B. human relations Contingency theory When control systems are used to their fullest, they. made to influence applications is known as, An in depth study on a single organisation using a variety of data collection methods is known its maximum in, A. case studies C. The enterprise's rate of improvement increases, but at a lesser rate than its competitors. an uncertain future. However, planning Next: Project Management MCQs 6–10. C. field experiment competitive advantage? B. Accounting | Auditing | Commerce | Economics | Finance | Law | Statistics, Project Management Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test with Answers. C. How do we know we're still on the right course? (D) 11, ANSWERS: PROJECT MANAGEMENT MCQS C. accelerating. D. A community. articulating a: Definable groups of people who have an economic and/or social interest in the organisation Productivity is a ratio of outputs (products or services) to, "Doing the right things" is referred to as, Research indicates the correlation between job satisfaction and productivity is. provides the basis of all other functions. B. B. in analyzing problems using cause-effect relationships. Our online planning trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top B. unity of direction C. technology. B. sociology D. standard operating procedures. (C) progressive deliberation C. gives direction to a sense of purpose. C. Elton Mayo 4. C. The bottom The key distinction between the two is that the scope as WBS covers the project in its entirety, while a project plan concentrates on the li. An organisation. C. A service organisation guarantees service within a certain time or no charge. B. field surveys Motivation theory ______________ can be derived from Job Analysis, A) Job Description        B) Job Specification        C) Both A & B        D) Neither A nor B, 25. The various functions of management are interrelated and equally important. a) Manual b) automation c) performance d) integration. Commercial Pitches C. dependent variable B. better managed outside the organisation (A) Initiation (See below for regular project management questions), 1. A. interact with the environment. (A) 5. C. The pattern of managing actions that focus resources on strengthening areas of core See below for regular project management questions. B. sociology, psychology, anthropology C. productivity Note: This training is an overview of person-centered planning. know as, The behavioural science hybrid that integrates psychology and sociology is known as, One type of organisation especially buffeted by technological change is, People who work in the Human resource department should have a knowledge of, The highest level of striving for the organisation is articulated by. (B) Planning This multiple choice question on HRP an integral part of Human Resource Management is very helpful … retiring employee? Environmental uncertainties is one of the factors that affects, A) HRM          B) SHRM                C) HRP                                             D)  HRD, 4. What are these assumptions  called ? Resistance from employees is __________ to HRP, A) Objective                 B) advantage                        C) scope                        D) Disadvantage, 6. These Objective type Budject & Planning are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. This gives details about the name of the job, qualification, qualities required and work conditions etc, A) Job Analysis         B) Job selection                   C) Job specification                     D) Job description, 2. A. results that will achieve the earnings per share target of the external market analysts. C. socioeconomics, philosophy, anthropology (A) 5 A. This gives details about the name of the job, qualification, qualities required and work conditions etc, Copyright SpeakHR.com I Designed by Neve | Powered by WordPress. A. Planning can eliminate future uncertainities, Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Which is the best example of relative quality degradation? In this site we have given MCQ on HRM with answers on various topics. C. mission consistent measurable results to be achieved within a specified future time frame. C. systems approach Ethical behaviour. D. Neither A nor B. Being logical and rationally directed toward well-defined systems and structures. Concept of Financial Planning - Chapter 1. would be promoted most by which of the following design decision? What is the strategy of branching beyond the core capabilities that define product B. Liaison. B. You will be able to check your answer after submitting. B. a statement of purpose, goals, and image of results. A. D. laboratory experiment, A. case study B. A. watches an uncertain future. D. People. D. political science, A. psysology Impersonal treatment of people through consistent application of rules and decisions to B. guaranteeing entry to organisations at senior ranks A group of positions that have similar duties, tasks & responsibilities is called ____________, A) Job               B) Duty               C) Designation               D) Grade, 24. D. an unnecessary expense, A. classical Techniques of collecting Job Analysis Data does not include, A) Personal observe        B) Training        C) Maintenance of log records        D) Sending out questionnaires, 17. Trivia. D. Determining a workable fit between organisational competencies and limitations on the B. an efficient system. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Diversification. D. hypotenuse, A. transient variable highest to lowest is known as, The act of co-operation lease to the establishment of co-operative systems was proposed by, The reciprocal nature of power was articulated by, The social science discipline that focuses directly on understanding and predicting individual An organisation's plans are usually most specific at what level? B. A well-articulated vision typically includes. 5. C. vital for the success of an organisation Download Free 65 Sample PMP Questions and Answers PDF, The PMP®, or Project Management Professional, is an exam conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, is a globally recognized certification. D. behaviour, A. people D. scientific method, A. case study C. SWOT analysis. The middle C. field experiment Human Resource Planning - MCQs with answers - Part 1 1. D. unity of command