I could take or leave a regular RKT…these, I am hiding from myself until I can share…. THANK YOU! and perfect for halloween, since doubling the amount of butter is certainly a bit scary ;). I’ve made it with a bag of Trader Joe’s marshmallows because they’re gelatin free. ;). Hooray for doubling the butter! Many thanks for including the picture of the monkey…my heart needed that. I made these as written the first time. About to make these for the second (Friendsgiving) and third (for work) time. they’re super easy to make & the taste is out of this world. I had to throw the whole batch out…gross. Three years ago: Stewed Lentils and Tomatoes. I would use big, standard marshmallows if you can — the less surface area covered with dusty stabilizers, the gooey-er they’ll be. Came out great with these brands, just in case people are looking for gf options. So these might be better for tastes who have not been “recently” desensitized by the traditional and/or commercial recipe. Growing up, we made Scotcheroos, not the marshmallow treats. Instead of just a melted butter and marshmallow mixture, they’re based with a melted creamy caramel + marshmallow and studded with pieces of fluffy marshmallow throughout. You had me sold on Brown Butter. …and ‘lil munk’ is as adorable as always! This version of Rice Krispies sounded so yummy that I made RK for the very first time – with a twist. Worked like a charm and doesn’t stick :). My son was a pumpkin on his first Halloween. Any special reason for doubling the butter? I’ve always used a whole stick of butter in my Rice Krispy Treats. They were completely delicious. I half expected food porn to follow the fresco of Calvary, etc. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. My mom’s mac and cheese was my favourite, but of course she never had written out the recipe. Anyway, thanks for bringing these into my life. I added a handful of Godiva chocolate chips just before I poured them in the pan to set. Here we are at January 5th, and in my quest to discover an afterschool snack to satisfy both the 18 yr old and the kindergartener, I have instead discovered the years first resolution buster. My one sanctified addition, however, is so good that I can’t make ‘treats without it now: toffee bits. This qualifies as a record. If you have the right size pan and the right size rolling pin, rolling it compresses it nicely. I don’t even like rice krispies, but I have a third grader for a husband who looooooves them like peanut butter loves jelly. I am dying to try this brown butter version. Also, what do you consider your very best crispy treat recipe? Anyways- I have to say- these are THE BEST I have ever tried and/or made (even better than my own wedding ‘cake’). The overwhelming response I received encouraged me to make another batch for my family and me to enjoy. And I think she’d love your improvements, by the way. Half the recipe in a loaf pan to eat as crispy treats, the other half in the 8X8 for the PB Crispies. looks delish. We have loved them! These are divine! Just that once they cooled, they weren’t as gooey as my first attempt. Made these yesterday, and they were a big hit. Turned out fab and kids loved it too! Thank you for such a great version of this fun recipe! I’m definitely using this recipe (you sold me with quick and easy)! The treats look great but that look monkey looks utterly delicious! I did not brown the butter for the colored marshmallows. Every picture you post of him is adorable, but no lie– this one actually made me gasp. Can I say it again? Love that little bit of saltiness that comes through…. I literally did make new friends. Lastly, I froze them after cutting, and they defrosted beautifully, tasting as good as they day I made them. We LOVE this recipe! make your treats then bake them. Because I needed more ways to enjoy butter. Whoa. If you’re using salted butter, you can skip the added salt, or just add a pinch for texture. Thanks for the wonderful recipe! I didn’t even need to use all of my butter in an attempt to get it right! These are so fantastic! Best. