Please check them out! So you don’t have to eat five pasties in one day, there are a number of camping sites along Route 2 that are on or near Lake Michigan. And for even more options, I created The Pasty Trail 2. And of course, camping. I’ve been to Viki’s and they are very good ( Well, I can’t do much better. Any recommendations on who has the best ones that will ship? Years ago, there was a restaurant on US2 just past the bridge called Paul Bunyan Pasties, they were fantastic! as well as the L.P. Where else can you find a pasty festival or a town where every restaurant has its own version of the pasty? TPG. Saranac,MI, 25 miles east of Grand Rapids has Viki’s Pasty shop which is run by two guys from Iron River,MI. as well as the best route to take. Their wives were able to use the potatoes and meat from leftovers, and envelope them in a crust which could be placed in the miners' pockets in the morning, and they would still be warm at lunchtime. A little ways from the bridge, Petoskey and Traverse City are attractions in themselves, but also have a few shops. They also have something interesting which is appetizer pasties, miniature. This is a legit list. I was sad when I made a hometown trip and it was shut down. ), there’s always a few hours you could spend in Copper Harbor in the northernmost point of the peninsula. To this day, pasties remain a staple food and tradition for many Upper Peninsula families. Thanks for the tip. The only pasty place I know of in CA is the Pasty Shack in Sacramento. This is my version of a yooper pastie--just like my Mother-in-law made. Good down home style. Hmmm… this place never popped up in my searches. Pictured: Lake of the Clouds. Because Pasty Central bakes the best pasty on planet Earth, and until Toivo is able to taste-test pasties on other planets, the answer remains: Calumet. Just a little ways after Escanaba and north of Manistique (less than an hour out of the way) is the little-known Kitch-iti-kipi. Never had a better pasty in my life than at Miner’s Pasty and Ice Cream in Munising. Will add it to the list. Irontown is also known as one of the only options in the U.P. These were eaten with butter and sometimes catsup. Copper Country aka Keweenaw Peninsula – whatever you want to call it – is where you can find the, If you want a pasty break (what?! Put large cupful of filling on the crust; dab ice water around the edge of the crust to seal. You can take the trail any way you want, but this is The Pasty Guy’s preferred method coming from the Lower Peninsula. Take one of the dough balls and roll out on a floured surface, roll into a circle about. Reading this makes me hungry and homesick. I plan on getting there soon… gotta pick the right day for those rutabagas. There was a man’s name associated with it; maybe his cafe with Ruth’s pasties. last week but plenty o, Turkey pasty on the balcony. I grew up in the Keewenaw in a Finn community where we used equal parts of pork and beef(or venison),rutabagas which were home grown,onions, and a few potatoes. I just stopped by there myself. And the trip east begins as does the journey along Route 2, which I like to call Pasty Road. Thanks for sharing. I tried to visit Amy J’s last month but wasn’t there for one of the three days it’s open. gifts, t-shirts, and other unique items. The pasty (pronounced PASS-TEE), that savory meat pocket pie, is … However, those are part of. They are amazing chx and beef pasties! Let sit and meld together, while rolling out the crust. Combine the filling ingredients in a large bowl. And if you really want adventure, take the ferry out to, And the trip east begins as does the journey along Route 2, which I like to call Pasty Road. Missed it in the first trail. Had a cooler full of pasties when we get home. For a fun, cheap trip, The Pasty Trail might be your new favorite thing. We had the traditional and it was the BEST pasty I’ve ever eaten. Everyone knows that Michigan is home to the best pasties in the country. Pasty King Prime remains a ghost online, but one person on Trip Advisor labeled it the best ever. Pasty corner in iron river makes vegetable pasties, pizza pasties and a breakfast pasty, not all on the same day. In recent experience, they have them frozen and you have to call ahead if you want them warmed up. Didn’t look anything like ours! They are what my pasty dreams are made of. Cant believe no one mentioned it. Another fun fact, ‘’ is the Internet provider in Keweenaw. Krupps in Twin Lakes should be on the list. If you’re really taking your time, Cognition is a few minutes to the west. Sure, it may be unlikely to hit up all these spots on one trip, but you can try. Krupp’s is on TPT2. For more excitement, Potawatomi Falls is a little off the trail before getting to downtown Ironwood. Each one must wiegh at least a pound. Maybe someone else knows, though. Website design by Kelley Marketing, LLC. Very few left…Republic, MI and over here in Minnesota where I re-established the tradition from my wife’s grandmother in the Alston area. I’m a HUGE pasty aficionado and completely agree with your review of Roys in Houghton and Barb’s in Clawson. Great shop too once you get inside. Have definitely been to a few churches with pasties. Place pasties on baking sheets and bake at 425°F for 15 minutes; then turn oven down to 350°F for 60 mimutes, or until nicely browned. That trip sounds awesome and a cooler is a great idea. . I need to visit Cornwall myself someday. If you’re looking for other locations, you can find every pasty shop I’ve. Experienced miners from Cornwall immigrated to help develop mines there, bringing pasty-making with them. People's Choice Award" as the result of a taste test conducted at the Upper Peninsula Tourism Conference. You have to order the miniatures. As for Grams pasties, I prefer them over the soupy Lehtos and dry Muldoons. Add salt to flour and add this to the waterand lard. Best pasty ever. Not familiar with it. Taste of the Upper Peninsula (Zodiac Party Store),, to have gluten-free pasties. Hi TPG. Pasty King Prime remains a ghost online, but, Just a little ways after Escanaba and north of Manistique (less than an hour out of the way) is the, For more fun in the Lower Peninsula, there are plenty more pasty places to try. Some of the best pasties in the Keweenaw. In approximately 1864, Finnish immigrants, along with Cornish miners, came to find work in the "Copper Country" of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Does anyone know anything about Ruth’s Pasties in Manistique (I think)? Donna, Tony and Peggy became Muldoons' new owners, and are continuing the tradition. had one in Joe’s, Ironwood. Get there early as they sell out daily. If you consider yourself a pasty lover, the map below covers every significant pasty shop (with the help of research) in the U.P. When you make it there, you’ll know one thing: You love pasties (just look at their website). Wonderful family memory during camping trip on UP. Really bummer, really like their Pasties. Pasty Central in Calumet, Michigan make the world's best pasties (Source: Toivo's taste-test 2018) Where can you find the best pasties in the universe? The northern most point of the Upper Peninsula is “Copper Harbor”. I would have to put in a vote for Krupp’s Mini Mart just south of Twin Lakes State Park. Loved it. Click on the ‘Pasty Shops’ tab and that’s the easiest way to find every pasty shop I’ve been to! Pour the boiling water over the lard until the lard is dissolved. Grew up in Niagara, Wi., just across the river from Mi. And if you really want adventure, take the ferry out to Isle Royale. It started with the mining community in the 1800s and has since extended to the rest of the U.P. You’ve missed the greatest pasties of all time…those recipes passed down from the original Cornwall miners through their families that now only live on in the churches of the UP and where the displaced Yoopers re-established themselves. They could be eaten without a fork and easily heated so that the miners could have a hot meal. Bond Falls is one of the many waterfalls found along the trail.