With a 100 reward. “You might also be liable if you are a ‘keeper’ of the dog — someone who does not own the dog but houses the dog on behalf of the owner — and you know about the tendency of that dog to attack or bite people.” Dog Bite Prevention. If you want a friend, give her the dog with your blessings and let it go. That sort of behavior is not normal for me, but at the time it was just something I had to do. From trips to the vet to micro-chipping, being a good pet owner means knowing the law. Especially if she did not pay you to take the dog or pay for the dogs keeping while it was in your custody. Tell him he can't have the dog back, no matter what. My friend offered to let the owner come visit and see the dog and even suggested that if she should change her mind, he would return the dog. She has absolutely no proof--and you know this. They could feed them for 7 days but then they have to go to the shelter, where I’d gotten them, for 10 days. After all, we didn’t want our dog to act on his aggression and wind up hurting someone. Should my family and I be worried about these threats? The only call on my dog my friend received he said someone called about your dog three days later he gave me the number . His reason was his partner missed the dog after telling him to rehome the dog because she couldn’t handle a puppy and a new born baby. I then started to relax and accept him in me. Question about social security survivor's benefits? Me.” Their handsome long-haired dog was fed prime cuts of meat, brushed and hugged frequently, and taken for long walks daily. Each dog already belongs to someone else -- it just so happens that I haven't met that person yet. that predate hers, that’s good. The real issues are do you have any documentation that it was other than a gift, and are you willing to go to court over it... 1 found this answer helpful. And i told her I was looking back through our messages and there were a few times when i din't listento here i just was ranting about some other crap. My ex didn’t want the dog, she had recently bought a smaller dog and was going to rehome our dog. So, I now have a dog who won’t go close to me, who growls at me, etc. Is there any way to get my dog back? Every Dog Can Have Its Day: Extending Liability Beyond the Seller by Defining Pets as "Products" under Products Liability Theory, Jason Parent, 12 Animal L. 241 (2005).. Lost and Found: Humane Societies' Rights and Obligations Regarding Companion Animal Ownership , by Patricia A. Bolen, Animal Legal & Historical Center, 2005.. I want the dog and do not plan to give the d … read more The kids, 3. They say his life was terrible before we adopted him. For 2 days we knocked on doors, put up a sign, but no one claimed him. But if she's a friend, it's your choice. And if she obtained her dog legally, she should also have various paperworks associated with the dog. If only it were that easy. We work with this person. If she said something like "I can't keep my dog because of where I'm living, so take it," then I think the dog is yours. The lady gave me the dog with the intention that he become my service dog. She GAVE it to you, it's yours now. It’s been about two months ago still. How much trouble did I just get this teacher in? Well, who would you think would win? Are there any states where shooting people who steal packages off your porch is legal ? The dog was a gift for my birthday. Pets are considered property (at least in the U.S.). But he’d have to sue you in court and win and it sounds like he doesn’t really have the bandwidth to do that. If she knows her neighbours from where she USED to live well enough and they remember seeing her dog with her, then she has a case, and can potentially call upon witnesses to back her up. According to Angie, it is now her dog. My ex was verbally abusive and a non-working alcoholic. The first step, of course, is to stay calm. The dog, 2. The owner also gave him the dog's veterinary paperwork, but no bill of sale. Someone gave me their puppy two weeks ago because they could not keep him. Ethically it is not right to even consider asking for her. Now my daughter wants the dog back and is suffering from emotional problems. I said sure and gave him my info. That means you own the dog, and it's your decision whether you want to return them to a previous owner or now. 18 July 2009 at 4:44PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Pets & Pet Care. If you were given the dog and she never said that she would want the dog back in the future then you have a case. The only call on my dog my friend received he said someone called about your dog three days later he gave me the number . For example, one person may allege the animal was gifted/rehomed while the other may say that the arrangement was only for temporary boarding/fostering. Two days later he texted saying he would be back in a week to get the dog. You and your partner decide to part ways–and you both want Fido to go your way. You can sign in to vote the answer. Well 2 almost 3 days later after taking him she sends a text saying sorry I can't take him he won't stop barking neighbors don't like him I have to give him back. helpful votes. Same deal with the dog. Gave dog back to breeder, refusing to give money back. Other than that I seem to always find myself chasing after him, just to pet him. The lady at the post office stick a thermometer up by booty hole to see if I was sick is this illegal ? You may have kids and want an adopted dog that they can have for a while, but you may get one that only lasts a year. When she gave you the "dog", did you sign any paper work/contract that states that the dog now belongs to you? Do you think Trump has "hired" Giuliani just so Giuliani can "earn" a whole bunch of money? If this guy is your soulmate, there’s no way he can let you go. We've already bonded. How do you think about the answers? People like that make me sick.Buy the dog ,then to suit there own agenda they give it back, now they want it back,they don't deserve a dog,he's a dog not a pet … Just then my hospital case worker came in and stopped me from signing them over. Pamela, 1.5 years after the fact now wants the dog back.