Proteins which aid in skin nutrition, and improving skin … Snail mucin … Why is Snail Mucin Good for Your Skin? Ahead, a mix of various snail mucin … The beneficial ingredients within SSF are plentiful, they include Allantoin which stimulates skin and regeneration healing, anti-irritation and smoothing actions. A concentrated form of the mucus produced by snails, snail filtrate may seem strange and gross, but many women swear by it. Although they are often marketed as anti-acne products, they also claim to have scar lightening, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, skin-regenerating, and anti-wrinkle benefits. * This unusual K-beauty ingredient actually works * Repairs, moisturizes, and combats fine lines * No Snails are harmed during the process. 1. Packed with skin-loving nutrients, snail filtrate (otherwise known as snail slime) has arrived from the East to sweep the western world. Most commonly, you’ll find snail mucin in serums or creams and Dr. King says often serums will have a higher concentration of snail mucin and can be used for anti-aging benefits. Treats Acne. The idea is, that it will carry out the same benefits to our skin. Snail mucin skin care has been popular for years in South Korea, with nearly every major Korean skin care brand offering at least one snail mucin product. If you’re looking for more of the mucin’s hydrating properties, opt for a cream. According to experts, snail mucin’s main benefit for the skin … Here are six ways snail filtrate benefits your skin… What are the benefits of snail mucin to the skin? Snail mucin is abundant in antimicrobial peptides, allantoin, glycolic acid, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, copper peptides, and Vitamins A, D and E making it a great addition to cosmetics and skincare products. Snail slime or snail mucin to be more accurate, has been used in K-Beauty skin care products for a while now, and is becoming more popular and mainstream in recent years.