We have a general layout in mind and we will share that with you guys too once we start so you can see if you want to work along with us. LOL as I write, I'm thinking of all my friends across the world...not a holiday for you, and for many it is winter! Our first block is designed by Corey Yoder and is called "Star Chain." This is the penultimate Blockheads post. Most of the designers will be making a quilt using their own fabric collections... but there are a couple who are already whispering about making more than one quilt. Robin Pickens Shop For Quilt Patterns Lisa's Land of the Free, made with her Liberty Gatherings. Check back next Wednesday for my Thatched and Thatched/scrappy blocks for week 2. What collection is the gingham print from? Since we do several of our own BOM programs each year… this year one in all blues and one in scrappy Fig Tree, we thought the red/cream color scheme would be fun and totally different! ( I'm particularly looking forward to working with this background fabric - it's one of Moda's Premium Muslins. SHOPIFY Leah, if you can do your coloring and planning along with your son then that is a real win-win! If you are wanting to sew along with us this year, here are the instructions for this week’s block on Corey’s blog… https://corianderquilts.com/, We have had a lot of questions about this already so I thought adding all the info to a blog post might be the best idea…. Blocks - each Blockhead will post the same block each week on their blog, Facebook or website. Can't find winners anywhere. October 2012 Without a doubt, the invention that I value the most is the combination of rotary cutter, acrylic…, What is the best tip I’ve ever learned in quiltmaking? They definitely changed mine - I am looking forward to using the 200-thread extra-wide on the back of a quilt soon. You had me at traditional and reproduction fabrics! Help me! Go! Kinda love how it turned out! 1/15/2020 3 Comments Lets get started with Moda Blockheads 3! I'll be caught up by next week. Etsy Color And Quilt Shop Color Studies Free block patterns are still available, for a limited time, here. I see many of the blocks we are making include half square triangles. Moda Block Heads Block 44. Its just a “cant go wrong” combination in my opinion! August 2020 August 2018 However, I still added one whole row to the top upside down and had to rip that out and flip it to the correct side. 8.2K likes. With eight blocks each and forty-eight blocks total... the Blockheads need one more. And silky soft. I know five Blockheads. Keep reading to the bottom of the post for fun Giveaway news! Block No. Woot! June 2020 As you might know, Red and Cream is one of my all time favorite color combos for a quilt. Today, it is my turn to share our block and it’s also my last block to share. Abby Rose And...the quilts are so lovely......all of them. Your sewing tips are giving me confidence to tackle this project with fabric tomorrow! November 2013 I see many of the blocks we are making include half square triangles. If you want more info on my colors and my overall plan, check out yesterday's post. How do I get your fabric pack? Spoonflower I do love these blues. You'll find the answers here! many options, many opinions out there. Not at all sure on the background yet, as we are just sewing along with everyone else. June 2019 Hmm... more blues. Charlotte Naude started a prompt in Moda Blockheads. Martingale Publishing With the second block I also followed Corey's arrows to show which direction to press the block pieces. They would each design eight blocks, swap the blocks and then share them with everybody else. There will be forty-eight blocks with one posted every week starting in March. #figt, Obsessed with these @modafabrics toweling! They will be a single page that is easily downloaded to your computer - or printed directly. OH BOY!! What method do you use to make them. If you've ever shied away from using extra-wide backings because the fabrics didn't feel quite the same, I think these would change your mind. We went with one of our favorite red prints from Scarlet & Sage along with my all time favorite gingham and a few little cream prints. Enter your e-mail address and