Verdict: Simple Truth Kombucha is a 100% raw and is a Kroger affiliated grocery store brand. Big difference. Verdict: Health-ade is another 100% raw kombucha with active cultures. It’s available in Portland, Oregon and at select locations throughout Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Feeding the good probiotic bacteria with prebiotics can help tip the balance in their favor. Organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free, this low-sugar kombucha only contains two ingredients: kombucha … The Healthy Harvest Half Liter Glass Bottle pack provides a way to securely store your kombucha without having to worry about factors such as CO2 escaping every time you have to open and close the bottle. These bottles can be purchased separately, or in packs of either six or twelve, depending on how many bottles you need for the kombucha you will be brewing. Verdict: Unity Vibration is a 100% raw kombucha that is classified as an alcoholic beverage because it contains more alcohol than the .5% limit. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. This is another vegan, gluten-free option that’s also certified raw, which is believed to help preserve nutrients as the ingredients aren’t exposed to heat. Contains live cultures but amount unknown, Not certified organic but uses organic ingredients, Live cultures per bottle but amount unknown, No certified organic but organic ingredients used, 86+ mg of caffeine per bottle in the cold-brew coffee flavor, 1 billion live cultures per 16 fl oz bottle, Certified organic and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We’ve researched and discovered ten top-rated kombucha bottles of 2021, as well as one you may want to avoid. Bottle size: 16.2 oz. Chefs Star Case of Twelve 16 oz Easy Cap Bottles with Funnel and Cleaning Brush Review, 9. The only brands that would just contain zero or trace amounts of alcohol are the pasteurized ones and these aren’t true kombucha and offer little if any, health benefits. In addition to providing the perfect storage solution, these bottles are also promoted as being an ideal solution for the second fermentation, which allows you to add additional flavor to your kombucha. Three of these drinks have 12g of sugar and one is listed as low sugar, another as medium and one as high? Reviews of the 10 Best Kombucha Bottles, Plus 1 to Avoid, 1. We found the best swing top kombucha bottles on the market at the time of writing this review to be the Giara Bottles with Chalkboard Labels. It was definitely punchy, but not in a just-swallowed-vinegar way. We tried six popular brands of kombucha. Notably, this brand contains 7g sugar per serving. Furthermore, the gasket sealing technology used in the caps make these bottles more ideal for longer-term storage and ensures that the kombucha will remain carbonated while in storage. This brand can contain visible pieces of SCOBY. Verdict: This is a solid brand health-wise but may have too much caffeine for some. Next up is the Grolsch Glass 11 oz Bottle Airtight Swing Top Seal Storage Units. It is also easy to start with this particular procedure, and once you have your kombucha scoby, this method produces enough kombucha if you want to give this fermented tea a try without wanting to create large amounts of the tea. This isn’t really very helpful (or accurate). Each pack comes with two jars, making it ideal to brew up two different flavors of kombucha. Gut, 65(2), 330-339. When comparing kombucha brands this is our number one consideration. It’s just pure kombucha with some added juice and natural flavorings. Also a lot of “unknowns”. Health-Ade’s Organic Ginger-Lemon Kombucha, Nectarine, Basil and Clementine Infused Water, Cranberry, Orange and Cardamom Infused Water, Dark chocolate has plenty of health benefits for your body, arugula pesto chicken with spiralized veggies, Our Test Kitchen Found the Best Brands of Coffee, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Healthy Harvest Half Liter .5L Glass Bottle Tight and Secure Caps 12 Pack by Healthy Harvest Review, 10. The silver medal goes to Health-Ade’s Organic Ginger-Lemon Kombucha. Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. There are methods to produce kombucha that is extremely low in alcohol. Verdict: Kombucha Dog is a 100% raw kombucha that is not diluted so it contains 1.5% alcohol and is therefore classified as an alcoholic beverage. It’s available throughout the US in Kroger owned grocery stores. Storing your creation in the best kombucha bottles with the most appropriate technique will deliver a healthy drink that will help to improve the well-being of your gut microbiome. It is low in sugar and other varieties contain real fruit juice. For individuals who are new to the entire process, brew batching is often a recommended option. Quigley, E. M. (2013). If you are planning to serve up larger batches of kombucha, perhaps to the entire family or to a group of friends, then the Amber Glass Growler Jugs would be a perfect way to store your kombucha. It’s obvious people are enjoying them for flavor as well as the health benefits. Some tasted an apple pie-like flavor, which was loved, though they noted that it wasn’t as punchy or vinegary as other brands. Cans of Kombucha? Generally, the caffeine is 15 mg or less per bottle since most are diluted to meet the below 5% alcohol standard. When you drink kombucha, you are consuming billions of healthy gut microbes that help your digestive system keep working as it should.1, I’ve read all kinds of health claims on the websites of kombucha brands and some are a bit of a stretch. To watch the Chef’s Star Case of Six 16 oz Easy Cap Bottles Review on YouTube, click here. In addition to including several bottles that help you easily store your tea, the pack also comes with a cleaning brush, as well as fennel to make it easier to pour your kombucha into the bottles. The brand additionally boasts that the drink contains Reishi, a powerful adaptogen that may have detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. If you decide to make your own kombucha, follow the instructions and know what signs to look for that reveal a contaminated batch. I can’t wait to find out what this is so I can buy it!” Love ginger? Verdict: Tealixer is a brand available exclusively on Amazon and contains various herbs in addition to the tea, SCOBY, and flavors. Humm is an all-natural brand and all flavors are certified organic and alcohol-free. It’s low in sugar and comes in several flavors as well as a yerba mate variety. If you are rather looking to buy the best large kombucha bottles, then you should consider the Two 1-Gallon Glass Kombucha Jars pack by Cornucopia Brands.