Home / Begonias / Rex cultorum Begonias Rex cultorum Begonias. Out of Stock. Begonias are also grown as houseplants for their beautiful leaf patterns. The sheer variety of begonias has helped make them favorites of garden clubs and among collectors. They can be found in other tropical climates and propagate by a variety of means. add to cart $ 14.99 Begonia ’50 Shades of Gray’ Out of Stock. Begonia Care Guide Light. All Rex Cultorum types are descended from the Indian species B. rex that was crossed with other types of rhizomatous begonias. The flowering types struggle in dark or very poorly lit areas where as the Begonias grown purely for foliage fair a little better. Begonia species have been cultivated for centuries. Begonias are found wild in South and Central America and are native plants in India. Tuberous Begonias Tuberous begonias are among the most dramatic of all begonias, bearing large, double flowers that are sometimes delightfully fragrant. Classifying Begonias. Rex begonias are the showboats of the begonia world and are a type of rhizomatous begonia that are grown for their multicolored leaves. Like reiger begonias, the tuberous types thrive in cool conditions and tend to sulk in especially hot-summer areas. Showing 1–51 of 54 results $ 14.99 Begonia ‘Christmas Curl’ Rated 5.00 out of 5. Begonias are hardy perennials in horticultural zones 10 and 11, where some types can reach heights of 10 feet! The leaves come in every color, pattern and shade, and every size and shape. They do best in situations with shade or morning sun/afternoon shade. All Begonias types just need a good bright location out of direct sunlight and they're all set to grow, look beautiful and flower happily. In colder zones, begonias are grown as summer annuals. How many types of begonias are there?