Keep it up. This song is fabulous example of the use of Kedar in a romantic setting with Joy Mukherjee and Sadhna on screen. Twelve years later when he set the lyrics of Rajinder Kishan to Raga Kedar for the film Jahanara, the result was this gem from Rafi who sang Kisi ki yaad mein duniya ko hai bhulaye now when you listen to Ustad Rashid Khan sing you don’t need to be told that it is Raga Kedar the so very talented Kaushiki Chakraborty sings Raga Kedar in this beautiful clip. would love to know your favorite film song based on Raga Kedar. All compositions and artiste's improvisations that we … This page gives the details of Raag Kedar like its Aaroh-Avroh, Jati, Thaat, Vadi, Samvadi, Time, Vishranti Sthan, Mukhya Ang and description. RD had used shades of Kedar in a song two years back for the film Ghar (1978). But I will pick Aap Yunhi Agar as the better composition any day. Kedar lends itself to many genres such as Khayal, Thumri, Dhrupad and even Qawwali as the composer RD Burman demonstrated in the film The Burning Train (1980). Thanks for your efforts. Unknown May 15, 2016 at 9:42 PM. The film is Guddi - Jaya's debut film in Hindi. Rajeev ONV. Its vadi(most important note) is ma, and samvadi(second most important note) is Sa. to 1971, a young Jaya Bhaduri in skirts is late for school. If you think that Kedar is primarily used to express Bhakti Rasa (the emotion of devotion) then you have to listen to this song from Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962) composed by OP Nayyar and sung by Mohd Rafi and Asha Replies. The school assembly is in progress and she tries to sneak in and blend with the other children hoping to avoid the attention of a strict teacher. Thank you so much. But this song by Lata is a lovely example of Raga Kedar if you wanted to get the notes embedded in your senses. Persian literature refers to seven stages of love that begins with attraction (dilqashi or hub); infatuation (uns); love (mohabbat) is the third stage; the fourth stage is one of reverence (aquidat); reverence gives way to worship (ibaadat) and evolves to the sixth stage of an obsession (junoon); death (maut) is the seventh and final stage of love. Leave your answer in the comments.--------Join me on Twitter @AbhijitBhaduriTen terrific Raga based songs of RD Burman The Charm of Raga Ramkali Use the Samay Chakra to know when a Raga sounds at its melodious best. This Video About Raag Kedar A Lyrics with swaralipi Indian Classical Sangeet So Watch This Video .You Can Learn 100% Perfect Like Professionally Work.It Course are Free ,and Subscribe my … Replies. Reply. Raga: Kedar - alap Songtext von Shivkumar Sharma mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf But I could not think of another example of a qawwali in Bollywood that is set to Raga Kedar. Additionally there several hybrids and variations such as Basanti Kedar (a Jaipur-Atrauli staple), Kedar Bahar, Deepak Kedar This raga belongs to the Kalyan thaat. This song was written by Gulzar and set to music by Vasant Desai. 10 comments: RAJEEV June 16, 2011 at 3:45 AM. Aathavanitli Gani- dedicated to Marathi songs music poetry and literature. The director Hrishikesh Mukherjee wanted to use a Rabindra Sangeet but at the insistence of Vasant Desai, he reluctantly sat down to listen to Vani Jairam. Raga can be defined as a combination of few musical notes and is the most fundamental concept in Carnatic music. This raga is best performed between eight and ten in the evening when listening to it is truly magical.In Bollywood, several of the great music composers have used Raga Kedar to depict a wide range of emotions of worship as well as shades of love. Check out the song CID 909 - Jaane tamanna kya kar dala. The traditionally acknowledged Kedar prakars are: Shuddha Kedar, Maluha Kedar and Jaladhar Kedar. Raag Description: It is generally accepted that there is much thermal energy in this melody and hence it is regarded as the Raagini of Raag Deepak. It is traditionally performed from late evening to midnight. Sung by Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey and Sudha Malhotra, this song was written by Gopal Singh Nepali (and not by Surdas as mentioned in the film Slumdog Millionaire) and set to music by Ravi (Ravi Shankar Sharma).