The walker is suitable for people between 4 foot 3 and 6 foot 2 inches tall, and the height adjustment of the handles runs from 29.5 inches to 38 inches. Just as other highly ranked walkers, the handle height for this walker can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. This walker is height adjustable, and also has a side brace that adjusts with the height, ensuring the unit remains stable no matter how tall or short the user is. Locking out the rollator is easy, thanks to the easy squeeze and lock control handles, and the low-resistance 8-inch wheels. The Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker has unrivalled folding capabilities: it easily collapses to an ultra-compact size with one hand by pulling the seat grip up and bringing the ergonomic, height-adjustable handles together so they almost touch. Adjustable height and width: Check that your rollator’s height and width are adjustable. The walker gets its name from its easy-to-use push-button feature, which you can operate with the side of your hand, palm, or fingers. Its adjustable, ergonomic handle grips can be configured in a wide range of possibilities, ensuring comfortable operation, along with lightweight maneuverability. The walker also comes with loop lock s that helps in guaranteeing your safety. With its steel frame construction, this is a walker that will surely last for long.