This time Alistair offered up something that would change the way I see canned tuna. Pole-caught and dolphin-safe, this tuna is caught in the cold waters of the Bay of Biscay north of Spain. As our only Albacore tuna in the Cole's line, this product is a real treasure. Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil. Ventresca Tuna in Olive Oil. The cut is the "Ventresca" cut which is the premium cut of the tuna (lovingly dubbed the "filet mignon of tuna" in our office). Fish store most of their fat in their belly, which makes this particular cut of tuna soft, supple, buttery, and full of flavor. After a recent post about canned tuna in oil, I was contacted by Alistair Blair of The Fish Society.You may recall it was The Fish Society, that sent me that wonderful Dover sole last year. Enjoy! The belly of Spanish Bonito del Norte tuna are packed in a mild extra virgin olive so that the flavors do not compete. Arroyabe Ventresca Bonito White Meat Tuna Belly This prized Spanish Ventresca or "tuna belly" is the fattiest and tastiest part of the bonito tuna. Three tins of Ventresca de Bonito del Norte thanks to The Fish Society. Enjoy tossed with pasta, on sandwiches and salads. Just as mercury builds up in fish tissues over time, it can also accumulate in your body. The United States needs stricter guidelines on the amount of tuna that is safe to consume, Consumer Reports says, because of concerns about too much mercury in the fish. Sale Price: 7.99 Original Price: 11.99. Mercury in tuna is a health concern because of the risks associated with mercury exposure. Ortiz’s Ventresca is one of the very best canned tuna available anywhere. It is hand-packed with olive oil and salt.