When King Richard I, who lead the Crusades, showed off his sword, Saladin responded by throwing a piece of silk over his Damascus blade, which apparently finely sliced through the cloth. So in combat, the light weight of the sword can be advantage to the wielder. […]. The action/adventure series has everything our young audience is looking for; from heroes, villains, henchmen, sword fights, bold rescues, battling armies to comedy, enduring friendship, love, and much more. In the high street of Damascus, the capital of Syria, there stands a statue of a warrior on horseback. It may seem like an ordinary sword, but this blade, also known as the Damascus blade, contains an interesting history in relation to iron. Their Secret art of sword-making is greatly admired by Western families and modern metallurgical studies. Because of its durability, even to hammering, Wootz steel was mainly used for making sharp blades. Society engagement and development in business, career, technology, social, internet, people and lifestyle blog on health, education, advice, fashion and style. The steel was then adapted and made in Syria, around Damascus, and it became known for its place of origin. Carbon nanotubes are no longer the proud boast of 21st century materials scientists - mediaeval sword-smiths got there first. It was not until the Crusades that the fame of the Damascus blade spread to Europe from Asia; it was Saladin’s army’s use of the Damascus blade that pierced crusaders’ thick armor and severed their swords in one swing. What remains is swords, spears and knives that are now scattered in different Museum worldwide. It is not as well-known as Genghis Khan, the ruler who laid the cornerstone of The Mongol Empire, but Saladin is still recognized as a beloved historical figure among Muslims. liked it or not, as I've been pretty much unable to find even a . Forged in Fire Season 8 Episode 3: The Legendary Sword of Saladin Summary: Four smiths are in for a twist when they are tasked with forging signature blades from either a large suspension cable or thin piano wire. Characterization performed on this material also explains THAT CNT has the highest strength compared to other materials. Saved from youtube.com. 4,453. In addition to iron and carbon, elements such as chromium, manganese, cobalt is also coupled to add more strength, sharpness and flexibility. Limited edition sword with 24K gold plated pommel and crossguard. An invincible sword made of Wootz steel, captivates everyone’s heart. Beginning with its manufacturing process, the Damascus blade was an extraordinary tool. see also: video of Salahuddin Al Ayyubi Sword. Saladin leaves a Templar undecapitated because he … All Rights Reserved. 30 Apr 2016: Gary writes in: ‘About Saladin’s brother (in your Saladin and Richard swords piece): Saladin’s brother marrying a Christian is the background for Lessing’s Nathan the Wise, which takes place in Jerusalem in 1192. A noticeable part in the front of the statue of Saladin is the sword that he is holding with his right hand, pointing it up towards the sky. Apr 21, 2001 #1. golok. His name may not sound so familiar. Saladin’s army was much more advanced in battle because of their mobility, than the crusaders who used heavy swords. Well, according to the historian sword expert, Prof. Dr. Peter Paufler of Germany, there is one sword that proof to have the ability to slice any hard object into 2 pieces with one slice. Take a moment to look at the column in the photo above. The 280 feet (85 m) dee… Achetez neuf ou d'occasion He assigned his adjutant Bagyr as a keeper of the sword, and it just so happened Mutawakkil’s subordinate was planning a revolt against his leader. Saladin sword features: Overall Length: 41-1/2" Blade Length: 35-1/2" Blade Width: 1-3/4" Blade Thickness: 3/16" Weight: 2 lbs / 10 oz Steel: 1065 High Carbon