Phone. 360.902.3770 (TTY: call 711) Mail. Title/registration: (360) 902-3900. 360.902.3900 (TTY: call 711) Mail. Send written requests and completed applications to any vehicle licensing office. Related information. If the information on this translated website is unclear, please contact us at 360.902.3900 for help in your language of choice. Driver licensing: (360) 902-3900. Driver training and testing locations Department of Licensing PO Box 9030 Olympia, WA 98507-9030. Related information. Prorate and … Driver licensing offices. For the hours of your local vehicle/boat licensing office, please see Vehicle licensing offices. Licensing office hours and days of operation. Auto Insurance Quotes: Home About Us DMV Forms Driving Manuals Drivers License Site Map Phone. Box 9030 Olympia, WA 98507-9030 Washington Department of Licensing. Main licensing mailing address: Department of Licensing P.O. WA DOL Contact Information. Hearing impaired: 711. For locations, hours, and services, see Driver licensing offices.