Combining Supermen into 1 is not allowed so we will go with the infamous Pre-Crisis. ^_^. Round two depends on how fast Goku is, but since that's still super vague, I'd say Superman with the phasing should win. This means that the blast, which was a pan-dimensional breach, by the way, should be Multi-Megaverse Level+ as well. He already has the power to call on a meteorite which might be light years away from the earth. ABC Logic is also acceptable (if you don't know what that is it is Character A beats C so therefore he can also beat B) An example of ABC logic is Goku -> Gohan -> Perfect Cell. This evens out to around 112.4 undecillion times universal, (112,410,144,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). "But these are all travel speed feats and not combat ones" you might say, well to that i say it is irrelevant because Superman utilizes his travel speed in combat as was shown multiple times through out his comic book career. No. That shows an exponential scaling. Ability to take non-phyiscal punishment: he takes planet busting attacks from every villain he fights. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. SSJ3 is x 4 times it makes it 4000 times faster than light. This fact that Starbreaker was capable of being distracted at the time shows that he is operating at normal levels of power, when he is Galaxy Cluster Level, and not at higher levels, when he is Universe Level. (Yield: at least 9.57401879E57 J+, at least Galaxy Cluster Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War). goku's IT skill is infinite times faster than light. People that actually are American and live here can't write that coherently lol. Superman tanks a blast coming from Soulfire Darkseid and the Source's confrontation. This information safely places the Time Trapper at Universe Level+. The movies don't count either so do NOT mention Broly busting a galaxy. Then in the tournament of power goku only needed ssg which is 50x–500x weaker than ssg to beat dyspo who was giving hit trouble. Superman survives a portion of the Source Wall exploding, an event caused by the Source itself to keep the others from interfering with its fusion with the Anti-Life Entity. In this same battle, Superman described the reality warping involved as affecting reality “to the Bleed”, clearly stating how potent the reality warping was. (Omniverse Level | Post-Our Worlds At War). Even Vegeta states he was stronger than Gohan when he was fighting Cell. Base Human power level is 5. I'd give it to Goku again. This topic is locked from further discussion. LOLOLOLOL! So lets round that off to about 10x to account for zenkai boosts for the battle of gods arc. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War),,, 11. Power: Superman since he can tow 13 planets at one time Effortlessly, 2. Superman's heat vision > Black holes., Superman's heat vision is Supernova level, it's basically a full on Supernova with a very small area of effect. 180 Is a dead moon. Superman blitzed multiple Superheros including Karate Kid who has a speed feat putting him at trillions xFTL., 18. As the complete Source was Omniverse Level for being the aspect of the Presence that is the “source” of everything in DC Comics, the incomplete Source and Anti-Life Entity should be Multi-Megaverse Level+.