On the night of the first performance, Hubert asked Rose to dine in his rooms. My gorge at length rose within me. And she is the rose for me. sentence; 1: I pricked my finger on a rose tree. He rose and pocketed it. The other rose up instantly. Example sentences with the word arose. Apafi rose from his seat. : His spirits rose, and he felt that life was just beginning for him. On Sunday he had taken Rose out to dinner. The composition is punctuated by dramatic rocks, pine, bamboo and flowering prunus, plantain, And there's a lot of good drinks as well, fruit juices and lassi, the yogurt drinks mixed with fruit, and sometimes with, He was born in Switzerland in 1779, served as a staff officer in Napoleon's armies, and later, A similar result was recorded in Tasmania, where the jobless rate, Early in the nineteenth century, the number of tailors, furriers, jewellers and haberdashers, A double bed in the centre of the wall in front of me was scattered with different coloured, The valley of Taif in Western Saudi Arabia near Jeddah is famous the world over for its, I wore the blue scarf, which is actually more of a shawl or a sash, around my waist and the blue, At the same time, as the arrest rate for juvenile delinquency and crime, Consumption of products such as soy milk also, In a small picnic basket collect a tablecloth, a vase with a realistic, As old oceanic crust was consumed in the trenches, new magma, The shrine is revered as the place where Jesus was crucified, buried and, They aligned their buildings with celestial movements, marking where the sun, With your bloodshot eyes and pale yellow skin, you look like you've just, Riverside homeowners were keeping one eye firmly on the clouds today as river levels, Deeply fragrant, it usually contains cardamom, coriander, allspice, cayenne, ginger, cloves and nutmeg, and invariably, dried, Home prices in Shanghai are more than twice the national average, and, A York man barricaded himself in his tea shop for three days as the River Ouse, In the distance now they could hear the sounds of many more men shouting, a ragged chorus that, I asked him about his famously resplendent Afghan hound photographed in a designer corset-collar and white silk, While overall world oil demand was essentially flat in 1993, demand in the Western Pacific, Despite increases in Canada's planted corn area, US corn sales, A sharp stab of hunger gnawed at Vincent's gut as he trudged along the dunes of sand that, Stretching out her sore and knotted muscles, she slowly, They would let whole milk stand for several hours until the lighter cream, You can avoid caffeine by choosing green teas such as Chinese Gunpowder, and herbal teas with, In addition, as she noticed these things, an agonized cry, Running now at her full speed, she dashed to the edge of the lake, where a large bolder, As the music stopped, then abruptly changed to the familiar wedding march, the entire packed sanctuary, The hole was about eighteen feet across and lay just over the rim of a low hill that, The sides were level five minutes later when Brian Kaye, Her feet touched bottom and she stood up slowly, revelling in the water flowing from her as she, The team used hand tools to tamp the aggregate into the mortar as the structure slowly, Unlike it's haughty cousin, the hybrid tea, This implies that throughout the development of each mire, base level, The super-cute shop is always inviting, with the lovely smell of roses filling the air and, The bouquet itself was a nosegay of violets with a pink, Despite continuing lax enforcement, concern, According to the model, barometric pressure in the lowest stratum, Hamilton also had one of the first radio receivers in South Taranaki, with a high aerial that, He became well known for his natty dress sense and the. 3. For a quarter of an hour they wheeled and circled, As the knell died away, a black flag slowly, The lands were held before the Norman invasion by Edwin, earl of Mercia, who seems to have retained them until 1068 when he, Following two months of flat sales, retail spending, For the first time in the last seven days, the sun, It is believed that Jesus was crucified, buried and, This was like a red rag to a bull for the IMF, which, His brother Richard's cremated remains are in the same garden, under a white rambling, You will be amazed at the beauty and crispness of this hand carved wood floral, Her ministerial appointments amounted to only eight women, only one of whom, For the first time last year, unemployment, He opened his mouth to announce that he was going to be sick, but the vomit. The rose be in her hair! See rosy. They rose in silence. Phil rose and looked at him. 2. His reason, at one and the same time riper and more troubled than of yore. 3. Examples of the rose in a sentence: 1. All of the colors swirled together, scarlet, crimson, vermilion, gold, violet, and, Cartons of bottled water for rescue workers, The total of Montreal-area landlord repossessions, Utilizing beneficials has proven to be the overall most effective way to eliminate insect and mite problems in my. : And there's a lot of good drinks as well, fruit juices and lassi, the yogurt drinks mixed with fruit, and sometimes with rose water. He believed that Rose had not only talent, but genius. Examples of rose in a sentence: 1. : The tension in the van rose quickly as they approached the main street of the village. But Rose could not give him the sympathy he wanted; and to be alone was almost a relief. His infancy rose up before him. 3. Examples of rose in in a sentence: 1. Examples of rose up in a sentence: 1. Using the same water as that of the first two bowls, add some perfume drops, At the sound of the door squeaking slowly open, both of us, Every woman made her web and bleached it herself, and the price never, Barely a regular structure, road or building broke the contours of the mountainsides, whose ragged, stony slopes, They formed local councils, headed judicial proceedings, tilled the land, and, Between 1999 and 2008, the number of severely intoxicated young women who wound up in E.R.s, A month ago, the Bea thought health-care spending, And he was there in Beirut when the explosive cloud, In 2002 and the years 2006-10, the percentage of children born to cohabiting parents, There was much talk of shady dells with dappled sunlight, satin sheets and, And as a byproduct of the continuing resurgence of housing, sales of high-margin pickup trucks and SUVs also, And how investor confidence would fall drastically each time Rousseff, The room was built of rose-coloured marble excepting the floor, which was tessellated in, Tessie sat by the window, but as I came in she, During the season when the advertising was on air, sales, Erythronium dens-canis is the true dog's tooth violet, the name comes from the shape of the corm, and has, Juniper whiled many a day away in her sitting room, speaking to none, playing absently with the pale, And they were quick to defend the noble white rose yesterday, especially after it was revealed voters had chosen to leave rival Lancastrians with their red, Her Really Red Velvet Cake is as red as a climbing, Seen from space a sunrise takes on a glory all of its own, the dark shield burning like a crescent of fire-gold as the sun, The hunt for treasure will include a visit to the old, The building takes its name from the late Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Fieldhouse of Gosport, the hugely popular submariner who, After the revolution the social prestige of the working class, He was a constant agitator against the Communist government that, Ms Gold started in her father's business as a junior at the age of 21 and, She says it is reassuring to learn that the, After working as a welder he attended university, and, And I do wonder why she had to find her inspiration in the, Recent data showed industrial output in the US, While thus fettered I was seized and flung down by a heavy sea which retreating suddenly left me lying naked on the sharp shingle from which I, As usual, she looked stunning in a sleeveless red sheath dress, her honey blonde hair held in place by a. Quartz is colourless when pure but minute amounts of impurities or lattice imperfections give rise to varieties such as amethyst, cairngorm, They laughed at his jokes, hissed at his political opponents and, Conjunctivitis can be treated by mixing one drop of chamomile oil with a teaspoon of witch hazel, and blending this solution with 30 ml of, As the two women charged down the pool on the second lap with Quann clearly in the lead, the crowd, Directly across the car from me, next to an old woman with a gaudy cabbage, Only one in twenty had seen a full episode of The Bachelor or The bachelorette, another had tuned in for a, Lord Hawke, in the early days of his captaincy, designed the white, But presently the gray dawn stole over the world, the birds piped up, then the sun, He created a rose with eleven petals, to represent the eleven players of the team, based on the hedge, In the 16th century, with presses spreading further afield, their output.