Plug the refrigerator back into the wall. Reference your photo and possibly your notation tape to make sure each wire is connected to the new thermostat exactly the same way they were connected to the previous thermostat. How to Fix a Dishwasher Door That Won't Close, How to Fix a Maytag Neptune Dryer Ignition, How to Get the Cover Off of a Refrigerator Relay Switch, How to Remove the Back Panel on a Kenmore Elite Washing Machine, Appliance Journal: Repairing and Replacing Your Refrigerator Thermostat, Parts Select: How to Replace a Defrost Thermostat, How to Remove an Ice Maker From a Kenmore 106, How to Replace the Door Switch on a Kenmore Elite King-Size Capacity Dryer, How to Open a Refrigerator Evaporator Cover, How to Install & Adjust a Refrigerator Thermostat. Fridge is a side by side. Carefully pull back the brackets to release the two connected pieces. Details about 5304513033 Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat Replacement Part. The first thing you should do before undertaking this work is to turn … You can now disconnect the wires from your control thermostat. And perhaps more importantly, what temperature should your fridge and freezer be set to? Locate the thermostat using the owner's manual for your refrigerator. Operated more consistently however not completely reliable. So I ordered from partselect and installed it and it fixed the problem. My freezer would freeze up and not allow cold air to refrigerator side. Operation now normal. Just need to be sure to get the new assembly in the same way the old one came out -- including placement of the freezer sensor control (separate part from the assembly). This is an electrical repair so once your perishable food is secure, pull the plug on your fridge. Print & Catalog Icons. Privacy, Fine I had to defrost the ice off of the back wall of the freezer with a blowdryer. Place a fridge-safe thermometer into the refrigerator near the temperature control panel. Prepare to Replace Thermostat. Adjust the temperature dial within the fridge to test the operation of the new thermostat. Something went wrong. Unless, of course, you need to reset the temperature control thermostat. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Alternately, you can flip the breaker that powers the fridge to cut the power if you can’t easily reach the plug. It immediately started up and ran fine. Carefully remove each screw and catch the housing as it drops when you remove the last screw. Plug your refrigerator back into the wall or flip the breaker switch back on to restore power. Make sure you seal the ends of the wire crimps so moisture doesn't get in and corrode the connection. Enter your model number or a part number and click "Search". There's a problem loading this menu right now. You can find the right part by looking up the manual for the make and model of your refrigerator and it’s a list of replacement part numbers. You can replace a fridge thermostat in a few minutes with some basic hand tools, and the cost is minimal when compared to a service call to a technician or a new refrigerator. Now remove the sensing tube by opening it’s brackets and pulling it out or catching it. Total time - about 8 minutes. I ordered a new one from Running but not cooling off and frost in the back of the freezer. For more repair guides or to schedule help from a professional technician, contact us today! 5304513033 Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat Replacement Part. Carefully pull the thermostat out of its bracket or catch the thermostat as it falls, depending on how loosely it is held. This is a fairly simple repair, one that anyone can do with nimble fingers and a screwdriver. Take a phone photo as a visual reference and consider using small pieces of numbered or color-coded tape to remember where each wire goes. Fridge got warm and freezer coils were frosted. Very easy. Most people might have an idea of the setting on the dial (typically somewhere between one and seven), but what does that really mean? Used a blow dryer to defrost the pipes and area surrounding the thermostat. How to Know When the Thermostat Is Broken in a Fridge or Freezer. At most, you wipe it down and maybe even clean the condenser coils from time to time, but the fridge hardly changes. Swapped out the old damper control for the new. Now hand-twist the first two screws to hold the housing in place before securing the entire lot with your screwdriver. After replacing the defrost heater, main board and thermistor I still had the same problem. Suggested site content and search history menu. Ice would begin to melt. Your done! To access the thermostat and begin the replacement process, first unplug the fridge or turn off power to the fridge from the fuse box.