Artur is correct, and please note that the procedure above requires that you have the ability to shutdown the VM's and stop the cluster. Set VM Restart Priority for CVMs to Disabled. a. Connect with SSH to the CVM that is running on the node you want to bring down for maintenance. It is a hardware and software solution that provides complete server and storage capabilities that you need to run virtual machines and store their data. wait for a while to execute the command successfully. // disclaimer - I'm an engineering director at Nutanix, and I oversee the healthcare product solutions group //. Ok, thanks, I've added that link to the internal ticket as well, we'll get to the bottom of it, Follow me on Twitter: Do NOT use Validate Cluster within Failover Clustering nor SCVMM, as it is not supported. Set Host Isolation Response of CVMs to Leave Powered ON. You can also check out KB-3270 for the cvm_shutdown script. Do NOT modify vSwitchNutanix standard vSwitch. If you have an older version of AOS (5.5.x or 5.6.x) then the shutdown script on your CVM might need a small modification, you can contact Nutanix support and an engineer will edit the file on the spot, or you can upgrade the AOS to a newer version which has the fix. nutanix@cvm$ ncli pd ls-repl-status [None] 5.5 任意のCVM にログインして、クラスタサービスを停止します。 nutanix@cvm$ cluster stop 全てのCVM から下記のような結果が出力されるまで待ちます。 5.6 各CVM にログインして、CVM を順番に停止します。 nutanix@cvm$ sudo shutdown -P now First - it sounds like you're connected with support, which is always step #1 for anything. AHV: Log in to the AHV as a root user. We shouldn't be eating up more than that of your time- either our product isn't intuitive enough, or we've hit a bug, or we have an enablement issue with customer training. That's not an excuse to be ok with shipping bugs, or have customers in pain, as that literally would not do anyone any good, but I simply wanted to acknowledge that elephant in the room. The LTS release of became available on 5-Feb-19. Shutdown the CVM to ensure Nutanix HA forwards VMs data requests to an active CVM in the Nutanix cluster. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. It’s probably best to never shutdown/reboot/etc. QA at nutanix appears to be non existent. Note: Always use the cvm_shutdown command to power off, reset, or shutdown the Controller VM. b. Do NOT delete the Nutanix Controller VM on any Nutanix host (CVM names look like: NTNX---CVM) Do NOT modify any settings of a Controller VM, all the way down to even the name of the VM. Let's say you want to shut down a CVM for maintenance, firmware upgrade or any other reason, and when you run "cvm_shutdown -P" you get this error: "StandardError: Cannot connect to genesis to check node configuration status". Questions: By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. NEVER use “Reset System Configuration” command in Nutanix. Nutanix Complete Cluster's converged compute and storage architecture delivers a purpose-built building block for virtualization. Enter your username or e-mail address. You're probably hitting a bug that's going to be addressed in 5.10.2 and there's a potential workaround if you call support. more than one Nutanix node in a cluster at a time. One of those "how the heck did we miss that" type of things. In short, the QA matrix fell short on that, and we missed the ball on it; however, I can tell you, (because I physically saw the code reviews that came as part of fixing it), not only did we fix the issue, we automated the pants off of LDAPS testing, so that we can make sure that type of slippage doesn't happen there again. Press J to jump to the feed. If resource pools are created, Controller VM (CVM) must have the highest share. Then verify the Nutanix Cluster state using the following to ensure cluster services are all up via same SSH session: Make sure to patch one hypervisor node and ensure Controller VM comes back up with services are good before proceeding to the next one. If unable to shutdown run the command $ sudo power off. wait a minute and nutanix will shutdown These KPIs visualizes the relative bugginess of any given release, and the "uptick" in issues/calls on a time basis, and shows us exactly where we can get better, down to a component / team level. If you have an older version of AOS (5.5.x or 5.6.x) then the shutdown script on your CVM might need a small modification, you can contact Nutanix support and an engineer will edit the file on the spot, or you can upgrade the AOS to a newer version which has the fix. Just implementing a new cluster and I've ran foundation with NOS4.5.1.2 and ESX 6. For us consultants, we often find ourselves within environments with something we’re not totally familiar with, so some helpful concise guidance can go a long way. For any especially nasty issues, this CFD moniker includes mandatory internal "escape" root cause analysis, so we understand how the heck it got out the door to begin with, so that we can improve the overall process. Enable Datastore Heartbeating by clicking Select only from my preferred datastores and choosing Nutanix datastores. nutanix@cvm$ cvm_shutdown -P now. /u/Mr_Ballyhoo - I'm sorry that you had a poor experience with 5.10 out of the gate, and I'm certainly happy to give insight from the inside, and to lend an ear along with the rest of the extended team. This then feeds into the priority matrix for development and QA, which then flows into release management, so that we can quantify down to a number exactly how many customers facing improvement is going out for each maintenance release. I nor my employer are not responsible for use of any content found on this blog. If you were running Nutanix in the pre-5.5 days, you may appreciate this, where maintenance releases simply took far too long to get out the door. VCenter should be powered off at the end - this will make guest Vms shutdown process easier. I know that's a long read, and doesn't nearly cover every bit and bob that we've been doing within engineering / QA, but I do hope that gives you a view into the mindset in which we approach issues that come up from customers like yourselves. Please try again in a few minutes. Enter your username or e-mail address. I hope this proves helpful to people who unexpectedly find themselves working on Nutanix and need a quick primer to ensure they don’t break something! If cluster has only one datastore (which would be common potentially in Nutanix deployments), add advanced option das.ignoreInsufficientHbDatastore=true to avoid warnings about not having at least two heartbeat datastores. Do you get any kind of error message when it fails? ... VirtIO is already installed on all AHV VMs, but not the Nutanix Guest Agent (NGA) Service. Stop all guest VM'sapplication - (leave CVMs powered on) - if you host vCenter on Nutanix. Not sure what would happen if you did, but I’m guessing it would be pretty awesome, and you probably should make sure you got popcorn ready if you’re gonna do that.