If it's not broken, don't "fix" it!! takes forever to load and when it does I can't really see what I loaded cause it fades the item .right now its frozen.wish they would bring back the old one. My wife swears the store brand is better and I dont eat either one, but that's the only product I can remember coming across where the store brand costs twice as much as the name brand... ianimal - WTH is an Italian woman doing eating Ellio's and Shop Rite pizza? Been using the new app and it still sucks. I placed this week's order using the new on line order web-site. We have stepped up our rigorous protocols and remain vigilant about regular cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces as well as cleaning restrooms and public areas with a special focus on checkout stations and conveyor belts, credit card keypads and other surfaces regularly handled by customers. Drove across the parking lot and waited ANOTHER thirty minutes for my order to be loaded in the car. Anyone have current reviews of shoprite from home pickup or delivery from byram or washington. It messed up the evening:(. Love the service! So i do that and it repeatedly says that I haven’t entered all info- keeps knocking out the state and “home store”. On the new app if you notice they shut off the contact button. When they put it back it actually began to run. You can choose the coupons you want to use at ShopRite.com and save them onto your Price Plus club Card with ease. Hope that may help. Screw it; I will roll my own, but point is once I create a universal shopping list, I might as well start shopping at a few stores instead of just Shoprite. At 5:10l nothing.... so I called to see how much longer they would be. Bring back the old app already!! I have never used them so didn't bother clicking on anything new since I was having so many problems with just getting the order through. Just booted up the pc version. I am not to concerned on the produce or meat as we do csa from locals for that and I buy a whole beef once a year . The old version stopped working for me yesterday so I had to download the new one. It might cost a little more , but I haven't bought SR's pre-cooked dried chicken or quickly souring milk in years and don't miss them . Why? I went into the shoprite website and changed my password. MB, maybe there's increased demand because Shoprite has waived the online pickup shopping fee for the next few weeks if you spend $150 or more? On top of that the shopeite has a very high turnover rate I have heard it’s a horror show working there. Just not ready to cross that chasm. (Provide your mobile phone number in the Delivery Instructions field at checkout when placing delivery orders.) I had signed up for a 4:30-5 timeslot. Hopefully, next week's order will go more quickly being able to start using the "Past Orders" option again. It's dead by design and that's the problem. At least that has been my experience. But I end up saving money if I order on-line, so that is what I do now. I spoke to the Shop from home manager a little while ago. I never shop weekends. To comment on this topic, fill out the form below. With your safety in mind, we have suspended in-store events and product sampling programs. It is a great service if done correctly. Nothing on the old app. I had issues with the last updated app and stopped using it when ShopRite said there were issues and they weren't using it. At Shoprite, we bring you the lowest prices you can trust – always! On weekends the shelves are good from 9:00 to 12:00. Now when you clip digital coupons they don't go to bottom in one group. On the old website I was able to print my selected digital coupon list. They should of never taken down the other app. on my part. I’ve witnessed the owner going in and just being nasty. Why change something that was working, and just add some new features. My pc version "updated" itself and now is basically useless. I add items from the circular that will be going on sale on Sunday........does the the price change automatically to the sale price come Sunday? Think IF you can get to coupon page AND it recognizes you....... Not to mention TWO AND A HALF HOURS out of my Saturday. As of today app still sucks. I understand you have a business to run but this isn’t 1980. Because it's a WAD --- works-as-designed. I've been ordering from the Washington Shoprite for years and never had this happen. Be kind wont give you a dime or my money can’t wait till something opens on and really gives them a run for there money. They are twice as much money. If shoprite.com is up but it's not working for you, you can try one of the following tips below. Any tips on using the site welcomed. It was an A+ shopping day for me! Well, I had no idea that there is a digital coupon for one of my items and tried to use a paper manufacturer coupon but digital coupon was applied automatically and it had much less value than the paper one I had. I thirst for ordering beverages on-line; BKing is one thing ;-), but bring on the bottled water. We expressed our concerns to 1800shoprite and they really had nothing to offer for feedback or actions on there part. 30% off (6 days ago) Load Digital Coupons To Shoprite Card.