There are other spaghetti sauce recipes available that are are created with enough acidity that a water bath is enough to safely store it on the shelf. Or was that just a “typo” that should have read, as the 3rd bullet: “•Sterilize screw bands AND lids”? Pressure Canning Spaghetti Sauce with Meat If you decide that canning spaghetti sauce with meat is the best option for you, you’ll need a pressure canner. Click here to find out what is important and why. My husband and I canned about 40 quarts of homemade spaghetti sauce a couple weekends ago…. I recently purchased a Victorio food strainer and used it for the first time with these tomatoes and I must say that it worked much better than my food mill (also known as a Foley mill). An easy way to do this is to place sauce in a slow cooker and leave the lid off. Me too! Let it cook until thickened. But I should probably learn to live with 2 freezers instead of 3 anyway! This recipe is for spaghetti sauce WITHOUT meat, using a pressure canner (not a water bath canner - see this page for the water bath version). For high acid foods that will be processed for more than 10 minutes it is not necessary to sterilize the jars first…which I guess I forgot about that. So now I am confused. A lot of it is personal taste. This post contains affiliate links or advertisements. To sterilize the jars, boil for 10 minutes. Turn burner to low and cook and stir for about an hour. Cook until veggies are tender. This site uses cookies to track your purchases through Amazon. Great post! Preparing & Canning Spaghetti Sauce . Don’t you also need to boil the lids to sterilize them? Recipe and pressure canning instructions for canning spaghetti sauce with no meat. Dip in cold water and slip off skins. It is not safe to can this spaghetti sauce with meat in a hot water bath canner. If you try this and feel that the sauce needs a sweetener to make it taste less acidic, you could try honey to replace the sugar. Glad that the info about the food strainer was useful! (If using plain tomato sauce, add 3 Tbs sugar and 3 Tbs Italian seasoning, or to taste.) The amount of sauce may be reduced by nearly one-half. Steps To Can Spaghetti Sauce: After gathering the required ingredients, refer to the following steps for canning spaghetti sauce without a pressure ... Wash and wipe out of there is any, from the ripped tomatoes. Or, if just placing them in a bowl of hot water was enough to sterilize them? Members log in      Newsletter     Free Pressure Canning Workshop. But my husband likes it not too sweet so I don’t use a lot.. Thank you! Your sauce sounds delish! Can I use this method of canning if I add meat to the sauce? Well, as long as I am showing how “green” I really am here……lol……I may as well ask you another question……How long do you need to leave the jars in the “boiling water bath” to ensure they are sterilized? It isn’t necessary to make the sauce safe for water bath canning. Thanks for the reminder! How does it seal without the pressure? If you have a large enough pot to hold a few canning jars, you don't need to buy special equipment beyond an inexpensive rack to hold the jars in order to preserve food like tomato or apple sauce. are created with enough acidity that a water bath is enough to safely store it on the shelf. I’m Lisa Lynn and this is The Self Sufficient HomeAcre. We pressure cook ours for 20 minutes with 10 lbs pressure and tada…..!!! We used 4 gallons of paste, 4 gallons of sauce, 4 gallons of water and 5 lbs of fresh tomatoes diced and simmered with the meat. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Sorry about your sauce . FTC Disclosure:  If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you. After 45 minutes, remove from water and let sit out for 12 hours, listening for each can to “pop”. Elevations higher than 3,000 feet must use a water bath canner, as steam bath canners should not process canning jars past 45 minutes. No. I have done this when I did not want to spend the time to cook down. An easy way to do this is to place sauce in a slow cooker and leave the lid off. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Otherwise I’m up until the wee hours of the morning…and that is too much for me nowadays! Stir frequently to avoid burning. There are several recipes for ketchup on that site…here is a link directly to that list…, Click here to go to a page that explains how to make and can tomato sauce. I think I’ll cut down the sugar even more. We mix all this up in 2 huge pots and let simmer for about 30 minutes. Find all your home food preservation advice tips and recipes. I am Sharon Peterson author of Simply Canning Guide to Safe Home Canning and food preservation teacher at Simply Canning School. I make mine without meat. Good morning, Lisa Lynn! Pressure canning is for low acid foods that need higher temperatures for food safety, such as spaghetti sauce with meat. Meant to ask you if you could tell us how to make our own tomato paste? It seems sweet. Just use about 1/4 the amount and add more if you think it needs it. Thanks for your review of the Victorio food strainer – I need to buy one! Take out the bay leaves at this point. So do you mean you can…….. can veggies, (in this case spaghetti sauce), WITHOUT using a pressure cooker and it is called a: “water bath”? *For safety reasons, do not increase proportions of onions, peppers, or mushrooms. Add vegetables to sauce. What do you have to do to get it so thick? Unfortunately, the weather is cooling down so I will probably only have enough to make one or two more batches this fall. I still put mine in hot, not boiling, water for just a minutes before placing on the jars, just because it makes me feel better. Also, how long for boiling the screw rings for the lids? You will still need to stir often. Sterilizing jars…the site listed above instructs you to sterilize jars for jams and jellies that are processed in a boiling water bath for less than 10 minutes.