What does it mean when it clicks and red light turns on. The freezer compartment works fine but the fridge part does not cool sufficiently. Yes. In the meantime, if you want to tackle the proper fix yourself, here are some YouTube videos which are helpful: At about 4:35 in the video above, the guy has a good hack for preventing the issue from ever happening again. Hi Tricia, you need to completely defrost fridge and change drain tubes, which is located behind the fridge. I have checked the milk and it was 15 degrees celcius. No ice behind the twin cooling cover. Can you give me some things to try? You said: Removed the back plastic sheet and found refrigerator compartment fan is working. Copyright© 1995-2020 Samsung. So not cooling the way it supposed to. Evaporator fan iced up. Hello. Hi, I have a Samsung RF26HFENDSR, the fridge portion says 3 degrees cel but it’s still warm inside . I have a Samsung French door Frig Model RF4287 HARS. It then just stopped cooling anything. How long does it take to cool down if has started working?? What about the freezer compartment, evaporator fan is working? I have a samsung refrigerator model number RF26HFENDSR. There are many possible causes when a Refrigerator is making noise. I decided to try blowing hot air into the air slots, to melt some of the ice enough so that it wouldn’t hit the fan anymore. then it needs unplug again. Refrigerator reached set temp of 36F without any issue. Also the middle drawer which is set for 1c is freezing the cans of pop at the back. Finally got rid of that helicopter landing in my kitchen! I attached the fan to 12V car battery and it worked. Multiple repairs but no fix! Any advice? Therefore, one can easily initiate a FORCED DEFROST mode by pressing FREEZER and LIGHTING or ENERGY SAVER and FRIDGE buttons at the same time for 8 seconds. I have no idea what other panel reset sequences are there, but I really suspect there must be a thermostat or temperature sensor are out of wack. Icemaker is frozen over, ice build up in the fridge on the back, water leaking into all of the veggie, and deli drawers, and temp is about 10-15 degrees higher (tested water that was in a pitcher) than the display. AS long as the fridge doesn’t have ice build-up, then it can be: 1. leak in the sealed system or compressor lost efficiency 2. The refrigerator is not properly levelled, If only one of the front wheels of the fridge is touching the ground. Any ideas what it might be or what I should check next? Did this about 2 months ago, I took it all apart, checked behind the twin cooling panel, and only found a clogged drain tube. The refrigerator fan is not working. But anyways, check start relay first and if its needed replace it. I changed those out and the fan will still not turn, what is the next step? Well, check if you have frost build up, behind back panel in the freezer. Seems like, but you need to confirm that by pulling fridge out and listen where its coming from. Sorry, I don’t have access to one w/o taking my refrigerator apart, but often, the back of the shaft and bearing are accessible in similar fans when you remove the sticker on the back. All rights reserved. Fan only works when you close the door. It probably increases energy usage a bit. Thawed it down and fan not getting power at plug. But, I am asuming it is the fan. Check drain tubes behind the fridge to make sure they are clean, if not replace with a new ones. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by changing the defrost temperature sensor (but its not guaranteed). Are you sure to remove this product? Make sure all the seals are clean and undamaged on your fridge doors. I turned on and let sit and opened fridge a little later and it was working. Should the fan be replaced? Ideas? Do not remove panel if its iced behind. Can you please help me? Then I ran diagnostics and it says nothing is wrong everything is working on the Family Hub. Any other suggestions?? But after a while, it will show -2 again even though the actual temperature is much warmer. Your Ninja Blender is Not working? That’s mean you have an issue with condensation which accumulates behind that panel and eventually becoming ice. The fridge is 10 deg higher than the temperature reads when I press the control panel. Any other suggestions? Fan turns on, when I reset it doesn’t work either. ect. Still icing up the coils. He was certain this was the problem. I have a samsung fridge model number RF30HBEDBSR. When this fan is stopped, air will not circulate inside the fridge and the temp will go up. I have a Samsung refrigerator model RF28 and just a few days ago it stoped cooling.