Vitacost ships internationally, but Thrive Market is currently limited to the contiguous United States. Vitacost also has a lot of sales, like recently they did a 20% off all food. In my own first few orders, I actually saved more money on the products than I spent on the membership. As a Certified WELL AP, I'm passionate about helping you create a home that promotes wellness. Prices for competing stores, from online retailers such as Vitacost, to grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Publix, are listed in parenthesis. And if you buy $49.00 worth each month, you’ll never pay for shipping. I haven’t tried the wine, but preferred ButcherBox’s meat to Thrive Market’s meat. Nothing against Thrive, of course, it would be nice to just order and never have to worry about coupons too! Something showed up in every category I searched in both stores, but more brands popped up on Vitacost several times. If you plan to order enough to avoid shipping charges and make up the cost of your membership at Thrive Market, you could potentially save the most money at Thrive Market even with the membership fee. However – at Costco you can get produce, which is huge for me. Health enthusiast, runner, protein nut. As far as I can tell they taste identical and mix into my coffee perfectly! TIP: Another “bonus” that makes the prices even better is the promotional freebies and special discount offers. Interesting! When I stumbled across Thrive Market I was as happy as a kid on Christmas, browsing all over the site, saying things like, “Wow!” and “Look at that!”. I did online shopping for healthy organic food in the past so i get what you write about the 59.99. I found quite a number of products that I love to buy but usually don’t because of a high price tag in the supermarket or natural food store. For $60/year, we are all doing some good deed here. No, it’s not! Otherwise, Thrive Market may be the better option, but, at this point in time, it definitely is NOT for me. To demonstrate this point a bit further, below I am including a list of popular products, with comparison prices from other sites (that are known for their lower prices). For example, Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies are routinely on sale for $2.50 at Publix. There’s nothing to lose and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. When you sign up for Thrive Market, you are also signing up for a free trial membership. Thrive Market vs Lucky Vitamin– For most items, Thrive Market was usually 10-20 cents cheaper. Thrive Market vs VitaCost – People love VitaCost but I’ve never been a fan. Then there is the fact that everything is discounted. The best way to determine the winner in the Thrive vs Vitacost supplements question is to compare a few items they both sell. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m a frequent buyer of Thrive’s brand name organic, gluten-free rolled oats, organic rice cakes, organic coconut wraps, aluminum free baking powder and more as these are the lowest prices I’ve seen anywhere on these products. I’m looking forward to continuing ordering from them and also trying some of their meat/wine options! i guess it comes to the price vs. quality and comparative prices Thanks again! If you don’t at least save the amount of your membership, they’ll credit you! Is that a one time fee or annual? Not only are healthy foods just as yummy as “regular” foods, but they help you to feel good – along with increased nutrition comes just plain feeling better. Honestly, I don’t understand why people make such a big fuss about the membership fees. Also, the person you refer will receive 25% off their first order, which can add up to quite a bit depending on how much they shop for. Thrive Market with 2 browser windows open. I also use Vitacost. When I realized this, I went to the computer to send an email to request a refund. (You can also use a site like. With that said, my first and main recommendation if you shop there is – just make sure that you are aware of the membership and what it entails. Live Superfoods Review: Great or Not Worth It? Coconut chips are prepared in different ways – some are baked, some are dried, and some are more on the sweet side while others are mild.