From the page you were viewing (GMO Free Brands) there are two ways to learn more. Crofters who produce premium spreads in various flavors mango raspberry blueberry etc their premium spreads use organic cane sugar to sweeten they also making just fruit spreads which use organic grape juice to sweeten it instead of cane surgar and they also make super fruit spreads which are combinations of different fruits they use less surgar and more fruit then other brands in all honesty its the best ive ever had Some of Kashi’s products have received Non-GMO Project Certification; read more here. His was from using the scanning Buycott App. ), GMO Timeline – A History of Genetically Modified Foods. Pamela’s actually donated towards labeling in California and Oregon. We have identified many reasons why GMO foods are unhealthy. If they are going to let companies hide the fact that their products contain GMO’s it is all the more important that companies who are GMO free contain large print that says so. And hooray for you raising more awareness!!! Angie, if there is a USDA Organic and/or a Non-GMO Project Certified emblem on their label, their soy protein must be sourced organically. We reject this completely because we want “non-GMO” to mean that no GM ingredients were used, even if they have been processed to the point where they cannot be detected in the final product. You can also check the Non-GMO Project’s website for a current list of their certified GMO free brands. Agreed in full… we can only hope it’s the next step in consumer awareness leading to an eventual ban…, My question is if Eugene, OR Here is his link: But what is quick website to check brands while I’m grocery shopping? Does history alwa…, “After 40 years in use, public health officials are asking for independent toxicological studies on the health effe… Great job and thank you. Please look for the Non-GMO Project seal on packaging to ensure that the product you are purchasing is Non-GMO Project Verified. However they are currently owned by Kelloggs, a corporation that donated millions of dollars to oppose and defeat two state GMO labeling measures. Thank you! Hopefully, this list empowers you next time you go to enjoy a GMO-free sourced beer! A relatively popular brand of beer, Sierra Nevada offers all its varieties with non-GMO sourced materials. If you have time, try contacting someone at Garden of Eatin directly by phone. If you’re looking for even more brands that are GMO-free, as well as a wealth of GMO-related information, we suggest you pay a visit to the website of the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organization committed to educating consumers, preserving and building a GMO-free food supply, and certifying brands and food products that are GMO-free. monsanto did buy whole foods right? Connect with non-gmo produce growers, consumers, and more. Carla Lee Johnston Thank you for your research. Check out the full list here--> Practice Is Everything: Want to become an effective changemaker? If you look at the crop itself, a “stacked” GMO (corn or soy that’s been modified with multiple, or “stacked” traits, such as RoundUp resistance *and* an internal insecticide) could be considered worse than simply one modified trait… and there’s no way to know if the GMO corn in your processed food is one or the other. Since I live in Texas, it’s a common grocery store here and H.E.B. Please look at this chart and you will see that most of the above companies are owned by larger corporations who support monsanto financially. . Keep it up. I think the biggest loophole however is GMOs used for animal feed… thus any meat you purchase, if not labeled as organic / GMO-free, would have GMO contamination. I would add as safe to this list: Trader Joe’s (their entire store line is verified as non-GMO and they support GMO labeling); Applegate (supports labeling); Apple & Eve. They’ve also become stronger advocates for GMO labeling, and have added a public statement about GMO labeling on their website. example kettle chips now the label is on naked juice a pepsi product does this label really mean anything? Open to the public on Saturday morning from 7:30 until 10:00 or by appointment. I feel like the label is used as an appeasement, so you can feel really good about your purchases. . But not necessarily. . How many more years til the FDA pulls it? 1) The above list highlights (in red) 4 companies that are owned by major food corporations. anything!” that relates to non-GMO? You are most welcome… wishing you a positive return to health! With their non dairy milk, ice cream and others. Thank you. I live in WA state – hope 522 passes. Organic crops are grown right next to heavily poisoned GM crops and they inter-pollenate with each other… making “organic” crops actually contain GM genes. Just my personal opinion that you might want to check them out to add to your list. Now I know its not a reliable resource and am thankful for your list as well! ... See MoreSee Less, How does the current food system contribute to GHG emissions, and what can we do to change it? I, too, saw that comment and regret I will be returning the 2 bags I recently bought. My question is about Wegman’s, STORE BRAND organic foods. I would stick with only those products labeled USDA Organic, in order to choose Full Circle brand items that are GMO free. Unfortunately there was a graphic that circulated widely among social media and blogs over a year ago, called “Companies owned by Monsanto,” which was terribly misleading and no doubt the source of the confusion. For maximum assurance, choose products that *also* carry the USDA Organic seal. I visited their blog, where I found they have their own farm for raising a good deal of their own organic produce. On that same page under "Environmental Sustainability," they indicate their cattle are "100% grass-fed." This will make the whipped cream come together quickly and ensure fluffy pillowy peaks. I say, our ignorance is no longer bliss it’s deadly. They gave us the new URL and it has been corrected. We do not have a whole foods in my town. Please add our name of companies to your list! Would you clarify? No added growth hormones We have absolutely NO antibiotics, NO hormones!! Cuz I just bought it for my breakfast. :-\. Costo’s organic products are listed above under the Kirkland brand. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Also, many of the discussions above are about products and those may be carried at a grocery store that is also a member of the gma and so you should be listing them as well. Thanks for the tip, we’ve added them! To meet the requirements of the Non-GMO Project Standard, an input or ingredient derived from a testable major high-risk crop will need test results from the raw source material to prove that it is non-GMO.For example, in order to prove that soy lecithin meets the standard, the raw soy must be tested before it is processed into lecithin. Whipped cream takes three easy to find ingredients: The keys to making fluffy whipped cream are to ensure your heavy whipping cream is icy cold straight from the fridge and your bowl and whisk as also chilled.