Another possibility is documented in the game manual, where Kurt's mission is named "Mission: Deliver Kindness". All levels start out with an "atmospheric entry" in which Kurt jumps from his base ship, the Jim Dandy space station, which is in orbit around Earth, to the Minecrawler on the planet's surface. When trying to think of his first name, they wanted to name him after someone who lived a notoriously hectic life, and settled on Kurt Cobain. Conceived and co-designed by Nick Bruty, MDK was Shiny's first PC game, and was notable for using software rendering, requiring a Pentium or equivalent microprocessor, rather than necessitating any GPU enhancements, despite its large 3D levels and complex polygonal enemies. 'Maryland K-12 Community' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Each Minecrawler is manned primarily by various types of soldiers named "Grunts. He must enter sniper mode to select the area he wants Max to target. [28] After a year, Bones is fully operational, although both Bones and Kurt prefer the name Max. "[7] Williams agrees; "We wanted the player to see all the cool actions the main character would be performing, so third-person was the natural choice and challenge we went for. However, rather than simply having the programmers write the language, the designers and artists also worked on it, allowing a more collaboratively creative atmosphere than is usual, and facilitating the language to work specifically to accommodate the elements of the game which the designers and artists wished to achieve. They nonetheless gave the PlayStation version a perfect 5.0 out of 5 in all four categories (fun factor, graphics, sound, and control), remarking, "MDK is riveting, combining tensely paced run-n-gun gameplay with the stealthy, strategic stalking that the sniper helmet enables. We're also using proper transparency. Really? In 2011 on the official forum for the game, Nick Bruty (creator of MDK) posted that the letters do indeed stand for "Murder Death Kill". He commented that it stands out from other games with its requisite parachuting skills, sniping mode, bombing minigame, and acerbic sense of humor. [42] According to Bruty, "We had no idea how fast we could get the engine when we started. I remember looking at a lot of old Spanish armour for the decoration and flourish. It also features several minigames, and allows the player to enter first-person mode at any time they wish so as to use their sniper weapon. [46], While the precise meaning of the title's three-letter acronym is never revealed during the game, the gaming press and fans adopted Murder, Death, Kill,[47] which was coined as a neologism in the 1993 film Demolition Man. "[43], MDK was designed at a time when 3D gaming was becoming popular, but GPUs hadn't had much of an impact on game development, and as such, "graphics would be designed to operate in software. [23], Because the PC version was still months away from completion when work on the PlayStation port began, the Neversoft team had to continually adjust their work in response to updates they received from Shiny. SDA does not prevent replay attacks as it is the same static data that is presented in every transaction. [10] To call Max, Kurt must have collected an airstrike pickup within the game. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. Playmates Interactive finalized the publishing deal for a Macintosh version of MDK in August 1997, but the conversion to the Macintosh OS had already been in development for some time before that. But we have a lot more colors on screen. [23] However, when Kurt is in sniper mode, he is unable to move, and can thus be easily targeted by enemies. Fluke Hawkins, and a robotic two-legged/four-armed dog named Bones, Kurt must infiltrate each Minecrawler, and fight his way to the pilot, whom he must then kill before returning to Hawkins' in-orbit space station, the Jim Dandy. to your account, It's used all over and I know what it does but I can't find an explanation of why it's called "mdk" (which might be helpful in documenting my own build rules, to explain at point of use why it's being pulled in). [41] A major technical issue was that of frame rate. [30] Upon reaching Earth, the streams disgorge gigantic "Minecrawlers", city-sized vehicles designed to strip mine the natural resources from a planet, crushing anything in their path. [7], At the time, the shooter game market was dominated by first-person shooters, most of which worked off the template set by Doom and Quake. [46] According to developer Mick West, the sheer size of the PC version presented problems for the port, but in some respects, the PlayStation version would improve on the PC version; The PC version keeps a lot of data resident whilst you go between areas. These Minecrawlers are removing all of earth's natural resources, and crushing any people and cities that get in their way. You can read more at:, Darn. [7], Bruty's first image for the game was a doodle of an armor suit with a self-contained machine gun, and a helmet that could be used as a sniper rifle. MDK's writer, co-designer and co-artist Nick Bruty has said the initial impetus for the game was his desire to move away from the type of game on which he had previously been working; family-friendly games such as Aladdin (1993), The Jungle Book (1993), Earthworm Jim (1994) and Earthworm Jim 2 (1995), all of which Bruty had worked on for the Sega Genesis. [55][47] IGN's Jay Boor said it "has to be one of the most impressive PC to PlayStation ports I have ever seen. It's used all over and I know what it does but I can't find an explanation of why it's called "mdk" (which might be helpful in documenting my own build rules, to explain at point of use why it's being pulled in) [51] The game would run too slow if we textured everything, so some parts were just flat-shaded for speed. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. During the installation of MDK2, various meanings are shown, again including "Murder, Death, Kill". Bruty and Williams loved the line, and decided Hectic should be the character's surname. An animated TV series based on MDK, to be produced by Mainframe Entertainment, was announced with plans to air in the fourth quarter of 1998,[62][63] but it was never realized. [55][24][57], The game was both a critical and a commercial success, and Interplay decided to begin work on a sequel immediately. MFL - Multi-Function steering wheel. You signed in with another tab or window. Find out what is the full meaning of MDK-12 on! He praised the wide-open environments, variety of visual styles, gameplay innovations, sniper mode, humor, ingeniousness of the puzzle designs, and the originality of some of the weaponry and enemies, though he was critical of the controls and the short length of the game. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. All Acronyms has a list of 102 MDK definitions. The game was released on in September 2008,[4] and on Steam in September 2009.[5]. [52], It received generally positive reviews on both PC and PlayStation. [41] Based on their experiences developing for consoles, they wanted to take a different approach; using small pixels in high resolution. [7] An early concept which did make it into the final game was the notion of ridiculous weaponry. "[59] GamePro gave it a perfect 5.0 out of 5 in all four categories (graphics, sound, control, and funfactor), saying it "easily lives up to all its rampant hype, delivering one of the year's most creative, engrossing, and just plain fun games." [20] The other major weapon in the game is a sniper gun. Possible MDK meaning as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category. Learn more. It deploys immediately, and retracts automatically when not being used. As such, Kurt is dispatched on "Mission: Deliver Kindness", entering the Minecrawlers from above, and destroying them from the inside-out, shooting his way through to the pilot, whom he then kills, before being extracted back to the Jim Dandy. Kurt destroys the final Minecrawler, but Glut captures Max, and escapes into an energy stream leading to his base ship. If MDK has to stand for anything, I'd agree with friendlydude in saying that it probably stands for "Mission: Deliver Kindness". It looks almost identical, in terms of the amount of animations and the amount of graphics in the game. Kurt then has a set period of time in the energy stream, during which he pursues a health power-up, which, if collected, grants 150% health for the start of the next level.