9. There are only 6 mother trees remaining on the stiff cliff of Jiulongyu (Wuyi Mountains) which is considered a rare treasure. To increase the amino acid content of the leaves and give the tea a unique aroma and sweet taste, the leaves are shielded fromsunlight for around two weeks before they are harvested. 7. Once the tea leaves have been harvested, they are sent to The very first tea factory in the world, the Makaibari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. A Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Pre-Owned BMW, The Patek Philippe Twenty 4: A Buyer’s Guide, The Five Best Patek Philippe Quartz Watches of All-Time, The 10 Best Patek Philippe Women’s Watches of All-Time. It is often presented as a gift to dignitaries and honorable people. Learn how your comment data is processed. Top 10 Most Expensive Tea in China. It was first given as a gift toChinese Emperor Qianlong. Panda Dung Tea. With over 10 years experience he's covered businesses, CEOs, and investments. Garrett by trade is a personal finance freelance writer and journalist. When the leaves are harvested, they are dried, oxidized, rolled, roasted and scented. Lu’an Melon Seed – CNY 920,000 / kg. Drinkers can use the leaves to make drinks up to seven times before they will begin to lose their flavor. They produce several varieties of tea and their Broken Leaf Black Tea is made using very specifically only the third leaves of each tea plant branch. Those who consider themselves to be tea connoisseurs will drink only the finest of these varieties. This is perfect for people who are willing to try something a little different as it is made from panda bear droppings. Just one bag alone will set you back $15,000. Just as The name suggests, the Tea is made from the droppings of insects. Panda Tea – CNY 440,000 / kg. This special tea has a robust flavor and is renowned for its color. No. To buy such a rare tea costs $6500 per kilogram. The best Da Hong Pao are from mother Da Hong Pao tea tree. The reason for the high cost is immediately apparent as the leaves aresprayed lightly with edible 24-carat gold. Panda tea only grows in Sichuan panda ecological tea mountain. This beverage is drunk both hot and cold or even used to flavor food. Just like Tieguanyin tea,Yellow Gold Tea Buds cost $3,000 per kilogram. In most cases, the leaves from tea shrubs are ground as part of the production process. What is the Difference Between EE and I Bonds? 10. In the same year, the Wuyi city government also decided to prohibit anyone from collec… In 2006, the Wuyi city government insured these mother trees with a value of one trillion RMB. However, this is not the case for Gyokuro tea. Mother Da Hong Pao tea tree have thousand years of history. No. The plants are cultivated at about 8,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas. This is perfect for people who are willing to try something a little different as it is … How Do You Spot a Fake Patek Philippe Watch? How Sonja Morgan Achieved a Net Worth of $8 Million, How Dustin Moscovitz Achieved a Net Worth of $17 Billion, How Ann Coulter Achieved a Net Worth of $8.5 Million, How Playboi Carti Achieved a Net Worth of $9 Million. Using tweezers, The workers at the Tea farms in Taiwan carefully remove Tea leaves from the droppings of insects that have fed on Tea leaves. This variety is distinctive due to its copper color and fruity aroma. Buying this particular type of tea comes at a cost of $400 per kilogram. At $1.2 million per kilogram, Da-Hong Pao Tea is the most expensive in the world. This Japanese variety of tea is cultivated in the Uji district and costs $650 per kilogram. It is a combination of black and green teas that are fermented to give a distinctive chestnut flavor that sets Tieguanyin apart from other varieties of Oolong. 8. Poo Poo Pu-Erh Tea costs $1,000 per kilogram. The leaves are oxidized to around 60% to give them an exquisite flavor, which is described as chocolatey, floral, and wooden. Gorreana is not only the oldest tea plantation in Europe, this is also now the only one that remains in operatingon this continent. What Is a Certifying Officer for Savings Bonds? The teabags were made to commemorate PG Tips’ 75th anniversary. The tea trees on the tea mountain coexist with ... No. The trees are grown on the highest mountain in the Fujian Province. Tieguanyin is a type of Oolong Tea that is named after the Iron Goddess of Mercy, a Buddhist Deity. First, they are filled with a rare variety called Silver Tips Imperial Tea. Panda DUng Tea is rich in nutrients and costs a whopping $70,000 per kilogram. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This type of tea was originally invented in the 18th-century. Second, the teabags are adorned with 280 pieces of diamonds, handcrafted by Boodles jewelers. Tieguanyincosts $3000 for one kilogram. This is one of the rarest varieties of Oolong tea and is grown on The Wuyi Mountain. Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world and is drunk for both enjoyment and health reasons.