Use this calculator you want to get as big of a table as possible based on your dining room space. Our calculator assumes 7″ clearance from end of table to first chair in. Round dining table size for four. Measurements in CM (see above for inches). This is a series of custom dining room charts that set out proper table and room dimensions for 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 people. Based on Room Size. Assumption: We assume 3′ of clearance on all sides of the table. If you have a large, rectangular room, allow a generous clearance of 48 to 54 inches. It also assumes 28″ in space for each chair/person at the table. Or or you maybe planning a party? While the minimum round dining table size for four starts at 36 inches, a pedestal base works best to allow more room. For the most versatility, choose an expandable table with leaves that will allow you to seat more people when company comes, but feel more spacious when it’s just your family. The dining room is 12×10, open concept floor plan.. This is your ultimate dining room planning article. Long, narrow dining areas need long, rectangular tables. 2. Size Chart for round dining tables. And if it is too big, it will feel naked. If a dining table is too small, it will be uncomfortable for the guests. Hi, we are building our new home and need some help with what size dining room table to get. Table size = diameter. It is important to choose the right size when it comes to dining tables. Dining Table Size, Rectangular Buying a new dining table? The standard dining table size for four averages 36 to 40 inches (3–4ft; 91–102cm), although a 4-foot round table (102cm) can also squeeze six seats when needed. Ideally, a dining room that is 11-by-12 will fit a table that accommodates four to six people comfortably. Our Room Planner is an online blue print of your room. Any suggestions welcomed. When buying a dining room table and/or planning to create a dining area , it’s really important to ensure that you the get the right sized table for the space. I was wondering if a Round 60in pedestal table with 6 chairs would work, I want planning on adding a side bar. For example, if you have a 12’ x 9½’ space, the maximum size for your table would be 72” x 40”. Consider size as well. 4 seater dining table size. The result is the maximum recommended size for your dining table. It allows you to create a layout of your room during your shopping process, making it much easier to buy the right furniture for your space. Room needed = width x length. Square and round tables are the best choices for a room this size. Change the room dimensions and add windows, doors, and even plants. Thank you.