For the large stage, create a proscenium arch printed with a bold image of the product and the company name. Goal: Connect with a large audience. Do they prefer a standing mic to a podium? Aesthetics of stage design have to do with basic artistic principles, including line and shape, mass, texture, color, and composition or arrangement. What this means will vary on the size of the event. Use these principles to set the mood and direct audience attention. This is a great way to provide sponsor visibility or promote the corporate brand, both at the event and in photos. They can manage the dynamic tech, such as live audience polling, and curate social walls showing questions or comments tweeted from the audience. Best fashion show stage backdrops set design 59+ ideas. Once you hone in on what your client wants, develop 3D stage designs to share with them. 7. Beyond the stage location itself, the ceiling height of the event space will influence your design. In Social Tables’ event layout design tool, you can add drapes and customize the color to the exact shade they want. Add risers, if you are elevating a singer or presenter above stage level. Getting hyper-detailed in your stage design ensures the final ‘look’ meets your client specifications and avoids common stage snafus. Discuss with your client whether the CEO prefers speaking at a podium or moving around the stage. Event stage designs we love and our collection of inspiration. The stage should also support the event goal, with dramatic elements, branded event banners, or bold projections. Get all the support you want for your events because we know hospitality matters. If the venue features a chandelier over a stage where a singer will perform, use luxurious curtains as a backdrop and tall urns on either side to create visual interest and a sense of intimacy. The talent does not take up much room and will not be moving. If architectural furniture elements are in the budget, use them for small Q&As, or panel discussion where the guests are not seated at the standard long table. Branded backdrops and podiums are classic. It’s an easy fix, because the element is virtual and you haven’t rented the equipment yet. Use these principles to set the mood and direct audience attention. Staging Concepts’ concert stage designs start with the fans in mind. The projection structure measured…, Mirror Mirror, a recent commission by the Alexandria, Virginia's Office of the Arts, is a reflective semi-circular structure which hides a prismatic array of mirrors at its center. See more ideas about concert stage design, stage design, concert stage. 4. ), Tips Tuesday: The Secrets to Event Planning & Wedding Taglines That Work →, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CCPA Required). We developed part of the video mapping content for the Samsung S4 launch in Istanbul and Ankara for the Dream Box agency in Turkey. Other venues offer a bit more flexibility, letting you decide the best location for the event you are planning. For a business seminar relying on visuals, centering the view is more of a challenge. Keynote speaker: Some speakers like to stay in one spot, speaking from behind a podium. Professional performance platforms and equipment for concert stages need the strength to withstand the rigors of touring. 3D stage designs let you do virtual ‘walkthroughs.’ With this tool, you can put yourself in the shoes of audience members. By clicking 'Sign Up', you consent to allow Social Tables to store and process the personal information submitted above to provide you the content requested. The smaller, demonstration stage should have less flash so guests are comfortable. Concert Stage Design. The top benefits of 3D stage design software: To get started, you’ll create and name a new event. With a detailed digital representation, you can move elements around, spot obstructed views and trip hazards, and troubleshoot needs like a stage extension or simply having fewer people on the stage. Your staging needs to be resilient to survive for years to come and requires a simple design for fast production set-up and take-down. Hang the tiles in columns of three with piano wire using some large staples to fasten the wire to the sides of the tiles. Add obstructions, such as permanent columns and side-stage curtains. Corporate: At corporate events, take the opportunity to brand your stage. ‘Walk’ around or ‘fly’ over the space using your mouse to spot areas overcrowded with tech or spot audience sightline obstructions. Here are some of the most interesting, original stage designs for conferences, concerts, award shows, and more that we spotted in the past year. A small festival may prefer a minimalist stage with simple backlighting and spotlights. For big stages with a large audience, be careful using small elements sparsely—this can appear sloppy and haphazard. Or, echo architectural features on the stage, but use your 3D design to check for obstructed views. 6. CEO speech at a business conference. Audience size and concert location are the two most important factors in concert stage design. Branded inflatable signs can display your logo on a smooth white background during the day, and be lit from within by LED at night. #stagedesign #events #helloendless #eventplanning #stage. Understand what the stage will be used for, the venue in which it will be set up, and the size of the event to influence your stage design.