click Subscribe. Quilt Magazines Summer in the Country: Picnic Table. and you can see and read them by clicking here. You will find the PDF pattern for Corner Delight here. How do you decide which fabric says. Wednesdays will be art in the am this year thanks to the Moda Blockheads! October 2018 0. moda blockheads. December 2011 I will also share my piecing directions [because as you might be able to see, I of course pieced mine completely different than the original instructions] later this week. Is it March yet?!! They share a common bond in that they all love traditional and Reproduction fabric - they like to joke that they're on the "dark side" of quilting. And the year before. We are on the home stretch friends! Kyoto Steps This is Lynne's Gooseberry Lane Sampler quilt. Designer of colorful florals for Moda fabrics. I can't wait!! I wait each week to see the pattern, and seriously…, Gosh, where did the week go, it is time for Block 2 already! Ready! こちらのBOW、スタートされたんですね!Joさんのブログで毎週アップされてたので、ずっと気になってました。Joさんとこは、ハンドだったり、裏の縫い代の倒し方も見せてもらえるんでレクチャーしてもらってるみたいで助かります~やっぱり、直線パターン、好きです。じゅんさんのブロックも楽しみにしてます~^^♪, DLだけしておいてどうしようかな~と迷っていたのですが、やっぱりやることにしました。私はハンドでやりませんが、Joさんのブロックを毎週楽しみに見ています。すでにいくつかアップリケがあってちょっとビビっていますが、頑張ります。, 始められたのね~!私も一応DLだけはしてるんだけどね(笑)全ブロック6インチなのかな?←DLだけってバレバレ(笑)始めたい気持ちと始めたら終わらせられるのか?の間で揺れ動いてるよ~(爆)まずはDLだけは忘れずにしたいと思います(笑)じゅんさんのブロック楽しみにしてるね~♪, うん、はじめちゃった。全部ロック6インチのようですよ。私44週って書いたのですが、そうするとどうやって並べるのかな?って思って再度デザイナーさんのブロックを見て廻ったらどうも48週のようです。Janさんはメダリオンに仕上げるためにセンターのブロックを大きくデザインするようなことを書かれていました。. And on Facebook and Instagram. In Blockheads 2020, Zen Chic patterns Tags Blockheads 2020, Chill. I think it was when my friend Betsy taught me to use triangle paper a few years ago. Lots and lots of people participate in a huge variety of styles and fabric collections. Possibly my favorite qu, Making Christmas bundles never gets old. Can you believe we're three-quarters of the way through the year? Explaining the BLOCKHEADS: MODA BLOCKHEADS is a program that is now its 3rd year and basically provides a pattern a week for the entire year. For the 6″: Cut (1) 3 7/8″ square and cut in 1/2 on the diagonal. lol, I know! Read more. lol). Are you joining us? I am also in. May 2016 I am definitely a blockhead. Stitch Pink January 2013 It is my pleasure to bring you Block 2 Aunt Dinah. If you know you're going to want to use a single collection - I'd start with at least 24 fat quarters and 3 to 4 yards of background. I've decided to use only blue fabrics from Moda designers - the five ladies I've mentioned so far, Minick & Simpson, some 3 Sisters and I'm sure there will be something else. How could I say no to a Moda BOW!?! MODA BLOCKHEADS 3 - BLOCK 1. So are you going to be a Blockhead in 2017? November 2017 See more ideas about Quilt blocks, Quilts, Pattern blocks. Press Dandi-Annie I made Lisa's block quickly and love it. May 2020 There will be more tomorrow and Friday showing her Homespun Gatherings collection - woven plaids, stripes and textures in rich…. Solana Sunflower Fabric May 2017 I’ve seen so many great, pretty, and beautiful blocks thi…, Hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July! Tennessee Lady - made with Betsy's Rachel Remembered. We're here. (Actually don't... it's fun and it's actually better than therapy. Splendid Fabric Jo and I love this block and both have quilts using it. To see what Lynne did with her block click here and . Dark pieces are Cranberry 118 and the light pink is the Thatched print that went with Dandi Annie. ってことで、私は小豆300gを洗... __182 day Winter to Summer Solstice challenge, http://kansastroublesquilters-lynne.blogspot.com/, http://betsysbestquiltsandmore.blogspot.com/, コメントの投稿 Joy And Delight Quilt Stunning. I am beside myself with scraptastic excitement! December 2012 :). This first block is using Crimson 43 for the background red. With last week being Fall Quilt Market, I didn't get my Figgy block finished. © Robin Pickens Inc. All rights reserved. And with it, Block 45, Songbird, by Betsy Chutchian. Jan Patek. Cheers for the Blockheads! February 2018 Lots and lots of people participate in a huge variety of styles and fabric collections. October 2016 My son (2) kept me entertained as we shared crayons this morning.