ShurePlus MOTIV mobile recording app offers recording, monitoring, and control with all Shure MOTIV Digital Microphones and recording solutions. Das digitale Großmembran-Kondensatormikrofon MOTIV MV51 kann an Mac- oder PC-Rechner, iOS- und Android-Geräte angeschlossen werden. Improved metering – visually, it’s far more fluid (i.e. Upgrade your podcast, vlog or voiceover recordings, and stand out from the competition. The headphone volume does not affect the signal level sent to the computer. Open the sound control panel and select the. Note: When the MV5 is assigned as the audio device, all monitoring and playback from the recording software goes to the headphone output of the MV5. The MV5 packs the clarity of almost a century of audio experience into a super-portable microphone. ShurePlus MOTIV mobile recording app offers recording, monitoring, and control with all Shure MOTIV Digital Microphones and recording solutions. Shure Wireless Sound Isolating Earphones block distractions with a comfortable, secure fit to keep music in your ears and puts rhythm in your routine. This device may not cause harmful interference. Engineered for easy use when you're on the go, the Shure MOTIV MV5 Digital condenser microphone delivers convenient, high-quality plug and play audio capture for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod and iPad. Das hört man, und zwar deutlich. We have also tested it on an android phone, and it is possible to connect it to a newer iPad with the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.You can check out full compatibility here on the Shure site. Check the computer sound control panel settings. Exceptional quality and sound trusted by musicians anywhere since 1925. One of these errors can occur even if your device has plenty of remaining storage. Apple MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) Certified for direct connection to any iOS device; no need for any additional adapters or connection kits, Three DSP Preset Modes (Vocals, Flat, Instrument), Automatically applies gain, EQ, compression and limiting for optimal results, Built-in headphone output for real-time monitoring, Custom-tuned microphone capsule provides excellent audio, Anodised aluminium desktop stand and integrated thread mount compatible with any standard 1/4-inch camera tripod thread, Low-profile, portable design measures only 7 cm/2.5 in. For live professional DJ mixing: 50 mm neodymium dynamic drivers tuned to deliver high-output bass with extended highs and ear cups that swivel 90°. Motiv and … Support. Best for acoustic instruments and live music applications. (2,434 KB), PDF Download I was able to record via Ferrite app too. Select a higher sample rate for music and more dynamic recordings. Digital audio interface connects a professional XLR microphone or 1/4" instrument output to a computer or mobile device. High-quality mobile audio just got easier with the MV88+ Video Kit. You get sound quality, squared. tall (14 cm/5.5 in. If your computer settings default to another device, open the sound control panel and select the MV5. ShurePlus™ MOTIV Video is a free iOS application enabling users to record with uncompressed audio for video. Does the Shure - MV5 support app? Aim the microphone directly at the sound source. Though you’ll be set up in seconds, it’s also easy to select vocals, flat or instrument modes so you’re good to go when inspiration strikes. How do I connect the Shure - MV5 to my MV5? (382 KB), Download PDF The last known version of the Skype mobile app which worked with Motiv was 6.16. Then adjust headphone level for comfortable monitoring. Designed to travel with your computer or phone, the MV5 rests on its own or connects via a standard 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) mount to the included desktop stand. (2,434 KB), ShurePlus MOTIV audio app for recording and onscreen control, 1 - AMV5-DS Desktop Stand, 1 - AMV-USB Micro-B-to-USB Cable (1 m.), 1 - AMV-LTG Micro-B-to-Lightning Cable (1 m.). Check the sound control panel of the computer to ensure that the MV5 is fully plugged in and recognized. Comes complete with a detachable desktop stand to easily integrate into any creative space. Note: Flat Mode is engaged when both mode LEDs are off. The MV5 has built-in headphone monitoring and includes a removable desktop stand, and USB and Lightning cables. Record crystal-clear audio with your iPhone & iPad via the MV88. Description. Für professionelle Aufnahmen und Streams zu Hause oder im Studio. FAQ. Digital USB microphone enhances audio quality of speech for video conferences made from a home office. Go beyond the built-in preset modes with limiter, compressor, and 5-band EQ controls. tvOS is a trademark of Apple Inc. For more information, please visit open_in_new. Use of the Made for Apple badge means that an accessory has been designed to connect specifically to the Apple product(s) identified in the badge and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.