Rate local retail stores' employees on attitude, friendliness, and overall quality of service, then report back to your store-owner clients, helping them to ensure their service really is number one. Residential CleaningNot only is residential cleaning a good way to keep a body busy, but it's also a way to clean up some profits while you're at it. With your editing and basic layout skills, a laser printer, and some high-quality stationery, you're set to start showing clients how to put their best foot forward in their resumes and cover letters--and how to get in the door of potential employers' businesses for an interview. Just load up your tools in your car and make the rounds in your neighborhood. Some basic desktop-publishing software, scanning equipment, and the names of new parents put you in the starting blocks; from there, create fanciful photo-cards, including those all-important details: name, birth date, time and weight. Thanks to pet sitters--who take care of pets while their owners are out of town or busy--Fido can have his kibble at home. Local Moving ServiceBe a mover and shaker with your own local moving service. Collectibles SearchCollectibles searchers, who carefully canvas swap meets, thrift stores and garage sales, can collect a bundle locating objets d'art for clients. Long-Distance ResellingBy buying time in bulk from wholesalers, long-distance resellers ring up sales by servicing long-distance consumers--often at significant savings. They also allow for the automatic movement of money from idle checking accounts into interest-bearing savings accounts, so the cash surplus is put to work while the business checking account has just enough for the day’s payments. 103. Limousine ServiceWith a limo and some insurance, you could be the driving force behind a new business venture. Mobile Car-Wash and DetailingTake your business on the road, and clean up on profits as a mobile car-wash and detailing pro. Read This: Guide to How to Prevent and Remove Graffiti by Luca Manfredi. 37. We are creating opportunities and bringing value to customers and communities around the globe. House PaintingBrush up on your painting skills, and get ready to paint the town red--or white, blue or beige, for that matter. Every distribution center supports 90 to 100 stores in a 150+ mile radius. Your clients only need to worry about one thing: having fun. 101. Website DesignerWith specialized software, creating websites comes easy, so long as you have some basic technical and graphic savvy. The remedy: hospital-bill auditors, who--thanks to their billing savvy and attention to detail--make way for their clients' smooth recovery. We’ll feature a different book each week and share exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else. Be prepared to work weekends and evenings (when many clients will need your services) and to hire an assistant to help you juggle your photo paraphernalia. Either way, your business is sure to grow. TutoringThought your proficiency in high school algebra was all for naught? Graffiti Removal & AbatementEquipped with some paint and other preventive treatments, you're set to serve residential as well as commercial clients with your own graffiti-removal-and-abatement business. Have a Great Idea for a Business? Then try on the dry-cleaning pickup-and-delivery business for size. ELOQUII is based in Columbus, Ohio, as well as Long Island City, New York. Freight BrokerageOne sack of flour for a dozen eggs... Gone are the days of such no-frills, local trade. 102. . Then dive right into business by marketing your service to homeowners' associations, apartment complexes and individual residences. Guen Sublette runs her writing-and-editing-services business from her home in Redondo Beach, California. Related: 8 Great Time-Tracking Apps for Freelancers. Get your business jump-started by training others in the disciplines you've learned--Aikido, Karate, or simply basic safety-awareness skills. Used-Car InspectionSometimes, it takes a little more than a kick of the tires to evaluate a used car. Bonobos, founded in 2007, is one of the largest clothing brands ever built on the web specializing in men’s clothing. Referral ServiceFor referral-service entrepreneurs--who act as a "welcome wagon" to newcomers--getting to know new as well as existing businesses pays off in more ways than one. 2. Under the new rules, banks could offer business, retail, and investment banking services under one roof. Are you paying too much for business insurance? 39. 35. 59. This business plan report summarise the nature of our business, the advertising and sales strategy, the monetary background, projected cash flow and income statement. Read This: How To Baby Proof Your Home: Create a Safe Haven for Your Newborn by Greg Howard. Walmart began building Supercenters in 1988 and are around 182,000 square Art.com is the largest online retailer in the art and wall décor category with two million curated images, including a growing exclusive assortment. You name it, and entrepreneurs equipped with specialized power-washing equipment can probably clean it. 64. This business isn't just for the dogs, however; gear your services toward all creatures great and small for maximum profits. Fraud insurance is offered by banks to protect businesses from any sort of fraud that has occurred in their checking accounts. Advertise your stress-relieving services at local workout clubs, spas and physical therapists' offices.