It’s basically a traditional buttermilk pancake recipe that swaps in sorghum flour for wheat flour. Serve immediately. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you! They’ve provided all kinds of gluten free grains, from oat flour to popcorn, for me to experiment with. Spray the pan with cooking oil. Sorghum is an extremely versatile grain that you can serve like rice or quinoa or other whole grains.You can cook sorghum grain using your stovetop, slow cooker, oven, rice cooker or whatever option you prefer to prepare your favorite meals. Being a stubborn sort, as well as a recipe developer by trade, I decided to work on converting as many of my favorite gluten-filled foods as possible into gluten free foods. For large cakes pour 1/4 cup of batter into the pan; for small, use 2 T of batter. An excellent gluten free alternative to wheat, sorghum has a neutral, sometimes sweet flavour and light colour. Place a nonstick skillet on a burner and preheat it over medium low heat while you continue to make the wet mix. }); My son is son is so happy! I would love to hear from you. They're great with maple syrup, too, but they don't really need it. This simple recipe uses sorghum as the only flour! Want to get the latest recipes and information about serving sorghum to your friends and family? industry_list += categories[f].category_name + ", "; This time I added a teaspoon of xanthum gum and they did better. That's rare in gluten free baking. This recipe was sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill. It may look curdled or slightly chunky; that's normal. Learn how your comment data is processed. Made with sorghum flour, real buttermilk, real vanilla, and butter, they're as good as any traditional pancake—I think they're even better, and they're totally gluten free! Any good recipe that's been developed to be gluten free will have taken this into account. (I’m really proud of this shortbread.). Pancake recipes are usually pretty flexible, in that you can make a lot of substitutions and you’ll still get something that looks like a pancake. Sign up for our newsletter and let us inspire you with new healthy recipes and interesting ways to serve and enjoy sorghum! The flavour is lovely! We made them tonight. (Still used almond milk and two small scoops of stevia). But it may not taste quite as yummy as it would with a little sugar, butter, and buttermilk, if you catch my drift. Add the other ingredients and whisk until smooth. 25 min. These are amazing…my picky kids can smell a health food alternative from a mile away and don’t like when i experiment. Your email address will not be published. Sugar helps the pancakes develop that nice color and slightly crisp edges- omitting it could cause them to look different and have a different texture. And powdered buttermilk is great! If pancakes are over-browning before they cook through, lower the heat slightly. Note: the pan may start to get too hot as it continues to heat. This post may contain affiliate links, Home » Recipes by Course » Sorghum Pancakes. This time I will leave out the water. Servings. I didn’t even need syrup. I wonder if I could omit the sugar? So glad you liked the pancakes. ), Your email address will not be published. Almond milk… well, it’s drastically different from buttermilk in consistency, flavor, and fat content. Sorghum Pancakes are a wonderful light, fluffy breakfast basic. These taste like old fashioned white flour pancakes. Gluten free sorghum flour is the only one needed for these tasty, light, fluffy pancakes! They gobbled these up. You can also subscribe without commenting. This time, I’m using Bob’s Red Mill Sorghum Flour. That might be xanthan or guar gum, egg whites, unflavoured gelatin, or cornstarch. But seriously, good stuff. March 1, 2018 By Katie Moseman 17 Comments. Overnight, everything from pasta to pizza, from croissants to croutons, every well-loved recipe and restaurant, all of it became off limits. Heat a nonstick skillet (I like cast iron.) In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, xanthan gum, and salt. If you want to replace wheat flour with sorghum flour for baking, you'll need a binder to hold your food together and keep it from crumbling. Your email address will not be published. industry_list = industry_list.slice(0,-2); I did half a recipe and made 3 medium sized pancakes. This is the first recipe that didn’t suggest using xantham gum. However, in this case, you don't need to buy multiple gluten free flours. Gluten-free pancakes never tasted better. Check out our online partners and current promotional offers.