Thank you in advance. They were never able to show me any signature, etc. Make a complaint with them they may get the tower to pay back your fees. I knew my sticker was in the window (back) I the left corner and when it fells off normally is the same side next to the speaker. I borrowed the money from a friend, went to the impound yard, and got my car back within one hour. Why didn’t the towing company notify him before 2 months went by. So we had to catch 3 buses to get to thiis place to get our van and my husband told to me catch a cab to get to the place to get the car. Call your politicians and ask that these crazy laws be changed ! The apartment complex should have a copy of the parking violation describing your car with pictures separately from your car being towed and that violation report should be on file in the apartment complex office and/or with security services. I live in apartment and were I live there’s always no parking spot.I parked my car behind the other car on the owner’s parking stall but my car got towed.I dont if it’s illegal to park behind someone’s car even if I permission from the owner.please need help. Since my car was still in the parking and I was there, I was requesting the release. had both covered parking with #’s and open parking. Not all assigned spaces are marked properly and I agree that they should be. we had disagreement i called police driver took off. This is so they’ll know where your car was taken if you call to report it stolen. But his behavior definitely does not make sense from what you said. When I returned I went to management to talk to them. My apartment complex always changes towing companies and they are always changing the towing policy . What are the states that if you showed and you the owner of the car they have to release it? Next, do your research. That’s a fact. We don’t have money or we would not be living here. my # 818 844 7854. i don’t know what to do. What can I do to get my money back management sends me back to the towing company and its always back and fourth. I’ve lived in the same apartment for 12 years and never had a problem. I came back early because I needed my car for work the following Monday. That is suppose to be, I can feel your pain. I had to pay 400$ to get my car back. 2 months later sounds way too long. The towing company quoted her $293 to release her vehicle! Someone has to call them. City traffic police who started towing vehicles parked illegally since March 2019, have resumed vehicle towing after a break since March 2020, due to lockdown/pandemic.. Please advise Further, towing companies must accept credit card payments and not restrict payments to cash only. However, there are three situations where police can impound a vehicle: Car was Involved in a Crime: If the car was involved in a crime, police can justify impounding it. Just got taken by a towing company. As well with ne having Lupus and RA I had to push my car out on my own and no way to drive it back they said next door sells batterys which the own to but sold me a dead battery which if I would of left my car there in the parking lot with there theft they would put my car back inside the tow yard and I would of had to pay another towing fee of 163. But I had an authorized permit on display and they could have contacted me and notified that. The actual resident who was renting this spot, (not the apt. Permission to leave it there indefinitely should have been obtained in writing for just this situation. since the lease holder didn’t call me about the tow until after 1 pm. On camera you see the cop go to the door (but doesn't ring the doorbell). And when you’re pretty sure it was an illegal tow, it can be infuriating. I spoke to them as well and they told me they had nothing to do with it. The thing is I was at a restaurant/bar and they’re open till 2. This was after speaking to tow yard and automotive to get cost to pickup. So please tell me if tow truckers can just take a car legally parked at apt managers request without any prior warning . Came back and found my car gone. This just happened to me. Is this one of the ways to show how childish a person is because I chose not to allow my dog to interact with the person? This is someone who thinks it’s okay to park in a complex parking lot where they don’t live because they are visiting someone who live there. please give some leads. The tow company is operating out of their car. I was stranded two nights only had car four days spent1200 cash, every dime I had q I explain my story to the seller and the three or four cops who harass me.