Make sure you follow the advised rules to prevent sudden splurges in the blood sugars and keep away the casualties. Get the Latest health news, healthy diet, weight loss, Yoga, and fitness tips, more updates on Times Now, Sweet potatoes for type 2 diabetes: How the superfood can help maintain your blood sugar and weight  |  Photo Credit: Thinkstock, Farmers' Dilli Chalo protest enters day 2; security tightened at Delhi-Haryana border | Ground Report, What kind of remark does BJP president J.P. Nadda wants to leave for the Party? Why are sweet potatoes safe for diabetics? There are some studies that have been conducted to support that. 7 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Diabetics (Recipes Included), Pass quality checked by advisor, read our quality control guidelance for more info, Health Benefits of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat, Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast, Health Benefits of Oatmeal in the Morning, 18 Health Risks of Obesity (No.1 Sure You Will Get It). What Foods Lower Blood Sugar Immediately? But at the same time, taking sweet potatoes in a controlled amount and cooking it per your diabetic diet is an excellent way to be cautious. Whisk them until nearly smooth. Is it safe to eat Sweet Potatoes by diabetic patients? The fact that the Glycemic index of foods differs according to their cooking is exceedingly true for Sweet Potatoes. Frying adds up to the oil content that increases the fat in the food. 5 Proven Health Benefits & Nutrition, What Can Diabetics Eat Instead of Bread? Recommended Sweet Potatoes Recipes for Diabetics. Tip: The fastest way to make a sweet potato is in the microwave. It tends to decrease with the increase in its boiling time. The app was chosen as the ‘Best Health App of the Month‘ by Google Play Store and ‘Top Diabetes App of the Year‘ by HealthLine. How to lower your blood sugar and control weight naturally, Sweet Potato Chaat recipe | How to make Sweet Potato Chaat | The Foodie, Crispy Potato Lollipops | How To Make Potato Lollipop | Veg Party Starter | Veg Lollipop Recipe, DIY Potato Hair Mask For Hair Growth | DIY Potato Hair Mask For Anti Hair Fall | The Foodie Glow, Potatoes 2 ways recipe | How to Make Aloo Paratha & Dahi Aloo | The Foodie. It is thus advisable to avoid having baked sweet potatoes by diabetics, pre-diabetics, obese individuals, and those trying to watch their diet. Sweet potatoes are particularly high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that converts to vitamin A once eaten. In other words, sweet potatoes may have some positive points for diabetic patients and for more information about the health benefits of sweet potatoes for diabetics, the list below may give you the information you eager to find. Studies have shown that foods with a low GI - such as sweet potatoes, corn, legumes, lentils, non-starchy vegetables - can help reduce blood sugar levels in type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Sweet potato consumed in this way can have very sudden reactions on the body’s blood sugar count, and it can be problematic for diabetic patients. They are healthier and also comparatively lower in the Glycemic Index. No more DSN's. It has over 100,000 active users from 140 countries. Remove the foil. Without which, glucose will cause the spike of blood sugar level. –         Fried Sweet Potatoes: As obvious as it sounds, frying is not the best option either. Though further research is still strongly required to support this opinion. After you take it from the oven, don’t serve it directly. Here are the Safe ones, Can a Diabetic Patient Eat Dhokla? 9 Benefits and Daily Limits. Boiling the starchy sweet potatoes helps the starch be broken down easily in the human body’s digestive system. I am diabetic so this has been very helpful and I would suggest this to any diabetic trying to reduce or stop the sugar consumption” –  Stephanie Samsel, Sweet Defeat User, Beat Diabetes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Lesser amounts are fine, but more than this quantity must be avoided. So, how about sweet potatoes? As a result, the time required to digest the food increases, and the release of sugar in the body after digestion is slowed down. One such food that one has to consider a little research about before including in the diet is the Sweet Potato. Can I drink Milk with Gestational Diabetes? Most sweet potatoes are big, and that much of an amount is not recommended. 8 Health Benefits of Coffee for Diabetes You Must Know, 16 Health Benefits of Okra for Diabetes Treatments, 18 Top Health Benefits of Chia Seeds for Diabetes Treatments, 5 Wondrous Health Benefits of Ginger Tea with Honey, Marvelous Health Benefits of Lemongrass Oil, 4 Amazing Hidden Benefits of Okra for Baby, Let’s Have Better Understanding of These Health Benefits of Okra in Pregnancy, Miraculous Health Benefits of Pomelo for Diabetes. Although the Glycemic index of the sweet potato is not as high as when it is baked, it still comes under the classification of High GI foods. According to a study conducted by AMA, sweet potatoes assist in lowering the insulin resistance to help stabilizing the blood sugar level in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Why Sweet Potatoes Recommended for Diabetics? New Delhi: Most of us know that potatoes are a starchy vegetable, yet, it is still possible for people with diabetes to enjoy them as part of a healthy diet. It is best to select medium-sized sweet potatoes and use only one for consumption. You really need to test before and after eating - the usual gap is 2 hours. Which is the Best Atta for Diabetes? The biggest reason why sweet potatoes work well for diabetics is because of its low glycemic index (GI) rating. Also, the GI can lower or heighten depending on the type of sweet potato you are frying and the variety of oil used for frying. The seven health benefits of sweet potatoes for diabetics mentioned above are enough reason for patients diagnosed with diabetes to start considering sweet potatoes as part of daily diet though some cautions below should be added to your list of consideration as well. So far the best way to serve and cook sweet potatoes are by baking or steam it and below is one of the baked sweet potatoes recipes recommended for diabetics patients. All content is informational purpose only, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Some important nutrients found in sweet potatoes will lost if you fry it while boiling them too long will reduce the amount of essential nutrients as well. It also results in a higher Glycemic Index. Can anyone tell me please if sweet potatoes are acceptable? Being low the glycemic scale index, sweet potatoes may help lower blood sugar levels, improve lipids and insulin levels in type 2 diabetes. There are several varieties of sweet potatoes found everywhere, and there are many ways even to cook it and be included in different recipes. Therefore, boiling is an efficient way of adding sweet potato to your diet. 9 Health Benefits, What is Toovar Dal? It means, inflammation could cause condition like insulin resistance and this condition will lead to Type 2 Diabetes when simple sugar or glucose were released in the blood stream but with little stock of insulin to turn them into glycogen which later used as energy or stocked as fat cells. Studies have shown sweet potato extract lowers hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels) by up to 50%, and can also help reduce insulin resistance and improve glucose tolerance. Well, the same applies when it comes to frying the sweet potatoes. General awareness of the food’s glycemic index can be a great help in managing proper food intake in your diabetic diets. Sweet potatoes are one of the best types of potato for people with diabetes, as they are low-GI and contain more fiber than white potatoes.