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better! Based on a suggestion I saw somewhere online, I subbed 1 T white miso for the salt. Thanks! These were so good! The sweet should cut the salty…. It’s a great recipe that leaves the door wide open for additional interpretation…I’ve added creamy peanut butter, for instance, or different flavors of marshmallows. These were wonderful and easy! Thanks. quick! Deb, I just made these. I was directed to this recipe from another blog and just finished making them. This recipe is like the rice krispy treat equivalent of refrigerating your cookie dough for a day before baking it. YOU CAN AND IT’S WORTH IT! The extra butter does not affect the texture, just makes it more delicious. He is adorable, Deb. (mmm.). I don’t know how you do it! I drizzled a little caramel sauce on top-I have a friend who makes two pans of treats, stacks them on top of each other with caramel in the middle. (I blog too, but on auto manufacturing and climate policy. If you don’t have a TJs, maybe a local health food store might have vegan marshmallows? Didn’t seem to hurt! Thanks! dead from the cuteness…. No, not more difficult, in my opinion, just use a big pot. Sweet, salty, crunchy, gooey. It has to have been at least a year ago but this has become my single most favorite treat recipe, ever! Can I use plain unsweetened puffed rice or should I stick with the breakfast cereal type of sweetened puffed rice? It really is a good combination of savory and sweet. But these are awesome! They turned out great! They were so delicious and I couldn’t stop snacking on them! Oh. What a sweetheart. I cannot endorse these enough. (Seemed to me that’s a more reliable way to get the salt evenly distributed.). I can’t believe I’ve never commented – this is our go-to last minute dessert, and is always a huge hit. People were lined up to get a piece. Next post: moroccan-spiced spaghetti squash. I do. In true Smitten Kitchen footsteps I have followed, as after fretting what to bring to a friend’s Halloween party this past weekend, I threw in the towel and picked UP a large box of the cereal. And thank you for the history too, I didn’t know about Mildred Day or the Camp Fire Girls, but the feelgood factor makes the treats even tastier. I found rainbow-colored mini marshmallows!! They were fine right after I made them, but as time went on they got harder and harder. Are there any updates to this recipe since it was originally posted, or should I follow it as is? Yum yum! Anyway keep on doing what you do and I will try to get my hands on your cookbook :-). I must make those rice krispie treats! I whipped them together this morning in about 10 minutes, and everyone in my office is delighted! What a sweetheart!! Always a hit. Thanks so much. Dipping in chocolate? I LOVE your site! Since she died I’ve tried many recipes and always been disappointed. And I know what you’re thinking: “Gosh, Deb, I really wish you could have told me about these sooner, as I needed something to bring to a last-minute party on Saturday. Love the gooey marshmallow in the 3rd photo. They are unimaginably gooey and wonderful and the flaky sea salt on top just takes them to a whole new level. Can’t wait for him to get home and have these for his after-school snack. rice crispy treats and that they can’t stop eating them. I’m one of those people that picks cookie dough recipes because they need to be hand mixed and such. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe and your little monkey with us! I made them as a treat for my grandchildren. Finally, Deb’s recipe says “as soon as the butter takes on a nutty color, turn off the heat.” I don’t think “as soon as” is brown enough. The windy city is certainly smitten! Thanks for all the great ideas – so inspirational. I put them back on the heat and the finally softened into shapeless lumps which I mixed with the krispies. These look wonderful. An excess of squash? My boyfriend and I don’t eat gelatin, so the marshmallows are a no-go in our kitchen. I’ve loved every one I’ve tried (probably about 65% of them)!! Delish! I want to try these! I made a tray to send to my niece and nephew but I’ll be needing to make another for my house asap!! The stuff adds an amazing level of flavor. Thanks for the recipe. ): the cereal to marshmallow ratio was unfeasibly high, more than double that of the original recipe and — small detail — marshmallows don’t caramelize very well, and should you succeed in getting them to, they don’t cool back down to anything gooey or soft. My office just devoured an entire pan!! box of cereal. Yes, that was the difference. Any idea on how long/well these might keep after making? The inspiration..I pulled a chunk out of the puppy’s (Boli) mouth during our halloween walk through Harlem. Husband and I just moved into a new house and I decided to make them for our new neighbors (along with a few other treats), but I wanted to do something just a tad different. Butter is sold by weight but I usually add cups and spoons too. Breanna — Glad they’re a hit. We give these babies thumbs way up. :) ‘Specially that one. The problem is, now I don’t want to give any away! What a travesty.