Simple and delicious! If she likes fish sauce, the other way around is to make your own seafood stock. Maltose (麦芽糖, mài yá táng), also known as maltose syrup, is a super thick syrup that’s commonly used in traditional…, Papery dried shrimps, xiā pí (虾皮) in Chinese, is a fantastic way to add sea-salty flavor to a wide array…, Preserved mustard greens (碎米芽菜, suì mǐ yá cài), also known as pickled cardamine sprouts, are a common acidic addition that…, The century egg (皮蛋, pí dàn) is also known as millenium egg, pine flower egg or ‘skin egg’. Don’t forget to mention. When you’re ready to simmer the soup, close and lock the lid; then, cook it under high pressure for 3-5 minutes. Add cabbage, toss to coat, and season with salt, to taste. This way, it will taste just right with the noodles. You can substitute ground beef, ground dark meat turkey, or ground chicken thighs! If you do not want to use chicken stock here, you can add water (1 more cup), with a bit of oyster sauce (or hoisin sauce) to add flavor. Pour in the broth and crank up the heat to high. You can adjust the seasoning at this point, by adding a bit salt, if needed. Each meal was capped off with a huge bowl of savory soup—a different one every night. Everything you need for a delicious feast. Cook until heated through, about 3 to 5 minutes. Source: EatingWell Magazine, September/October 2014. It’s vegetarian comfort food! Try one of these delicious lunch or dinner recipes. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This soup was amazing and will become part of my rotation for simple easy suppers. It started out as a challenge, but I find it easier and easier to come up with meals. Thanks for an amazing recipe! Napa cabbage drives me crazy when I try to cut it. This will result in a light brown broth that is just salty enough, and quite richly flavored. All Right Reserved. I really love the soft, sweet napa cabbage in this soup. Truly excellent! I like Napa cabbage. This is another trick my mom uses all the time. Source: EatingWell Magazine, March/April 2018, In this vegetarian grilling recipe, the hot grill gives tofu smokiness and some crispy edges. Toss the beans and chickpeas into a strainer and rinse with cold water. Do you like my recipes? I’m no glad you liked the soup. Did you try this recipe? Start browsing recipes right away or you could learn more about me here. They could then use the preserved cabbage to make dumplings and buns. I shared this recipe more as a guide, so you can use whatever you have on hand to make your own version. Here they star in a sprightly slaw, a quick and light accompaniment for simple poached or steamed fish. Rehydrate for 30 minutes. You only need 3 to 4 tablespoons of chopped pancetta and 10 minutes to make 2 cups of rich pork broth. napa cabbage, cilantro, salt, ginger, dried shrimps, vegetable oil and 9 more. Serve with crusty bread, lemon wedges, and red pepper flakes. It was delicious! Soak them ahead of time and cook them with water for 10 minutes. Place scallops in a small bowl and add water to cover. And the prep takes no effort once you’ve tried it. Glad you like this one! Drain and tear into small pieces. Basically, it’s a very salty, rich, raw cured pork belly. We live on the side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Virginia. It is now my favorite too! Assemble the bowls before serving or let everyone make their own. Combine all the ingredients for the meatballs in a large bowl. Nice recipe. Lower the heat to medium or medium low to maintain a simmer, and partially cover the soup with a lid, leaving a crack so it doesn’t boil over. Turn off heat immediately and remove the pot from the stove, keeping it covered. As a kitchen ninja, she knew that by combining umami-packed ingredients, she’d end up with a final product that’s exponentially more delicious than the sum of its parts. Turn to medium low heat. Napa cabbage is a great addition to salads or soups. Hope you have a great week ahead and happy cooking! Hope you are enjoying your summer too! Pat, Hi Pat, I have heard of coconut aminos but haven’t tried it yet. As you know David and I participate in Meatless Monday every Monday. Serve with hoisin, Sriracha and lime wedges.