The Sennheiser e902 has to be the best sounding large diaphragm microphone I have used and heard in a long time. Despite being one of the top microphone manufacturers in the world…. But because they make SO MUCH awesome gear…. i wanna buy one, and im pretty sure either one will do, but i was curious if anyone knows of any differences. Most vocal mics are not designed withsub-bass frequenciesin mind and whilst they can produce clean results, much of the audio spectrum will be neglected. by JohnDavisNYC » Sun Sep 30, 2007 6:55 am, Post by joel hamilton » Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:29 am, Post I highly suggest you try this one out, as it is a secret that top recording engineers don’t often share. The attack and lows that this microphone captures are phenomenal. For music though, it’s used for ONE instrument in particular: kick drums. by cleantone » Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:03 am, Post Anyone who is anyone knows the name Sennheiser. And is frequently used as a “room mic” for speeches and conferences. One look at this microphone, and you can probably guess what it’s for…. If you've had it for 5 years then you have one of the originals... that blacker and shinier version you speak of is probably the E902. i think they sound the same... haven't done a side by side comparison, but i am just as happy when i hear the 602ii as when i heard the 602. i like to make music with music and stuff and things. ↳   5/03-2/05: Off-Topic / Off-Color / Off-the-Cuff, ↳   5/03-2/05: Musicians Wanted/Available, ↳   5/03-2/05: Producer/Engineer and Studio Job Listings. There’s still plenty of folks who say that this mic is amazing. is there any difference? In fact, the Sennheiser MK4 is actually the first large diaphragm condenser they’ve ever made. But I will say that I have reached for the Audix D6 lately over the 602 but as always it depends on the project. The e609 comes from Sennheiser’s original e600 line of instrument microphones, while the e906 comes from their updated e900 series. by lionaudio » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:12 pm, Post So you get what you pay for. These newer ones are a bit blacker and maybe shiny. they dont make the e602 any more, just the II. I only used the original one and loved it's deep and tight sound. (besides 100 bucks) has anyone A/B'ed them? the II is much lighter, and to me doesnt sound nearly as good as the original.. i have the original and it is the most amazing kick drum mic ever.. ever.. ever.. i have read good things about it though.. i am very biased when it comes to the e602 in that i don't think any kick mic can touch it. They seem very similar to me (though I really don't know much about mics), only the e902 seems more expensive which makes me think it's the more 'professional' one. While I probably wouldn’t put it in the same class as some other top studio vocal mics, for the price, it’s definitely worth a second look. So for today’s post, I’ll show you 9 of the most popular Sennheiser microphones currently on the market. And if you play music, either live or in the studio…. Few people would disagree that the Sennheiser e602 is as good as anything out there. - Bob Dylan. I have been talking about this mic since the day they came out. To conclude this list, I’d like to show you the most unique mic of them all…, With no previous equivalent in the e600 series, the e901 is an entirely new addition to the e900 series…. by C_R_J » Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:09 am, Post SK. Then they released a sort of second gen evolution series. Especially after years of using a beta52a. cant remember right now. Now most guys agree that there isn’t a HUGE difference between the e600 and e900 series…. While I personally wouldn’t choose it over some other more popular options…. Both very enjoyable! I ended up buying the e902 because I liked that the resonance peak was a bit higher, around 65Hz. either way, im pretty careful with my stuff. by joel hamilton » Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:33 am, Post Differences between Sennheiser e602 II & e902? More than any other mic, the e609 is undoubtedly the name most synonymous with guitar cabinet miking. Blog away! Lately I've been using an SM7, which is even less hyped. We'll also cover the not-so-good choices out there. Totally great. sennheiser e602 / e602 II Post by C_R_J » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:09 am is there any difference? I recently picked one up for around $150 used, along with it's family - e905 and e604 - also great microphones!. In fact, you’re unlikely to find a single pro studio on this planet that doesn’t have at least one MD421. It sounds a quite bit different then the 602...more 250-300Hz chopped out which is sometimes cool....and sometimes not. Chances are also good you’re missing out on stuff you haven’t heard of up til now. If there is one Sennheiser mic on this list that you MUST have no matter who you are, it’s this one. As it has been widely regarded as one of the top industry standards for many decades now. Topics I hope to cover are products such as instruments, software, hardware, and music that is just kick ass! i am bidding on one currently. Sennheiser E602 vs. E902 anyone know the difference between these mics? While it’s virtually unknown to the home studio crowd…. The main reason being…it sounds great on almost anything. Maybe more. At least I don't think I did. To start viewing messages, select the … The most popular mic in Sennheiser’s amazing e800 series of handheld vocal mics…, The Sennheiser e835 sits among the top industry standards for live performing…. And the best part is…it’s one of the few pro mics that’s still affordable on an average home studio budget. by Mane1234 » Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:24 am, Post The E 902 is intended primarily for use with a kick drum, although Sennheiser advertises it, like the E 602 as a "bass instrument" microphone. by Masks! by C_R_J » Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:09 pm, Post That's why I had to write about it!Cheers SK! Most likely based off the design of the Shure Beta 91A…, The e901 is “half-cardioid” condenser mic that mounts on a flat surface such as a wall, table, or stage….