Dogs work extremely well when pitched into cedar trees, button-bushes, and willow roots, but as soon as they stop actively swimming downward they lose their effectiveness in heavy cover. Waterdogs seem particularly effective on spawning bass; bedding males will remove them from their nest time after time. Unless you're at short flipping range, strike hard with this weedless rig, as if you were using a worm or jig. Any sharp hook with a wire coil should work. Bass can be released in good condition, unharmed by deeply-taken baits. That night, the bass merely inhaled a dog without moving away. Waterdogs generally metamorphose during summer, transforming into adults that live on land. These baits require particular attention by anglers. But move it every few seconds so it doesn't bury in cover. Using a air horn may sensitize your dog to loud noises making him more fearful and spray bottles risk teaching dogs to fear water associating it with punishment. We ship Mondays thru Fridays. They have no teeth, spines, or poisons. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: Naturally Occurring In North America Mainly Found In The Northern States; As Adults These Can Grow Up To 8 – 11 Inches With Proper Care These Can Live 10 Plus Years In Captivity; This Species Is Aquatic In Its Larval Stage And Becomes Terrestrial As It Matures Into The Tiger Salamander Subscriber Services. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. A password will be sent to your email address. In such cases, they need a few inches of slack line to fully get the bait into their mouths. I use a 20- to 30-pound fluorocarbon leader with these lines. Your choice. With circle hooks, they can be an important tool for making the first trip of children and other novice anglers successful and memorable. Then pin the dog on the hook, going up through the lower jaw just behind the lips-jaw bones and out through the top of the nose. When bass approach, a lively dog often tries to escape, signaling that a bass is near by moving and jerking the line. Wrap your four fingers around the waterdog's body and place your thumb firmly, but gently, beneath its chin. Slower bottom presentations with the line tight may encourage a bass to bite rather than engulf a bait. I've taken many lunker bass that hit immediately when I pitched a dog into a cedar tree tangle. Their name is well deserved. Another option many waterdog anglers use is a hook with a wire weedguard like a Strike King "Porko" hook, forsaking the worm. I prefer a Shimano Castaic reel as its Instagage clutch enables me to immediately release line when bass take a pitched waterdog as soon as it hits the surface. These larvae often grow to over 8 inches and may turn up in bait stores as "giant" waterdogs in spring. Livebait eventually could be prohibited on special-limit waters if bait anglers fail to use their baits carefully. Use a worm hook size that matches the size of the bait. Moreover, extra-large dogs are difficult to pitch. Spawning females eat them on sight. In heavily pressured waters like Lake Fork in Texas, where many bass have been caught and released several times, boat movement, sonar, and electric motors seem to alarm some bass and limit strikes. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Give a Gift   . . As a result, they also catch bass in cover and on deep structure. water dog bait Should I shave my dog before or after bath? Plan your next fishing and boating adventure here. It also lets me readily engage and disengage the spool during slow retrieves. Baits may be left to swim by themselves or crawl on the bottom. Waterdogs cost $1.50 apiece in some areas. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. If you feel strikes, miss hooksets, and then find the tail of the dog missing when retrieved, go elsewhere. ...lift it free! If you need us to ship to another country please contact us directly at Little is known about the effects of softbait ingestion on bass. In addition to being effective, this holding method also keeps the animal relatively quite. My view is that the plastic bait is merely a weedguard. Thus, I continue to use and recommended conventional worm hooks in most circumstances. With a finger or two, reach in through the last gill arch on that side of the fish and push and pull down on the hookeye so the hook turns and . Adult tiger salamanders burrow underground, but like most amphibians, they return to water to lay eggs. Our live reptiles ship Next Day Air with UPS. Don't add a bead for noise, as shaking the rig will hasten the death or loss of these expensive baits. Although no scientific evidence indicates that bass hate "dogs"or strike them out of anger or as a nest-protecting instinct, they're incredible baits, attracting strikes throughout the year. All … The coil allows for replacing the worm without removing the dog. No one likes spam anyways| NOTE: Only one coupon code per person allowed. Reach into the fish's mouth and grip the bend in the hook (which is now up) and . Any standard Z-bend worm hook could be used, but they tear up worm heads, and baits can be injured if they must be removed to replace a damaged worm. At that point, amazingly, the hook, barb and all, almost always pops free from its hold in the fish's gullet. Long pitches help, even if bass are inside cover. Bass usually have dogs well inside their mouths by the time an angler can react to the strike. Used properly, waterdogs can be one of the most effective livebaits for bass. All In-Fisherman subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Small baits, under about 7 inches, die rapidly if repeatedly cast or pitched. The In-Fisherman staff reveals some of the hottest action of the winter season, as they show how to ice 20-pound channel catfish. All Rights Reserved. (Note: For illustration sake, the line is eliminated here in steps 2 through 5.