But finding and managing a team of the right micro-influencers for your niche can be a challenge.. You must go through each platform before selecting any micro influencer platforms. 30-day Free, Unlimited Access. According to studies, micro- influencers with genuine 20,000 or lesser subscribers/followers get better results for brands. Influencers, Influencer Micro-influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach and influence your target market on social media and in the blogosphere. Here is a step by step guideline on how to efficiently handle different. This platform allows influencers to check out influencers, manage influencers and manage marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing entails using an influencer to market brand’s products. InflueNex can help you solve various influencer marketing campaigns. As UGC is personal, it’s more authentic than branded content, and makes for much higher end-user engagement. In times of crisis, be simple, be helpful, stay relevant. Once these have been validated, they can be shared by all the other members of the community. Our micro influencer marketing platform helps you save time and at the same time optimally implement your influencer marketing strategy. You can also measure the success rate of your marketing campaigns. Expand your content repository by sourcing personal customer stories and valuable insights from your influencers. To be considered, a micro-influencer would need to have at least 10,000 YouTube subscribers or 5,000 followers on Instagram. It has an enhanced management system that allows brands to manage different influencer marketing relationships. This platform allows brands to monitor their marketing campaigns. Ifluenz is an Instagram influencer marketing platform which is focused on leveraging the power of micro-influencers. Influencers are divided into different sections depending on their specialized field. This platform can also be used to obtain influencers’ data performance over year. In fact, you can even launch co-creation programs where you invite customers, fans, and influencers to submit ideas for future product enhancements. This platform houses both micro and established influencers. Therefore, brands can efficiently benefit from this platform if they want to enhance their marketing strategies. Yet, Google searches for “influencer marketing” shot up by 325% in 2017, firmly establishing it as the most rapidly growing online customer acquisition technique of that year. With the discovery of fake followers and engagement, influencer marketing has emerged as just another, more modern take on paid advertising – with the result that ROI has plummeted for many a brand. Socxo is an advocacy platform that enables brands to transform their stakeholders into brand advocates. Tap influence was solely designed to assist brands secure their desired micro influencer platforms. There is a workflow automation section that automatically renews contracts. Below are some other helpful micro influencer platforms worth checking out. Channels, Social Influence Network sources the perfect niche content creators for your brand to ensure top quality, on-brand social posts at the cutting edge of current consumer tastes. Yes, we mean micro and nano influencers; influencers with far “stickier” follower bases that can help you execute highly effective marketing campaigns. CreatorIQ also allows brands to monitor their marketing campaigns. Management, Batch Listening, Top Carro also makes it easy for you to partner with your influential fans and customers. There is a key feature that allows influencers to manage all their marketing campaigns. You can use filters to attain filtered results. 4. The Mavrck database now includes over 10 million micro- influencers and 102 million social profiles. AdFluencer helps thousands of customers - from small e-commerce shops to big brands - to craft stories with influencers, share them with audiences and build their brands. There is no doubt micro influencer platforms play a crucial role. Traackr offers numerous benefits to brands and business owners. Sign up to get brand advocacy intel in your inbox. As we all know, Julius houses numerous micro influencers. What you need is an authentic community of real influencers – ones that may not have celebrity-scale fan followings, but are far more relatable and relevant, given their tendency to target highly focused market niches. Influencer marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies at the moment. We believe that people are a transformative force and have the power to amplify the brand’s social reach organically. Find Now >>. Trend helps brands scale influencer marketing and user-generated content through our invite-only network. You can use this micro influencer platform to hire the right influencer. Searches can be customized through filters. Choose InflueNex if you are looking for a reliable brand that will take your brand to the next level. It uses a self-selection method where those who think of themselves as influencers sign up on the site. That’s not all; this platform grants you direct contact with influencer. NeoReach can help brands attain effective influencer marketing campaigns. Grapevine does more than just connecting brands with influencers. By providing relevant leads with exclusive access to the latest brand content, you boost your organic reach while also driving trust via peer-to-peer communication. There is a tool that allows rates influencers based on their performance. Your search can further be narrowed via advanced filters. We're glad to have you as part of our community. Influencer Marketing Platform #10: Carro. Since the emergence of fake influencers, influencer marketing has taken a beating. Please feel free to contact us anytime with feedback or suggestions. Therefore, brands can use this platform to find their desired micro influencer. In today’s world of convenient online anonymity and mayhem, how well do your customers relate with and trust “influencers” when they’re considering buying from you? People on Instagram with 5,000 … This trend is only expected to continue over the next few years. First, famebit houses a lot of micro influencers. Try Socxo Cares Bundle. It helps brands get information regarding their marketing strategy. Finally, as audiences are more inclined to engage with content shared by people they know, you achieve additional brand visibility with your daily content. Famebit is one of the leading micro influencer platforms. Are you still looking for the best micro influencer platform for your influencer marketing needs? URL: https://www.juliusworks.com/platform/. Want to see GRIN in action? Click on your desired category and peruse through the list of influencer. These relationships range from finding the right micro influencer, designing campaigns and monitoring campaigns. These platforms have been tested and proven effective. Check out analytical report about them. This micro influencer platform also allows brands to manage influencer management strategies. It has an enhanced management system that allows brands to manage different influencer marketing relationships. You can negotiate management strategies and compensation directly with the influencer. Filters can be used to assist brands choose the right micro influencer. It helps brand analyze their influencer marketing campaigns to determine if they are heading towards the right direction or not. Upfluence is a developed micro influencer marketing platform. Julius houses numerous influencers. NeoReach houses numerous influencers. A powerhouse network of 'invite-only' highly curated group of micro-influencers who emPOWER to imPACT. If yes, there are other micro influencer platforms you can consider. There're 8 filters in total, and they can ensure the searching results more accurate with the help of these filters. Socxo enables you to nurture an open, collaborative community where you can receive customer feedback first-hand, not just making for invaluable insights into customer perception about your brand but also allowing your community to play an active role in brand evolution. If you find an influencer you want to learn more, you can click the name of the influencer. There is a section where you can directly interact with influencers. Socxo’s influencer marketing platform helps you build a highly relevant, engaged, and dynamic community of followers who are much easier to track. This platform can also be used to manage influencer marketing strategies. This platform houses both micro and established influencers. By facilitating an exclusive yet open environment of two-way communication and trust with relevant communities, Socxo helps companies realize a much higher level of engagement than they do on social media.