Only a 5-minute prep time and an hour of baking stand between you and this delicious dinner that's loaded with tomatoes, garlic, cream, Parmesan, ricotta cheese, and pasta! Say, prep the sauce in 5 mins, cook pasta in 10, and make the ricotta mixture while the pasta is boiling away. And let the oven do the rest of the job for you, sounds good? However, there are ricotta cheeses which are aged such as ricotta salata (salted ricotta), ricotta affumicata (smoked ricotta) and ricotta infornata (baked ricotta). This Ricotta Pasta Bake is an easy vegetarian recipe made in just one pan. This ricotta and spinach pasta bake recipe is a strong favourite in our house and feels like a warm hug. … … If you love pasta, you'll love this baked spaghetti casserole made with ricotta and cream cheese. Just click the recipe name to find out more about each dish! The only work involves preparing the tomato sauce and cheese mixture. Here’s the shortcut: Pasta Sauce. This easy recipe has a ground beef tomato sauce and layers of creamy, cheesy goodness. These 12 Italian pasta with ricotta recipes all call for fresh ricotta! It’s pretty easy to make, you don’t even need to cook the pasta beforehand. Meatless Italian pasta with ricotta … Once that’s done, just layer it up and bake!