Proof that regular salami was just a rough draft. Serrano is a popular ham from Spain and it's easily accessible compared to its brother ham. Oh goodie! A northern-Italian salted beef, bresaola has a deep, dark shade of red that will stand out at the deli counter. On the other hand, ham is delicious. In Italy, it's used widely on nearly everything, including pizza -- What a great alternative to boring 'ol pepperoni. But if you've eaten this one, you've probably experienced a small slice of heaven. Needless to say, off the bone is better. It is this last ingredient that gives the product the classic red / orange color. Specifically, Jambon de Paris. In the past, these were all made when hogs were butchered in late fall or early After the top round has been salted, it's aged for anywhere between one and two months and develops a deep flavor. These meats can be eaten alone, alongside other condiments, on sandwiches, the choice is yours -- But I can assure you that the term "cold cuts" will never again conjure up images of last week's boring ham sandwich. Once seasoned and brought to the table, it is sliced diagonally, thus obtaining oval slices much larger than the diameter of the salami itself. 1 day ago, by Mekishana Pierre If you want to really treat yourself, choose culatello. Similar to sopressata, this is a great cold cut for those who are picky but want something different, as the flavor isn't overwhelming. Spread 1 tablespoon of the mayo on each half of the hoagie. Once you get a taste of this stuff, you'll never go back to Oscar Meyer again. Olive loaf/literally any kind of loaf, Sophia Frieling / STOCK4B via Getty Images, Dry salami's spicy, sexy version. Italy produces more than 250 different types of could cuts and sausages, some well known and widespread other less known, more niche, but equally worthy of attention and of course a taste. eZeePics Studio via Getty Images 4. Off the bone means they have cooked an actual ham and then sliced it. Part of HuffPost Comedy. It is a sausage of pork, cooked, pink and often flavored with pistachios. Contain only the best, lean pork. EVER WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU COMPACTED VOMIT INTO A GIANT MEAT CUBE? This aged meat from Italy comes from the muscle on a pig that is found between the neck and the ribs. It might not sound like much, but summer sausage is a must for sausage fans -- mainly those who enjoy their kielbasa. Although you could easily put any cured meats and cold cuts on a charcuterie tray, if you really want to wow your guests, you should consider adding some higher-end cured meats to your charcuterie board; some of which are made in France and some of which are made in neighbouring European countries. You're drunk. 10 ’Nice Creams’ So Nice, You Won’t Miss Ice Cream, Salami Get This Straight: 20 Delicious Cold Cuts Only Hardcore Foodies Know About, 10 Celebrities Who Have Their Own Cookbooks, 12 Fast-Food Items Foodies Can Only Find In The US (And 11 Abroad), Flash Forward: Top 20 Trendiest Foods On The Map For 2019, 10 Discontinued Snack Items That Need To Make A Comeback, Renowned Danish Bakery Ole & Steen Opens First US Shop In NYC, 12 Kitchen Gadgets Every Millennial Should Have In Their Kitchen And 12 That Are Totally Useless, 10 Three-Ingredient Smoothies For On-The-Go, 10 '90s Cereal Brands That Completely Vanished, 20 Wedding Food Traditions From Around The Globe Foodies Didn't Know, 10 Secret Menu Items Only Expert Visitors Will Order At McDonald's, McBlunders: 20 Photos Of Burgers McDonald’s Should Have Thrown Away (But They Served Instead), Bracing Ourselves: The 10 Best Foods To Strengthen Our Immune System (And 10 That Won't Help At All), New Study Suggests A Two-Minute Trick To Curb Your Cravings, It's Game Night: The Official Ranking Of 25 Super Bowl Snacks, From Worst To Best, 10 Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants That Are Still Open, Will Travel For Food: 20 Tourist Trap Restaurants That Are Actually Worth The Hype, Purple Carrot Is Now Offering Vegan Breakfast Meal Kits For Subscribers.