With Sen I tend to hang back and play Esper pillow fort until my opponents have worn each other down and I’ve given my artifacts hexproof or shroud. In fact, it’s more like a Rise from the Grave effect than an actual clone; it’s Vigor Mortis++. Chance of Reprint: Slim to none. That could be reprinted. Zur is widely acknowledged as the most-broken of commanders. The more you focus on honing the lethality of your deck, the less room there is for individual tailoring. You get a dragon! If you’re trying to make a deck that won’t be seen as throwing its weight around, this should be a red flag to you. What could possibly go wrong? If you don’t have devotion, you get indestructible enchantments for cheap, and once you do have devotion, you have creatures just looking to cause havoc. But there is no way in the nine hells this will, for example, be seen in some future Core Set. The printings of … The critical thing here is the 99, not the 1. Anytime your games revolve around having to constantly shut down one Commander, you have a problem. Commander: General Tazri. Just kidding. Their presence on the board alone is enough for concern, drastically altering the course of the game. With tournament players, this is expected. Perhaps we can gauge the power level and give a more quality suggestion? However, odds are you’ve seen less than a quarter of them in your local play group. I'm a fan of this. The Mimeoplasm is cool in that it’s a mashup between Quicksilver Gargantuan and Body Double. One of the cheapest mana costs for a Commander around, Rhys certainly makes his way into a small amount of Green / White token decks. It could see reprinting in a Core Set, or similar casual oriented product like Commander was. I want to collect it, so I can have playsets to lend to people for Casual, and just use them as painless Cities of Brass. Deck: Political Puppets You have to laugh when the Commander Rules Committee goes and bans certain cards for accelerating the game too quickly, and one of Wizard’s first cards designed specifically for Commander is another one of those creatures. ), “But never before has a spell given [red] what it’s been missing: complete random chance.” Er…? Deck: Heavenly Inferno Build up a graveyard and then start negotiating with the board. Finally, a Green/Blue Legend that isn’t a combo oriented card. For one, some creatures are old and hard to find. You get to play finishers like [[Firestorm]]. Most of the Gods come at bargain mana costs. I just felt let down in MaRo’s preview article when he’d been talking about all the attempts to make a “Clone two cards at once” card, which haven’t really succeeded so far, yielding things like Dracoplasm, Quicksilver Elemental, and Myr Welder, which are very cool, but not an actual clone-two-things-at-once. I’m sure both ways were tested (Something I haven’t asked yet, but should), but the wording was chosen for a reason. 6 – Syphon Flesh In a sense, winning at all costs becomes a player’s identity. It’s Red ‘destroy target Walker’. Chance of Reprint: High. I currently own 25 ranging from kitchen table garbage to consistent t3 combos, but it has really helped in situations like this. By tying the land to your Commander, it allows the card to be played in almost every deck and only the six that the other lands would’ve been able to have been in. You’ll also get the chances of the card getting reprinted again in a different set (Like a Core Set or even an expansion). However, I have currently run dry on my well of ideas and are looking for more. Until then, may your Commander be incapable of six-turn wins. Given that each of those creatures are based around a 99 card deck, the amount of creative space this offers players is mindbogglingly huge. Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Simulated Gambling, Aqua Blast: Fish Matching 3 Puzzle & Ball Blast, Meow Match: Cats Matching 3 Puzzle & Ball Blast, Cookies help us deliver our services. Red is willing to take that chance. My current favorite is Trigger Tribal (Yidris), where every single card triggers, and as many as possible trigger whenever ANY player does something. If you’re set on using some of these top tier legends you should, you know, maybe kinda consider not putting in all of the cards that make them so frustrating to begin with. No one is advocating to choose a worthless Commander. Maybe knowledge is my curse? For instance, most ads show young, attractive people being happy and having a good time, not because people stop existing at 30, but because they want viewers to associate their product with those ideas. Edit: Almost forgot to mention Lazav mill/reanimator. Archangel of Strife And here comes the problems. We get it. It’s not fetchable, but it’s a painless