This recipe makes a small 9-inch square tin, but you can easily double the ingredients. I can’t stop. Bake until top is shiny, cracked, and light golden brown, 22 to 25 minutes; do not overbake. White chocolate and raspberry blondies. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The flavor is spot on. They came out just the right amount of chewy. 4. Blondies FOR LIFE. Pinned. 7. LOVE!! Not just my favorite, but my kids, my husband, and anyone else I have ever shared them with! Pour the mixture into the lined baking tray, making sure it’s an even layer. ​Bake for 12-18 min, or until edges are set and a toothpick test comes out clean or with light crumbs. Ha ha, that’s so true. In a medium bowl whisk together the flour, baking powder, and salt; set aside. Yet another reason why I really need to get on this browned butter craze . ​​Let it completely cool before storing in the refrigerator. I have problems. 1 tsp baking powder, WET ​Transfer to prepared pan and spread evenly using an offset spatula. Servings: 12 blondies Time: ¾ cup (170 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature ½ cup (135 g) peanut butter 1 cup (212 g) dark brown sugar ½ cup (99 g) granulated sugar 2 … I have a can of pie filling I need to use up. Right. ( Log Out /  Lately I’ve been craving a classic combination and thought, why not a peanut butter and jelly inspired dessert. A working mom of two picky kids who insist on eating dinner every night (crazy, right?!). If you want to freeze them, they will keep for up to 3 months. Anything raspberry is a winner in my book. Fruit compotes are less gelatinous and are great as a dessert topping. RSS feed for all comments. The texture is unreal. I wonder if I can use GF flour? ( Log Out /  Disclaimer - Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions, The BEST Peanut Butter and Jelly Blondies with Raspberries, White Minestrone Soup with Barley and Beans, No-Bake Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars {Vegan}, Blueberry Oatmeal & Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl {Vegan}, Vegan Tagliatelle Bolognese with Mushrooms, Spinach and Mushroom Pizza with Mascarpone Cheese, Roasted Vegetable Salad with Quinoa and Halloumi. And, obviously if you’re going to melt butter, you may as well go the extra step and brown it. Proudly powered by WordPress Ok… these looks delicious! Baking, So good!! I mean, no one would complain, that’s for sure. A throwback to the carefree days of childhood, these peanut butter and jelly blondies are incredibly moreish and easy to make. Also if raspberries are not your berry, strawberries would work well too. I like raspberry. In my opinion, they don’t get enough credit. Check out a few of our best recipes! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once cooked, remove from the oven and leave to cool completely before slicing into 9 pieces. To help curb my very apparent nut butter obsession, I’ve updated these yummy peanut butter & raspberry blondies for you lovely lot. Place compote in a pastry bag and pipe a zig zag across the batter. , Make sure you save this recipe on Pinterest for later, Source: inspired by Gingerbread Bagels, blondies adapted from Baking Illustrated. * ​. I will eat them until the end of time and I will not feel even a little bit bad about it. I don’t know where they came from or how this happened, but suddenly they are my jam. I am a total raspberry fanatic (hello, raspberry sweet rolls, I love you best), so these bars are pretty perfect for me. In a large mixing bowl, add melted butter. Jelly and Jam: Use your favorite jam or jelly flavors like grape jelly, raspberry jam, or orange marmalade instead of the strawberry jam.