One of them is the paradox of saturation. However, in order to achieve a sustainable future in which humans assume a more natural role and have less of an impact it is imperative that we reconsider our role and relationship with nature. Nevertheless, she balanced it and a great camaraderie shared with Amit Sadh, who plays her on-screen husband. A story of gods, nymphs, ancient Indian mythology, spells and love, the romantic comedy Shakuntala by Kalidasa is a timeless classic. For millions of years the results of man's influence on nature were relatively insignificant. It is also an allegory of the relationship between the worshiper and the sacred. Here the rasa is composed of various forms of eroticism and love. It was the day for Shakuntala to leave for the capital city. Dressed in beautiful silk attire, Shakuntala left the ashram along with her foster father. His mother, Shakuntala was born out of a sexual relationship between sage Viswamitra and the celestial nymph, Menaka, and Bharata was born out of a secret and rather unconventional marriage between Shakuntala and Dushyanta. The third is utilitarian, where nature is a storehouse of resources, requiring expert management. And the fourth is ecological, where nature is the … However, there are some sequences, where I expected more from Sanya. The biosphere loyally served man as a source of the means of subsistence and a reservoir for the products of his life activity. Unforeseen paradoxes have arisen in the man-nature relationship. Similar plots are still being used in plays, TV shows and movies today, over two thousand years later; man falls in love with girl, something happens that doesnt allow them to be together, another event happens that allows them to be together with a happy ending. The birth of Bharata or Shakuntala was not an isolated incident. The love-hate relationship between two similar nature people is a delight. He feels that nature feeds the soul and we need all the aspects of nature just as much as the Earth does. This cognitive capacity of ours has historically been the cause of a perceived division between man and nature. In his highly acclaimed play entitled "Shakuntala and the Ring of Remembrance," Kalidasa, the great Sanskrit dramatist of the Gupta period, transformed Shakuntala into a shy, submissive girl who becomes a symbol of love in separation. Vidya Balan playing Shakuntala Devi has been a perfect choice from the first go. Thoreau, the relationship between nature and humankind is imperative. Attracted to the sheer beauty of the river, Shakuntala … Shakuntala Rao's 23 research works with 351 citations and 2,986 reads, including: Political communication and mobilization: The Hindi media in India The love-hate relationship between two similar nature people is a delight. On the way to the kingdom, Shakuntala and her entourage had to cross a river by a canoe. Ecofeminism refers to a branch of feminism that sees the relationship between women and the environment fundamentally entwined through their oppression. However, there are some sequences, where I expected more from Sanya. As a part of radical ecology, ecofeminism advocates against the patriarchal ideology that dominates and exploits both women and nature. Each play is also expected to convey a certain set of emotions and attitudes called a rasa. It means what kind of job it will be what the environment will be and possible skills needed for said job. The respect between a man and nature is also a key concept in this book.