City of Brass; find me a casual player who doesn’t like this. While I don't think my decks are top tier , they are fairly tuned and as a result, usually end up on the higher power level scale relative to the group. The reasons vary. (and possibly a plane as well in plansechase). That’s hardly being unique. And that’s where we start running into trouble. “You get a dragon! Let's brainstorm some ideas and have some fun! What kind of power level are the other decks at? I would seperate the multi-coloured commanders based on colors. Mark my words, this won’t be the only time you see this card printed. [Zada, Hedron Grinder]] is stupid fun, cheap, and meta flexible. ", If its the "I'm scooping"', answer is directly above. Help our puppy cats to solve every puzzle and blast balls in this match 3 game! I want to still have fun. Zada is price flexible, all you need to try her out is like $40. But if you’re at the kitchen table in a casual multiplayer setting, there’s no honor in brutalizing your little brother, or your boyfriend’s neighbor, or your friend who hasn’t heavily played since Ice Age. Unsurprisingly, being a prick is common occurrence in the multiplayer environment – especially in Commander. Gitrog deck has to be my favorite, mill myself and kill everyone in the same turn ;) although i dont own a vital part of the deck (kozilek), it still works! Let’s face it: not all legends are created equal. From what you said at 2, was it more of a "WTF MAN WE DONT HAVE A RESPONSE?!?!" No, of course I didn’t see that coming. They value she creates is insane, and I honestly believe there is no better Orzhov commander because of that. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Namely, the overwhelming desire to win at all costs. ( Log Out /  Can you return order to a world torn apart by war? Omnath, Locus of Rage - Pretty straightforward Omnath landfall build. A card which is pretty much guaranteed to make a table say "hang on I need to read that" as you draw your deck, pitch your hand, and kill them all. He makes his way into all of them. My decks, which I considered casual, feel way too strong here. Lucky Cat and his furry friends are back in an all new bingo adventure. We allow proxies of any commander (since they are not shuffled into the deck) and nearly every deck is built to a theme. I would direct your attention to Twilight Drover and see how that’s pretty similar to Ghave’s third line. It always creates a fun atmosphere. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to illuminate four areas that you should be mindful of when building your Commander deck. This card tells a story: I launch an acorn across the battlefield and hit a Goblin on the head. Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer - Gatherer, MC, ($), edhrecSeizan, Perverter of Truth - Gatherer, MC, ($), edhrec[[cardname]] to call - not on gatherer = not ^^^fetchable. A WW2 MMO PvP game where you command troops and battle with players worldwide! Change ). Fun fact though: there’s a little known rule that anyone who faces a Rhys and a Coat of Arms at the same time is required to actually flip the table. So I'm looking for a commander or deck that people won't hate to see across the table. Because we laughed and having fun during games, we have drew attention of the modern community, and they want to try our formats. Unfortunately, there are only so many points you can put into making a Magic deck. What... is your name? Chance of Reprint: Whenever squirrels return. AHHHHHHH! Case in point: the next deck I’m working on revolves around Ramses Overdark. It can be incredibly overt: you see giant billboards and TV ads for you to buy things daily. General Tazri by Chris Rahn. I’m going to guess how this will turn out. Chance of Reprint: Only in similar style sets. My package is built for a pillowfort and then at the end you use your spirits (around roughly 10/10 status) to overrun a board.this plays politically in that why would someone want to pay 10 mana via sphere of safety to issue an attack in my direction? At the end of the day, Commander is supposed to be a casual, multiplayer setting. Deck: Mirror Mastery [[Azusa, losk but seeking]] is again big green fatty goodness. I just recently build [[Locust God]] and playing it has been a blast! Red loves firebreathing, and allowing everyone to pay into it to kill a player is chaotic and aggressive, both Red traits. Yet just like the search for personal individual expression, many players fall prey to the influences of the game’s surroundings. Why pick Sol’kanar the Swamp King when Thraximundar is available? For most of us, it’s down right annoying. Like Kerrigan, the swarm calls to you with this card, and you just have to make a bad thing worse.