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Deep drawing is one of the most popular metal forming processes used to produce a cup like cylindrical component by radially drawing metal blank into the die cavity with the help of a punch. �ap�Z�o�j������9�5�w Ի���wA`q[x�8�d���LZ�t(�.�5A��՟t��=;�����Q=l/�����X��}����;�O u�#� The most widespread kind, which tends to be under 6mm thick. Metal forming processes, also known as mechanical working processes, are primary shaping processes in which a metal or alloy is subjected to mechanical forces. endstream endobj 90 0 obj <>stream (SDjED���i��La0���T�0T� ]3�O��3Q���L��!2FF⟱�ޙ9� G4�pA�!#��L3C8`�U���'���>!��zv����w/Dv�KrQD���ވ��H�!�C�;���� �N�N��H'��i���A=>����O���v��������$�z������Џ��h �����B�o��T/������DA����������%� �����s��WO�K��K�������������Z�����k�����"��0��k����v����o� h��SMk�@�+�fw]]� 4m9��z �%��A�`�}��&-��9��6��ͼ�X6ʀ� Under the action of such forces, the shape and size of metal piece change. Depending on the needs of a particular application, some metal facilities even perform specially customized types of fabrication. There are three basic methods of metal working. h�22V0P���w�/�+Q0���L)�62 �A���xf{V�:��e�NS�rܱ��Hr���ɎC@���!�89�å 0�aؔ�!��Y(q ܐ��u@}��7d,0���8���P�2��A��q�(���D8��ӆq8��fL�����Eقd�M� �&��[h70�@���h6�A0�o�W�7A�L ֶ���}�!�i��4l���n�C@0EAF��P�a���6��8�h3(r� F�/��Ld2�e��A ��)�.�S��@v �tP�Y�dtP�|���9��o���2� �VA��� m�7��IA�80�A��m�% ���G��@>���<1�'ն�9rlL���`D�T�d����$��� �&�H6��C0r�!�r X@��q�9�����a��D4)�$4�o����kM� _�CbÄf�� �۷I;�D.���̃��>��]�&苽HQ��0Bw�-���`�b In every household and working environment, metal plays a major role in how people operate. �k/!�����x-c �GܴMܾ@�����x˓t@M�L����㼬�ď8��a�/)��C�~^X��L�6>�8sk~����ͿE��/6�)�������L�{-���g䅔���a0U72�uN ���+��+D�8���U�B8�%�g�d�}�L�ʯ��P��trA �]�)�,�&iۨ$�`�f���`bj&�&n��C=��G�Ie��$9n5철(+�ss�Q���n+ ςHy���K1�rA�\�Q��]8����=���F+�"|í)�SX'P���\ck������.�Mr�� q���ey��L�͋ԍϡ�2�i��ѥ��\-�Z���.�=���OOXǛ�Z�E�^b!� t+J��tĎ�EO��~����D��i��0@�;����\���jm*���s�#ᾓ|�ʠ�0> E�*PCE��J�\�Kg��VuP��_�I(~m�u6��i%�m�L]��#�c�}2�'�%����$SRjԩ�_��$�ʔ:H�L ,f�J)�խ��פ8�\�i�#��n��^����ǒ�`fO���)��0 �ރ�>��"R�Z���- fʇhS;QK4��9���7�a#F)Z��_ʘ�y„4\A��*���tϋ���#�2�{�A��[65a|�@_�u9���L��<0�5��|=�sc�N����*�����j�92v����UU.�]��j��E���e�9�~y�qG��G;o���}�����Ǡ��l[�w�N�o U�� n�����ZoT�/��lxj%��a4�lb�{! Bending. An I-shaped, cross-sectional beam. As the tool makes contact with the metal, it exerts pressure on it. ���l�-�yYU To learn more about the types of processes we can perform for you, visit our custom metal fabrication services page today. With the use of the industrial manufacturing process, sheet metal is formed by working metal into flat and thin pieces.Sheet metal is one of the very convenient ways that is used in metal working and it can be mended and cut into various shapes and dimensions. Metal fabrication is the process of turning raw metals into pre-made shapes for assembly use. Each process takes a degree of practice and skill to master, and the tools and machines required are usually expensive and consume sufficient working space. A qualified, professional contractor like the Tuckey Companies should handle all interior design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, metal fabrication, and restoration projects. �V��[��T¦�i���aER�DDDDDDB&. For example, the panels that comprise the frame of an automobile are made through custom metal fabrication processes, which are usually performed at a fabrication facility and then sent to an auto assembly plant. D.�A}��� ���|R�#��.�!7Q�N�}H� &�A�z[Z4�� PoV�HPgs���"��������a ��7j���lIu2Ĥ4�Hi�R��t���$Q�&@Ő.�.��>����'V�A�bBS��aNP�$8�pA�h��BbBTi0i��x7D"����̖����<2���:s%@<2� �� xhA�,r�UN�0�d Both the die and the punch have shape of the part to be manufactured . Rod. What Are the Most Common Metal Fabrication Processes and What Are the Applications? Information presented here is of a general nature that may not be applicable in all situations. Malleable and ductile metals or … endstream endobj 87 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj 85 0 obj <>stream h�2�T0P���wJ,Nu��+��sqt���H�)K-�LN�w�K�O��K���s�+΄��2��K�3����Az]R���2J�-����$"T�&�T�� C0 �46�$�8���"�� � Xk/� 2. P+��~ Y?a I-beam. Some of the main comparative features of both the processes are given in Table 9.3: Principle of Metal Cutting: A typical metal cutting process by single point cutting tool is shown in Fig.