道の生録、ポッドキャスト、一眼レフカメラ(DSLR)の外部音声レコーダーとしても利用できます。視認性の良いフルドットLCDを採用し、設定メニューの表示言語を「日本語」にすることも可能です。, 内蔵マイクの耐音圧は、最大120dB SPL。音割れを防ぐリミッター機能も搭載し、大音量でもクリアで歪みのない録音を実現します。, 風雑音やボーカルのポップノイズなど、不要な低音域でのノイズをカットするローカットフィルターも搭載しています。, 録音済みのテイクに、さらに音を重ねることができるオーバーダビング機能を搭載。ギターの伴奏に、歌を重ねたり、ベースを加えたり、曲作りのアイディアを手軽に試すことができます。元ファイルを残す非破壊方式を採用しているため、失敗を気にせず何度でも録り直すことができます。, 録音ファイルの倍速再生やスロー再生が行える、再生スピード可変機能を内蔵。ピッチを変えずに再生スピードのみを調整でき、楽器の練習や耳コピ、インタビューの文字起こしにも便利です。, 入力音を感知して自動で録音が始まるオートREC機能、2秒前にさかのぼって録音できるプリREC機能、最長10秒のセルフタイマーREC機能を搭載し、その貴重な一瞬を逃すことなく録音できます。, 録音の開始時と終了時に、出力端子からトーン信号を鳴らすことができるサウンドマーカー機能を内蔵。動画の音声を『H1n』で録音する場合、カメラ側に『H1n』の出力信号を入力しておくことで、動画との位置合わせが簡単に行なえるようになります。, プラグインパワー対応のステレオミニ仕様のマイク/ライン入力を使用して、外部マイクやライン録音が可能。専用ボリューム付きのヘッドフォン端子と小型スピーカーを内蔵し、録ったその場で録音内容をチェックすることが可能です。, さらに、USBポートを搭載し、microSDカード上の録音ファイルをパソコンに転送できるほか、コンピュータのジッタに影響されないアシンクロナス転送システム採用のUSBオーディオ・インターフェースとしても機能。パソコンおよびiOSデバイス対応の高音質なUSBマイクとして利用することも可能です。, スタインバーグのパワフルな音楽制作ソフト『Cubase LE』と、本格的オーディオ編集ソフト『WaveLab LE』のダウンロードライセンスが付属。無償ダウンロードしてご利用いただけいます。, Tripod to Mic Stand Adapter for Handy Recorders, 『H1n』の電池寿命は最大約10時間ものロングライフ。ポケットやバックパックに入れて簡単に持ち歩け、カメラにもマウント可能──どこにでも持って行けるレコーダーです。, Phone: 0570-078-206Fax: 03-5297-1009Email: [email protected], ローカット・フィルター、リミッター、サウンドマーカー機能、テストトーン出力機能、サウンドエフェクト(SPEECH/Vo CUT/BASS/ROCK)、再生スピード可変機能、A-Bリピート、オートレベル、マーカー、オートREC、プリREC、セルフタイマーREC、オーバーダビング機能, microSD/microSDHC規格対応カード(Class 4以上、最大32 GB), <オーディオインターフェース> On recommendation, I went down to a local music store and purchased the one and only portable microphone/recorder available. The recorder runs on batteries when it isn’t in USB mode. This is the feature I enjoy as much as the sound quality. A Vyond video is simple, quick yet detailed enough to get the point across. Record Voice Overs for Your Vyond Videos (NEW Guide), 3 Hard Truths A Pro Taught Me About Writing Video Scripts, How I Make Vyond Videos People Want to Watch, Doing Voice Overs for Explainer Videos: An Update. The design is quite straightforward. ※データ転送に対応したケーブルを使用してください。充電用ケーブルを使用すると上記動作ができません。, <対応OS> I have a Blue Yeti USB microphone that I have been using for years at home, but I needed this mic while traveling. The evolution in portable recording continues with the Zoom H1n. The stand and mic clip adapter do screw into the back of the recorder which raises some concerns regarding durability. I use a stand when I record because I want my audio to sound uniform rather than like I’m running around. What’s one thing that can tank your Read more…, Vyond is a popular platform for DIY animated videos. How … The H1N does look a bit “cheap” at first glance. I usually have my microphones about a half-arm distance from me, but we were a bit closer while we were messing about with it. Ever. The stand and mic clip adapter look a bit flimsy, but they seem all right. The Zoom H1N is roughly the length of an iPhone X, slightly less weight and about half of the width. If you are doing VOs, interviews or anything that requires moving, you will need to invest in an SD card. I did play around with the mic for music purposes with some friends and it picked up the vocals quite well in 16-bit. It is simple, easy to use and captures high-quality audio. Those two aspects alone are a strong case for owning this recorder. Mac:Mac OS X 10.10 / 10.11 / 10.12 / 10.13 / 10.14 / 10.15, ※上記の値はあくまで目安です。 ing and learning pieces of music. And as I mentioned previously, the durability is a concern for this device, so I wanted a case minimize any damage I may do to my H1N. I don’t move my microphone when I’m actually recording, but I transport it often, so I can see it being damaged eventually in transit. So, spend about a hundred dollars on a microphone or spend a lot of time trying to edit a recording with poor sound quality for it to sound “ok” at best? Even if I upgrade mics, I will keep this one for the rest of my life. The H1N does require an SD card and it only has 32B of storage, although you can directly plug the recorder into your computer as a USB mic. The accessory kit also includes a windscreen (the standard foamy cap looking one) and a mic clip adapter. So, while my Yeti isn’t leaving my collection, I’ll be taking the H1N with me when I travel.