The simple, sleek and affordable Dosime device provides consumers with industrial-grade dosimetry technology for everyday use. Yes. Sound level monitoring is essential to determine what protective measures are required. The home handyman who finds that his yard work routinely exceeds his maximum noise dose before completion even though it does not seem all that loud to him. Etymotic Research Wearable Personal Noise Dosimeter Model ER-200 is an important tool for accurately determining the cumulative noise dose experienced by an individual over time. Are you trying to sleep in a noisy place or with a loud snoring partner? Etymotic Noise Dosimeter ER-200 is an important component of a comprehensive workplace safety program as well as offering peace of mind to anyone who fears they may be in danger from repeated overexposure to excessive noise dosing. Get our occasional newsletter where we share opportunities for free stuff, unusual ideas for solving difficult noise problems, exciting new product announcements, and the musings of our eccentric founder. Catalog Page # 624. - VAT/GST number: 547025649, Acoustic Calibrators & Noise Measurement Accessories, Sound measurement terms - acoustic glossary. No. Who Would Benefit From Using the Etymotic Noise Dosimeter ER-200? The following are examples in which the Etymotic Noise Dosimeter ER-200 could provide concrete feedback about the level of noise exposure: Etymotic Noise Dosimeter ER-200 offers a simple color-coded readout that provides the current dosage level with just a glance. NOTE: In cases of gunfire and other impulse noise, no conventional dosimeter measures the risk accurately. Model # SL400. Don't panic! This item has been discontinued. Privacy Policy | Sitemap | Copyright 1999-2020 TM Manufacturing, Inc. Once JavaScript is enabled, this message will be removed. Unlike sound pressure level meters which can only sample the noise level at a point in time, the Etymotic Noise Dosimeter Model ER-200 continuously measures the noise level, providing feedback to the wearer indicating the current … All instruments leave Pulsar Instruments professionally calibrated and are supplied with a valid calibration certificate to international standards. The worker who fears that her workplace might not just be uncomfortably loud, but dangerously so, can get an accurate answer to her question. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Any time you exceed 100% of the daily noise dose, you are in danger of suffering hearing damage. The Extech® by FLIR personal noise dosimeter with USB Interface is ideal for employees who are exposed to loud noises. (And wind?). To learn more about other browsers click here. A Noise Dosimeter measures and stores sound pressure levels (SPL), and then by processing these measurements over time, provides a cumulative noise exposure reading for a certain period of time, such as a normal working day or week. A professional musician who learns that she has exceeded her maximum noise dose within a single practice session and she has not yet made it to that night's performance! Typical uses are in factories, industrial units, warehouses, large construction sites, and any other places where workers are exposed to different noisy machinery over their working shifts. Robust easy to use shoulder-mounted noise dosemeters. 4.6 out of 5 stars 5. Build your own professional Noise Measurement Safety Kit. Choose from either a 94dB calibrator or 114dB. The indicator light remains green until the maximum daily noise dose of 100% is approached, when it turns amber. There are different types of calibration. 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