I didn’t have pecans and forgot the garlic but still delicious. I made a version of this once before and it didn’t live up to my expectations. She’s had turns at a handful of great Italian restaurants in New York, earning them stars and accolades and has written at length for The Atlantic about Italian food. Everything else was guesswork: I detected a lot of olive oil, a bit of lime juice and Aleppo pepper at the restaurant, but couldn’t resist adding two more things at home, very well toasted sesame seeds and a handful of parsley to finish. Deb, I got 3 heads of cabbage (2 purple) from our CSA this week, and thought what can I make other than Cole slaw?!?!?!? What happened to the print option? This salad hit all the right flavor notes, and was delightfully beautiful for Thanksgiving today! This is easily one of our favorite salads. Oh it is so good! I’ve made it three times — twice with lime and once with lemon. There is something so perfect about this salad. This recipe is not for me since I really don’t care for bell peppers or radicchio (although if I can think up decent substitutions my husband would love it), but I just had to come and post my first comment ever to let you know how very much I appreciated your newsletter. I made it yesterday and it turned out wonderfully! First of all, this makes A LOT! OMGosh I just made this its so yummy…..I did switch the feta for goats cheese crumbles …..just because it was there next to the feta when I was purchasing ingredients and it sounded so good. This sounds delicious. Can I use homemade pickled beet in this recipe? I have your book, but I always just look on the website. Thank you for sharing that with us! I made the salad tonight and enjoyed it very much (as I do all your recipes). First time commenting but I just had to say how fantastic this recipe was! Chilled Beet Salad Recipe photo by Taste of Home. It’s a problem, but what a glorious, satisfying problem. My husband and I can eat bowls of this….so I usually use at least 2 lbs of cabbage for the three of us (me, husband, and 2 year old). Pull the charred skin and seeds from the peppers and discard. And also I love your recipes so much that anytime I make something new, my family and friends ask if it’s from Smitten. Thanks Deb. Generally there are two kinds, both red, Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This will be added to Thanksgiving dinner menu!! This looks delicious and I’m sure it is, per your usual, but can I just say my favorite part of this post is your correct use of the adverb “socially distanced”. She makes it as a side almost every day and I could live on it with feta, olives and some slice tomatoes or cucumbers, sometimes a boiled egg. Audrey loves edamame, but Aidan prefers cabbage. Eleven years ago: Martha’s Mac-and-Cheese, Crisp Salted Oatmeal White Chocolate Cookies They peel right off. Thank you so much! Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Last week, we were back for an early Sunday night dinner with our menagerie of mini-humans (fine, just two, but it feels like a lot!) Yummy! This reminds me of the radicchio salad at Mediterranean Exploration Co in Portland, OR, which has dried sour cherries, and a yogurt dressing. This recipe looks so delicious, I love your idea! This worked great and the instant pot was such a great idea. I know he’s a prodigy, but ….. I’d like that recipe, please. Loved the crunch factor. I hope you enjoy this recipe and thank youf or that video suggestion. Breaks my heart. I made this for family christmas lunch and then again for a vegetarian brunch at my yoga studio- both times it was wonderful. It’s another SK keeper : ). One year ago: Raspberry Crumble Tart Bars That is how we often bring it to gatherings with dressing in a mason jar on the side so we can shake up the dressing just before serving. What a gorgeous, fun salad to make!!! Sadly, this was not a hit in our house! I stood at the counter like a pregnant cliché, turquoise apron covering my rapidly growing belly, eating dill pickles from the jar and staring down my menu plan, which informed me dinner tonight was Sausage and Lentil Soup. I made a few tweaks though! I’m beyond looking forward to spring and the farmer’s market, but I’ll miss the frequency of soups in our dinner rotation. Thank you, thank you! If not serving salad right away, shake the dressing again just before drizzling over the salad. **We found the organic Feta in our local Boise Costco. I’m so happy you enjoyed it Jill! Easy, peasy mostly shelf stable ingredients! Twelve years ago: Cherry Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake I always sub pepitas for the sesame seeds, and great feta makes a big difference, I found tonight. Transfer arugula to a large mixing bowl then add remaining salad ingredients: sliced beets, feta cheese, toasted pecans and dried cranberries. I must try it though! it really delivers. LOVED. Also bless you for your opening comments re: protests, BLM. That’s just awesome!! Hi Janet, I bet this would still be tasty with your favorite Italian dressing , how about apple cider vinegar? I’m considering doubling the recipe and using one small head of red cabbage and one small head of napa cabbage. We eat it regularly. As I’ve increased my confidence in the kitchen, I’ve often created recipes by googling the main ingredients to quickly crowd-source ideas, then paired with my own knowledge to develop. I love reading your blogs and articles, I am a die-hard follower of your work. The one thing I would mention is that it tasted a bit bland because — operator error — I didn’t know how much black pepper or red pepper flakes to use, so I’m sure I used too little. and then find such raves over the green bean salad. So, in the interest of turning the page, here is a fresh, happy take on beets that might tide you over until the farmers’ markets get colorful again.We love beets. You can if you’d like but I don’t think its necessary. I loved this! It may be true and probably was a produce marketing ploy at one time, but it makes me feel better when I add it. I don’t understand where people see pictures of your daughter? I’m def. LOVED this (I know I shouted but it was that good. Have tried adding some small slices granny smith apple, and another time some chopped dried apricots along with the dates. Thanks! Fish Tacos Recipe with Best Fish Taco Sauce. Would be wonderful at Christmas! When cool enough to handle, break the peppers open over the beans and let the peppers’ juices run out. in the Tr-mp era; I can only imagine what mothers must feel, and how they have to teach their children that at any moment they might be handcuffed and shot. I’m thinking of adding chickpeas or tofu to make it a veg main. This looks fantastic – except the only radiccio we can get where we live is atrocious. Highly recommend this as a dinner plan. New here? Chop the mixture together and use the side of a knife or a mortar and pestle to make a grainy herb paste. Longtime reader and fan here. Thank you so much, Deb. Thanks! You’re so welcome, Yuliya! Unlock the lid. Do you think the mix would work? I accidentally bought too much red cabbage and was wondering what I was going to do with it…heading off to make this now. I made this yesterday for a potluck. Hi Rosana, beets go best with rich meats like pork, beef brisket, duck, and ham, as well as oilier fish like salmon or swordfish. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Three years ago: Granola-Crusted Nuts I had the last my leftovers at work today and this just got better every day. I only made 2/3 and have enough leftovers to feed us for many meals to come (family of 4). Can you use pickled beets in this recipe instead of fresh? In used Rancho Gordo’s white lima beans.