A territory that fell under the British jurisdiction. It is a governmental policy in which the government and law will not interfere in the economic matter of people. Sociological School of Law completely neglects positivism i.e. The court in its order held that though there are prima facie materials to justify the registration of the FIR, it is of the view that its continuance was "not warranted'.While observing that quashing the FIR will secure the ends of justice, the order reasoned that no untoward incident had taken place. A survey of social interest, Interpretation of legal history, Justice according to law, Social control through law, Jurisprudence. In the Laissez-Faire economy, the only role of government and law is to prevent any conflict and coercion against individuals like theft, fraud etc. By living laws, he means that extra-legal control which governs/regulate the social relations of man. So, we summarise his theory by saying that the law need not be necessarily created by state or applied by courts or have a coercive legal compulsion behind it, but it is created by the groups in the society and thus it is clear that social life is governed by living law and it is a social reality which exists independent from state positive laws. According to Pound, “Law is social engineering which means a balance between the competing interests in society,” in which applied science is used for resolving individual and social problems. The government does this through the establishment of some regulatory agencies like the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Standard Organisation of Nigeria(SON) and so on. For e.g.- Freedom of Trade and Commerce, Speech and Expression, etc. The Sociological school came out as a reaction against the laissez-faire because sociological school advocates the balance between the welfare of the state and individual interest. The present bunch of cases is not perceived to be amongst such exceptional categories.”The top court dismissed a petition filed by six accused, who are members of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect, expressing apprehension of prejudice in the trial in Punjab. Sociological School of Jurisprudence studies the relationship between the law and sociology. According to the provision of S.37 of the Company and Allied Matters Act, when a company is incorporated, it becomes a legal personality. Adultery is only a crime in the North due to the provision of S.387 of the Criminal Code. Over emphasises was given on duties rather than rights. As the recognized leader of the sociological school in America for more than half a century, Roscoe Pound has devoted his efforts to this work. Sociology is the study of society, human behavior, and social changes. The direction towards mutual cooperation among individuals in society. Pound was an American Legal Scholar. The constitutive technique is the one that concerns itself with the formation of legal personalities. Interest to make a political, physical, social and economic life to promote personality. Ehrlich: It views the society from the legal side. He was of the view that the legal process is somehow influenced by the social condition of society. According to Roscoe Pound, every society has certain basic assumptions for proper order and balance in society. • Social control through law (1942); • The task of law (1944) etc. For Example, in India, the codified laws are followed by everyone. This is more understable than d legal method text book Roscoe Pound gave stress on the functional aspect of law. The term “Sociology” was first used by the Comte and he described Sociology as a positive science of social facts. He was greatly influenced by the Auguste Comte and Durkheim. For example Sati. This is so helpful ,I understand than the legal method text book 5. A person has a right to either marry under the act, customarily or islamically. Sociological School of Jurisprudence focuses on balancing the welfare of state and individual was realized. In a civilised society, man must be able to assume that those with whom they deal as a number of societies will act in good faith. This is so nice, I actually understand it better than it is in the Legal Method Txt book ,so simple and precise. One is sociological view and other is a legal aspect. God bless you and more power to your elbow s. Yeah, I’m from Unilorin. And jurisprudence is the study of law and legal aspect of things. The Court delivered two different orders with similar findings and observed, "Though there are prima facie materials to justify the registration of the First Information Report, I am of the view that its continuance is not warranted. It encompasses all laws that deal with the registration of companies and organisations. You can subscribe to the email list to get more. social control through the systematic and orderly appli-cation of the force of such a society. “When relative convenience and difficulties of all the parties involved in the process are taken into account, the conclusion is inevitable that no credible case for transfer of trial to alternative venues outside the State of Punjab is made out, in the present matters,” The top court observed that it is inclined to believe that the atmosphere in the state does not justify shifting of the trial venue to another state, noting that the incident occurred in 2015 and it has been more than two years since the petitioners were arraigned as accused in the cases.“During this long period, no complaint has been made by the petitioners of any threat to their security or their associates, Date - 26/11/2020 12:20:03, The Madras High Court quashed the FIR filed against two CAA-NRC ProtestersThe Madras High Court has recently quashed an FIR filed against two CAA-NRC protesters with a remark that the protest was peaceful. The concept of social control was first introduced in sociology at the beginning of the 20th century by the American school of ”Sociological jurisprudence” to determine the main ways that society assures its functionality and stability through different methods.