By . Hence there is no chance of moon sighting in Peshawar area on 3rd June, 2019. The second Solar Eclipses will be on 14th December 2020 but will not be visible in Pakistan. India has declared it will celebrate Eid on Monday. He denied that there was any "government pressure" to make the announcement. Designed and Developed by, CII to review film ‘Zindagi Tamasha’: Firdous Ashiq Awan, A wonderful, but limited, drawing robot for kids who want to code, Setting up field hospital at Expo Centre a ‘blunder’, say health experts, IBA Karachi announces policy changes to facilitate prospective students, Nine more die from COVID-19, 487 new cases surface in Sindh, Pakistan cricket team given ‘final warning’ as six players contract COVID-19: Wasim Khan, Lodhran man allegedly kills grandson in cold blood to punish daughter, Results of Special COVID-19 Intermediate Exams announced by Rawalpindi Board, Lanka Premier League 2020 begins in Sri Lanka, HEC announces coronavirus guidelines for educational institutes. Meetings of the zonal committees took place at their respective provincial headquarters. The Jeddah-based Okaz paper reported that the moon-sighting committee had said that Saturday, May 23, would be the last day of Ramadan, while Sunday, May 24, would be the first day of Eid — Shawwal 1, 1441. Referring to science minister Fawad Chaudhry — who had already predicted Eid in Pakistan on Sunday — the mufti said that the minister "has no real authority" to decide over such matters. He said input from science "will never be turned away and can be used" but it is "unacceptable" to declare the moon sighted in advance without  eyewitness testimony. These Maps show the visibility after local sunset at every point (latitude and longitude) for a specific date. First Solar Eclipses will be on 21st June 2020 which will be visible all most in the whole country. The committee's session to sight the Shawwal moon was held in Karachi with Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman in the chair. It would be much below the Danjon Limit. Eid-ul-Fitr 2020: Shawwal moon sighted, Eid to be observed tomorrow. (THE NEWS), Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday launched what he said is Pakistan's "first official" moonsighting website and a calendar showing main Islamic dates and months for the next five years based on scientific evidence. Simulated image of moon position on the horizon of Peshawar at sunset on 4th June. Hence moon will be clearly visible in Peshawar area on 4th June, 2019. The computer simulation of moon on the horizon of Peshawar at sunset on 23 April shows that altitude of the moon will be only 2 degrees and it will continue to go further down with sun going down. The country started observing Eid holidays from May 22 and will continue to do so till May 27, a notification from the interior ministry said on Saturday. Simulation of moon on the horizon of Peshawar at Sunset on 23 April, 2020, Simulation of moon on the horizon of Peshawar at Sunset, Due to cloudy and hazy weather at the telescopes observation sites, the new crescent moon of ZIQUAD was not sighted on 03-July, 2019. Hence, it can’t be seen even with telescopes. "We condemn his interference," said Mufti Muneeb, to chants of approval and endorsement in the background. All Right Reserved. Moon set is after one hour of sunset. Speaking during a TV programme, Chaudhry said that according to the calendar prepared by the science ministry, this year Eid will be celebrated across the country on May 24. Religious affairs minister Pir Noorul Haq Qadri, in a conversation with Geo News, said that the committee will be the one to make the final decision about the observance of Eid. Mufti Muneeb, addressing the media as the session began, had said that "when the final decision will be made, it will be announced before the media". He said the people did not have communication access and had requested him to convey the testimonies. by News Editor January 23, 2020 0 79. The minister had said the interesting thing is that the festival will be celebrated on the same day in almost all parts of the world along with Pakistan, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee has announced that the Shawwal moon has been sighted, therefore, Eid in Pakistan will be observed tomorrow (Sunday). The newspaper also reported that Indonesia, Turkey, Indonesia, and Qatar would also observe Eid on Sunday. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has said that there was good chance of sighting the new moon of Rabi us Sani, 1442 AH on the evening of November 16 (29 Rabi ul Awwal).