Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) maintenance mode is the topic i’ll cover in this quick blog post. If all tests are successfully completed exit / remove Nutanix Controller-VM CVM from maintenance mode: STEP 1: Connect to Nutanix CVM via SSH. Do not proceed if cluster cannot tolerate failure of at least 1 node. STEP 2: From one of the other CVMs run following command to exit affected Nutanix CVM from maintenance mode: Testing on Windows 10 Release 1909  Prerequisite (Install Visual Studio Code and the AWS CLI if you don't have it already installed and ... How to Fix a Nutanix CVM being Stuck in Maintenance Mode. So the query we all have been waiting for! How to Fix a Nutanix CVM being Stuck in Maintenanc... How to Login to AWS using CLI with AzureSSO through Azure Active Directory. Exit host and CVM maintenance mode after the OS boot are complete. To execute following command: Command output would be similar like following. Command “Cluster status” shows the following for the CVM in maintenance mode, When back to normal Prism UI shows (as usual during normal production), Your email address will not be published. Turn on the host. Back to CVM maintenance mode. Note: You can find in output of “ncli host ls” command: STEP 3: Enter Nutanix Controller-VM CVM into maintenance mode via command: nutanix@cvm$ ncli host edit id= enable-maintenance-mode=true, STEP 4: Check Nutanix CVM maintenance mode status to execute following command. The following figure list the output for my local CVM only but apart from including same information for all CVMs in the cluster you’ll also get information about all CVM IPs, the Cluster state and if Lockdown mode is enabled or not. Nutanix HCI also provide the maintenance mode to enable / enter / exit / remove the Nutanix AHV, Hyper-V hypervisor and Controller-VM CVM into / from maintenance mode via acli / ncli command line to using simple steps. Reason being i have been asked about this a few times recently. How to Enable / Enter the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor AHV, Hyper-v node / host, Controller-VM CVM into maintenance mode to follow right procedure [..] Read more, Enable Nutanix Controller-VM CVM, AHV Maintenance Mode. The maintenance mode is very important in virtualization technology to do any maintenance / troubleshooting activity on hardware / software to resolve the issue. Verify if the parameter Under Maintenance Mode is set to False for the node where the services are down. Right Procedure to enable / enter / exit into the maintenance mode on Nutanix AHV, Hyper-v host / node and Controller-VM CVM is given below:Step 1: First enable the maintenance mode on Nutanix AHV hypervisorStep 2: Enable the maintenance mode on Nutanix CVMProcedure to Exit / Remove / Disable Nutanix AHV and CVM Maintenance mode :Step 1: Exit Nutanix Controller-VM CVM from maintenance modeStep 2: Exit Nutanix AHV and Hyper-v hypervisor from maintenance mode. Step One – Maintenance Mode. Follow this step-by-step guide to Fix a Nutanix CVM being Stuck in Maintenance Mode. When i run cluster status i’ll get information about the Nutanix cluster including all the CVMs. Hopefully you enjoyed the Nutanix AHV and Controller-VM CVM maintenance mode procedure. How to Fix a Nutanix CVM being Stuck in Maintenance Mode 1. ssh into the Nutanix cluster VM 2. cluster status 2. ncli host list (This will give you the host ID) ##### Id : 9911991c-1111-093y-11yb-blahblah88::61810 Uuid : 5blahblabla99-5227-43d9-ae05-243hahadummy If a VM can’t be migrated to another host, you need to shutdown the VM for the host to enter into maintenance mode. First – Yes – CVM and hypervisor maintenance mode are two different things. Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) maintenance mode is the topic i’ll cover in this quick blog post. After execution of above Nutanix AHV maintenance command will take couple of minutes depends on the number of running VMs on the AHV host. Hypervisor maintenance mode means no virtual machines (VMs) will run on the hypervisor host and CVM maintenance mode means the CVM will not participate in the Nutanix cluster and e.g. Reason being i have been asked about this a few times recently. Need to wait until command executes successfully. Copyright © All rights reserved | Powered by, How to shutdown Nutanix Acropolis Cluster, Nutanix Cluster Software Upgrade Order – Best Practice, Nutanix Cluster Services Down – Troubleshooting, Nutanix BIOS Uncorrectable Memory Errors Solution, Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol – Explained, Nutanix Frame Supported Browsers, Devices, How to Get Nutanix Block Node Serial Number, VMware vSphere 7 Released with Exciting New Features – You Should Know, Nutanix CMDlet Powershell Commands Cheat sheet, Nutanix Metro Availability Troubleshooting. To enter / enable the maintenance mode on Nutanix AHV and Controller-VM CVM is preferred in best practice to do before any software / hardware firmware activity it does automatically by the Nutanix automation system. ESXi : a. Nutanix AOS 5.17 & Prism Central 5.17 + More Released. Steps post bringing the host Online:1) Exit the host from maintenance mode and Power ON the CVM.2) Connect any one of neighbor CVM in cluster using SSH.3) Check the status of CVM which we have Powered ON using following command. In addition to just run genesis status which gives you a one time output from the command you can run watch genesis status and this will give you the same output plus that the output will update every 2 seconds. If the parameter Under Maintenance Mode is set to True, remove the node from maintenance mode by running the following command: Note: To check node id run following command. Follow steps from KB 2852 / Blog to verify cluster health. When AOS is being upgraded and hypervisors are being upgraded the CVMs are put in maintenance mode one after another so there is not many reason you would wanna do it manually so i’ll just present how it looks when a CVM is in maintenance mode. Perform each maintenance after the host shutdown is complete. However – the easiest way to check status of your cluster is going into the Prism UI:). STEP 2: Find Nutanix AHV host ID of targeted running CVM needs to be enter into maintenance mode. Required fields are marked *. This step is for preventing CVM services from being impacted by possible connectivity issue. b. You may skip this step if the Nutanix CVM services are not running, or cluster has stopped. Host maintenance mode is used to safely migrate all the User Virtual VMs in the host and make sure NO VMs are running on the Node. On Hyper-V hosts, check if the node is in maintenance mode by running the ncli host ls command on the CVM. Start CVM from Web client/Host client. Exit Nutanix CVM from Maintenance Mode. Step 2 : Run the following command to exit the Nutanix AHV host from maintenance mode. Your email address will not be published. To ensure this went as smooth as possible I needed to enable maintenance mode on both the CVM (so the CVM wasn’t servicing IO) and the AHV host (so the VMs would migrate off the host). Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. This is useful during debug and various other cases. will not serve IO to the VMs running on the hypervisor host where the CVM is running or for any remote VMs. Enable maintenance mode for the Nutanix Controller-VM CVM on the target host. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here is a quick how to fix a Nutanix CVM that has been stuck in Maintenance Mode. Before we start i’ll just cover two useful commands to check CVM process and service status which are: When i run genesis status in one of my CVMs i get the following output. WARNING: Happy dancing in cubicle or workspace is Highly Recommended and preferred. Please be sociable & share if you liked the blog post. Put the Nutanix AHV node / host and Nutanix Controller-VM CVM in the maintenance mode: STEP 2: Check the availability of changing Nutanix AHV host maintenance mode of target hosts: nutanix@cvm$ acli host.enter_maintenance_mode_check .