Sitemap. [25], After eating breakfast at Yuya's house again and conversing with him, Sora set off to qualify, accompanied by Zuzu, and he defeated a sumo wrestler Duelist with his "Frightfur Bear". Just as when he decided to join the Duel and stop Yuya to save Crow, he spotted the Obelisk Force from the sky. 91 images (& sounds) of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Shay Summoned the other copies of "Fuzzy Lanius" and "Vanishing Lanius", allowing "Force Strix" to gain 500 ATK for each of them. In Yu-Gi-Oh! When Zuzu claimed to have Fusion Summoning figured out, Sora offered to Duel her, but Julia showed up again, informing them of the recent attacks in the city and asking them where the masked Duelist was. He informed Crow that Yuya was not normal and told him about the presence of the Obelisk Force. I can't tell you how many times I thought the series was building up to something cool, only for the result to just come out as something completely pathetic and anti-climactic. Yu-Gi-Oh! When Jack attacked "Clear Wing", Sora and Aster still remembered that Z-ARC could use the effects of "Zero" and "infinity" to reduce effect damage to zero and increase his LP by the damage would've taken. Sora replied he did not need any. [44] After Zuzu lost her Duel to Sergey Volkov and was thrown into a building,[45] Sora rescued her before Sector Security reached her. He bump fists with Alexis when Yuya won and watched his Duel with Declan. Following Z-ARC's revival after Yuya's victory over Yuri, he dueled alongside Aster in attempt to get through to Yuya, but when Z-ARC did not react to any of Sora's moves (moves that he used against Yuya), Sora began crying, believing his first friend to be dead, showing that he truly cared for his friend. Sora has also been shown to carry a pink/white lollipop around with him. by BOYS AND MEN (eps 50-75), #4: "Speaking" by Mrs. GREEN APPLE (eps 76-98), #5: "Vision (ビジョン)" by Kuso Iinkai (空想委員会) (eps 100-124), #6: "Shissou Pendulum (疾走ペンデュラム)" by M!LK (eps 125-147), #7: "Burn!" During his Duel, Sora met Yuya and Gong again, who told him to stop and questioned his actions, which annoyed Sora. Action Duels, which allow duelists to soar and swing alongside their Duel Monsters, are taking the world by storm. He then told Yuya his Dueling would remind him of his and used "Frightfur Sanctuary" to send "Edge Imp Frightfuloid", "Frightfur Bear", and "Tiger" to the Graveyard and treat "Edge Imp" as a Frightfur. In addition Sora has incredible endurance; and he is able to hang onto a helicopter's wheels without much difficulty. “We are thrilled to be working once again with Dan and Eric on this current Yu-Gi-Oh! [39], Sora survived Shay's assault and the Duel was prolonged most of the night. Sora was surprised when he thought "Z-ARC" killed Declan. Underestimating its 2000 ATK, Sora assumed that Shay was bluffing, but the effect of "Revolution Falcon" finished Sora off, and though Sora obtained an Action Card, a tower fell on Sora before he could use it, ending the Duel in Shay's victory. Sora replied that he hadn't but he was trying to keep Yuya and Zuzu safe from Duel Academy. However, after pushing Riley out of the way he got trapped between the fence, which disabled his Duel Disk. [14] With encouragement from Yuya and Zuzu, Sora realized he was hurting people and reluctantly abandoned his old ways. Sora was extremely surprised by the fact that Celina resembled Zuzu. Sora vainly requests another Duel before passing out. [24], Zuzu later found him trying to get into LID to Duel Declan, whose strength had interested Sora. Yuya told him that since he sent Dennis back, Duel Academy would know that Zuzu and Celina were in the Synchro Dimension, but Sora insisted Dennis would have reported back in eventually and sending him back separated him for Celina. Sora then decided to play seriously, Fusion Summoning his "Frightfur Bear". [18] During the Duel, Sora protested that it wasn't very entertaining, receiving swift rebuke from Yuya in response. However, deep down it seems that much of Sora's personality comes from his attachment towards the Fusion Dimension, as he truly considers the invasion of the Xyz Dimension to be a "gallant" battle, and that the only reason he could not allow himself to lose is because it would sully their honor. The first Duel Monsters always gets some cred for starting the whole thing, but character development wasn't nearly as compelling. However, Yuri arrived and challenged Sora to a Duel as Celina was too weak to Duel. Calling it ridiculous, as the Resistance always fought prepared for the worst case scenario with the intent to rescue their comrades. Photos of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Both could be a reference to Duel Academy and their preference for Fusion Monsters, which have a purple card border. Sora chased Yuto to a park, demanding him to bring Shay to settle the scores, but Yuto pointed out that it was already settled that he lost and began a Duel against Sora. [48], Sora later noticed that Zuzu, Frank, Tarren and Amanda were surrounded by Sector Security. He took damage from the effect of "D - Soul Burst" and was surprised at Z-ARC's LP raising to 7000.