October 29, 2012. The door shelves let you conveniently position food stuff that you most frequently need and have them within easy reach. If you happen to leave the door open, the fridge will alert you with a beep to return and shut it tight. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator at Home Depot, Samsung 26.7 cu. With new cutting-edge features like grab-n-go storage, built-in water/ice dispensers and much more, you'll have a refrigerator that fits all your needs. One solid option for those with small kitchens is this model from Frigidaire, which is just 33” wide but still boasts an impressive 22 cubic foot capacity. Consequently, the heat exchange is maintained well and the cooling is effective during the entire service life. Handle any mess without stress, The Accu-Chill™ Temperature Management System measures the internal temperature using the sensors and activates the cooling only when necessary. With a generous 28 cu. Gallon Door Storage Bins - Three adjustable Gallon Door Storage Bins fit big items like milk jugs, juice cartons or a six-pack of soda -- and keep them within sipping range!, MSRP is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, which may differ from actual selling prices in your area. Most dispensers do far more than dispense water, too. Notably, this appliance also comes with an ice and water dispenser, as well as an ice maker. This model is available in Euro-Style Stainless (JS48SSDUDE) and Pro-Style Stainless (JS48PPDUDE) exterior design styles. Yet, before you have your fridge shipped home, make sure that you’ve got enough space for it. The Kenmore 51773 refrigerator is capacious, powerful, and very sleek-looking. Behind the left door is typically a freezer, and behind the right door is typically a fridge. Non-dispense layout, Gallon Door Storage Bins - Three adjustable Gallon Door Storage Bins fit big items like milk jugs, juice cartons or a six-pack of soda -- and keep them within sipping range!, Smart models like this one from LG can connect to your smartphone, giving you advanced features in terms of control and troubleshooting. Plus, the body of this fridge is lit up by bright LEDs for extra convenience. The body of the fridge has four shelves - some of them can be adjusted in height to accommodate taller items, and some can slide out so that you could easily reach items in the back. There’s also a built-in ice maker and dispenser on the right side. Rebekah Zaveloff Stay Cool About Picking the Right Refrigerator, Houzz. Douglas Trattner Refrigerator Buying Guide, HGTV. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator, Best High-End: The design of side-by-side fridges benefits most big families who need to keep plenty of food but don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen. However, that seems like a fair deal to someone who wants to save some space and rarely needs more ice than a few glasses' worth. Please visit the web site again or call 1-800-536-6247 The tech features continue with the various ways this fridge can be connected to the rest of your home. These large appliances have undergone a lot of improvements and upgradations over the years. Ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator. The temperature sensors provide proper temperature distribution in all compartments and this way considerably prolong the shelf life of your food. On the outside, you’ll find an in-door Dual Pad ice/water dispenser that can put fresh water and ice directly into your glass with no button fumbling. Thanks to the built-in fridge evaporator, the dust doesn't settle on its surface. That’s a quite rare yet handy feature found in side-by-side refrigerators. 3. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our The Kenmore 50043 is a reliable, low-priced fridge that definitely offers more than you’d expect. Fingerprint resistant stainless steel, The wide door shelves allow for convenient storage of gallon bottles of juice or milk. Now I can check the temperature in both the fridge and freezer automatically. The digital display shows the current and preset temperature in both compartments. Energy-Saving Vacation Mode, Welcome to our website! The capacity of the fridge is also quite important, especially for those families who love to cook and usually store plenty of food at home. The operation of an ice dispenser may seem rather noisy. Increases usable freezer capacity and makes it easy to remove and access ice. This spacious side-by-side refrigerator has an impressive body finish with Water Dispenser and Auto Defrost technology that prevents excess ice build up automatically. Door Alarm, Child Lock, Humidity-controlled Crisper Drawers, NeverClean Condenser, Limited 1-year warranty on entire appliance. 21 Cu. There is no charge for the help of this personal shopper for any American with a disability. Soft Freeze Bin The soft freeze bin is a specially designed zone that controls the way foods freeze, so foods like ice cream are soft enough to scoop.,